Living Doll(s)?

Source: Wikipedia

I had several dreams last night, but I forgot most of them; but I do barely remember part of one dream, that had some college/school related parts to it, but I forgot those parts.

During one part of the dream I was driving during the day on the highway past LS T College near the M Church, and before this point or shortly after this point I stopped at a small antique/flea-market-like store/or something like that; and I bought about three or more dolls that I was going to give to someone/several people/kids.

I know that at least two of the dolls had dark brownish colored skin with black colored hair, and all the dolls were female as far as I can remember; and I drove to a school/dorm-like building somewhere unknown.

There I met several people I knew (former classmates maybe and/or classmates in this dream since we probably were in college or something like that) and we probably shared a room/apartment/dorm in the building, I remember us being in a large room with probably brown colored carpet & no windows, and we talked & did several other things; but I can not remember this part of the dream.

I was probably going to give the dolls to someone I knew and their kids/young siblings or several people like that, but we noticed something strange/scary about one of the dolls and maybe all the dolls as we were talking.

I had the dolls sitting on the floor of our room but one or more of them started moving/crawling and/or maybe trying to walk, the doll or dolls seemed to possibly be alive, and I remember us standing there trying to figure out if it was just a robotic doll or if it was alive somehow; something about the doll or dolls and/or how it/they moved and/or it/their facial expressions that was a bit scary/freaky/disturbing.

A bit scared and uncertain about if the dolls were alive or not, I grabbed the dolls and put them in a clear storage chest that was sitting on the floor, and I closed the top so that the dolls could not escape as we watched it/them while trying to figure out what to do.

We were still a bit shocked & confused about what had happened, and we started talking about it; and we probably called several other people to come help us figure out the situation.

I am not sure if all the dolls seemed alive, but I know that at least one of them seemed alive and/or in charge and/or the smartest, and it was also the scariest; it was just something about the doll or dolls that was a bit scary, like they could understand us/read us/think/scheme/et cetera, and that they probably were partly supernatural and/or made through a supernatural process.

I might have sensed and/or heard a strange energy & a voice or voices coming from the doll or dolls, like they could communicate with their minds, and I possibly would hear them or one of them trying to communicate with each other or some supernatural being or beings.

But I woke up as we tried to make sense of the situation.

The end,

-John Jr