Revy Argues With Rock While Dutch Tries To Keep The Peace

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I woke up early this morning to go to the job fair in the city of D, and my dad went with me briefly for support.

This job fair went better than the one in the city of LC and I put in one job application and resume, but I forgot most of my dreams after waking up suddenly and early this morning to get ready for the job fair.

I do barely remember part of the end of my last dream which took place inside a dimly lit windowless room, and I am not sure if I was even in the dream or not.

The Lagoon Company from the Japanese anime (animated) TV show Black Lagoon were in this room hanging out, and they were animated; and Revy (Rebecca Lee), Rock (Rokuro Okajima), and Dutch were sitting together at a round wooden table and Benny was probably on his computer in the back of the room.

Revy got angry with Rock about something and she started yelling at him and threatening to kill/shoot him and/or beat him up, but I am not sure if she was joking and/or serious (probably both); and Dutch kept having to hold Revy back to stop her from attacking/shooting Rock.

Eventually Revy got into Rock’s face angry but one of them kissed the other (Rock probably kissed Revy first), and Revy stopped being angry and they kissed for a long time while Dutch watched in confusion not sure if Revy was still going to attack/shoot Rock or not.

Eventually Dutch decided to sit back down and hope that Revy was not going to attack/shoot Rock, and Revy seemed at peace/happy/vulnerable/et cetera which is rare.

Revy and Rock cuddled and either I woke up or eventually Revy went back to acting tough again, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


4-2-2014 | Dream Journal | An Actual Hotel Moscow Run By Balalaika With Nasty Coffee And Edith Blackwater (Eda) From The Rip-Off Church/CIA From Black Lagoon?

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I can not remember the beginning of my dream but I remember being inside a fictional version of my parents’ house during the night with my family, and my former uncle DW and my female cousin DE were spending the night at our house for some unknown reason(s); and I let them use my bed, and I went to sleep on one of the two couches in the room but then I went outside to sleep on one of the wooden benches in the yard.

My brother CC entered the yard and he sat down at a desk with a portable DVD player playing music out-loud annoying for some reason instead of using his headphones and outside our yard was a fictional version of the field by the old C Building but there was a house there instead with a bald man with brownish colored skin walking to his truck staring in our direction because of the music until my brother GC came outside and turned off his portable DVD player because of the noise, and then my brother CC moved to another desk to sit at a small silver-colored laptop with headphones; and my brother GC went back inside the house.

I started trying to decide which wooden bench I would sleep on outside, eventually I found the bench that I was going to sleep on, and maybe I had a dream within a dream or the dream transitioned/changed or there was a jump in time; and I was inside another fictional version of my parents’ house maybe but this dream is so unclear and confusing that it does not make much sense, and my family was there.

It was a somewhat long/narrow one-story house and part of the house was open to the public like maybe my family sold something from the house like a store, I remember an older woman with whitish colored skin with shoulder length blondish/whitish/grayish colored hair and her dog (maybe a German Shepherd) walking inside the house, and I think that she was looking for something to cure her dog and she heard that we might have something to cure her dog I think.

The woman was looking around and an accident happened where she mistakenly thought that an old bottle of powerful glue was a cure, and she tested it by pouring it in both of her eyes but it blinded her; and so a man or non-human animal-like humanoid (maybe a rabbit-like man or something crazy like that) who seemed to have feelings for the woman left to take the woman to the nearest village for medical help to try to save her eyes/vision, and I think they left by horse.

The older woman had hardened foamy glue-like stuff all over and in her eyes so you could not see her eyes and she was blind or mostly blind, the dream focused on the two of them and not my family and I at this point, and the two of them traveled through a dry wilderness with mountains/hills and the ground made of mostly orangish/tannish colored very dry dirt/mud until they reached a village in the mountains/hills full of mostly people and/or non-human animal-like humanoid dressed like The Forsworn from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The village had various small buildings with some modern technology maybe and the man/humanoid took the older woman to the doctor, and then he went to visit some of his humanoid friends; and they had a drunken party with music, dancing, and lot of sex; and the next day the man/humanoid visited the older woman and the doctor could not save her vision/eyes, but she would live and she accepted her fate telling the man/humanoid not to worry about her and that she would live in the village from now on.

I remember the man/humanoid leaving and he no longer had feelings for the older woman, and I remember him telling someone about the wild party with his friends and as he talked about it I saw moving photographs of the wild party as he described it; and he described having sex with several female humanoids and one of them started bleeding over the floor of the room, but she/they all kept partying and having sex and it was pretty nasty.

The person asked him how could he have sex with those female humanoids when he supposedly had feelings for the older woman, and he told the person that during the trip to the village he and the older woman never had sex and that he only “licked her” (those were his exact words); and he said that she was too old, and so he stopped having feeling for her by the time they reached the village.

The dream then transitioned/changed to where I was inside a windowless building with brownish colored carpet on maybe an upper floor with other people including some of my family like my brothers GC and CC and my former classmate AJ; and there was a person in this building who had a bodyguard who looked and acted like the character Deebo from the movie Friday, and this person went around bullying people with his bodyguard Deebo (and something in this dream reminded me of one of my past dreams of being in Italy, but I can not remember why).

At some point this person and his bodyguard Deebo were bothering a group of people and I went a huge man larger than Deebo walked over to challenge Deebo to a fight, and the two were about to fight but their fight got interrupted by my brother CC and my former classmate AJ fighting over some food/drink/or something like that; and so I ran over to stop the fight as everyone watched, and my brother GC was watching in the crowd of people.

My brother CC and my former classmate AJ would not listen to me as I tried to stop them from fighting because they were too focused/angry at each other and for some reason my and/or their arms were slippery like water/sweat/soap/or something like that were on them, and so I was having a hard time trying to stop them from fighting because I could not grapple/grab them well because my hands/arms kept slipping; and so I yelled for my brother GC to help me but he paused, but then I finally got a good enough hold on them and so my brother GC stayed in the crowd.

They still would not let go of each other as I continued trying to calm them down and then my former classmate AJ started doing downward elbow strikes on the top of my brother CC’s head, which are dangerous and I got worried/scared and I yelled at my former classmate AJ reminded him that we have known each other since elementary school and I told him to stop, and finally I was able to grab his arms and I stopped the fight before anyone got seriously hurt.

I took my brother CC to probably another fictional version of my parents’ house during the day and I told my mom about the fight, and she told me that she was surprised that they fought because my brother CC supposedly was friends with and/or dating the fictional sister of my former classmate AJ and supposedly he often visits the house where they live; and so she though that they would be less likely to fight each other.

The dream transitioned/changed to where my brother CC and I arrived at/traveled to a hotel that I had memories of visiting earlier in the dream during a part of the dream that I can not remember and this part of the dream was probably animated but I am not sure if my brother CC and I were animated or not, and this hotel was called Hotel Moscow.

We walked into the lobby near a room with an open door that was the front desk and sitting in the room was a woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who I could barely see and she greeted us in English with a Russian accent and she was the owner of Hotel Moscow, and I think that she was the character Balalaika who runs the Russian mafia group called Hotel Moscow from the animated TV show Black Lagoon.

We had a brief conversation and Balalaika suggested that we try some of the instant machine-made coffee that is available for sale in the lobby at a coffee machine, she told us that most people say that it is nasty and she even admitted that the coffee is nasty, and she smiled and laughed; and I had heard the same thing earlier in the dream from other people at Hotel Moscow who had tried the coffee which she seemed to have known, and so she was honest with us especially since she remembered me from earlier in the dream.

My brother CC decided to try some of the coffee anyway and it was straight black coffee with no cream or sugar, and I started talking to my brother CC about the fight earlier between my former classmate AJ and him; and then I sat down at a round greenish colored couch-like sitting area that was probably around the coffee machine as my brother CC walked around somewhere else or he went further into the hotel or he left.

A woman with whitish colored skin with long blondish colored hair who looked a bit familiar walked over to the sitting area where I was sitting and she greeted me and she sat down next to me, and she seemed like a nice/kind/gentle woman as we talked and she seemed to be interested in me; and eventually she asked me if I recognized her, and I said that she looked a bit familiar but that I could not remember who she was.

Suddenly the woman’s personality completely changed like she became angry with me because I did not remember who she was, it seemed that maybe she was partly joking/pretending to be angry with me, and she reminded me that we met earlier in the dream at Hotel Moscow; and she seemed to be partly joking/pretending to threaten me, but then I realized who she was and I became instantly afraid that she was going to pull out her Glock pistol on me and maybe shoot me because I was not sure if she was joking or not.

I think that the woman was the character Edith Blackwater (Eda) from the Rip-Off Church from the animated TV show Black Lagoon who is an undercover CIA agent pretending to be a nun at the Rip-Off Church, but she was not wearing her usual blackish colored shades or her nun outfit and head covering; and so that is why I did not recognize her, and because she was acting very kind/nice/gentle at first.

I was not sure if she was partly joking or serious or not so I was afraid, I started apologizing to her and trying to explain why I did not completely recognize her at first as she stared at me with an evil and a somewhat joking grin like she was close to pulling out her Glock pistol on me to scare me even more and/or to shoot me, and I wondered if she somewhat liked me and if she hoped to create a relationship with me similar to the relationship between Rock and Revy from the animated TV show Black Lagoon; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Revy & I Trying To Deal With A Sniper

I barely remember part of one dream from last night, I had more dreams and I even remembered part of another dream, but I forgot it after getting out of bed; but I will try to type it here if I remember part of it later.

The second dream that I barely remember part of took place during the day inside of my grandfather’s kitchen, and I was in the kitchen with Revy (Rebecca Lee) (she probably was animated but the rest of the dream was not animated) from the animated TV show Black Lagoon.


The Drawings

Last night I barely remembered any of my dreams, I know that one or more of them took place in and outside of the library in D.

In my dreams libraries usually have darker lighting, are more comfortable, and are slightly different in various other ways than they normally are in real life.

The only other part of a dream that I remember is being in my parent’s yard in the late afternoon or early evening with a former classmate BH.

He told me that he wanted to show me some paintings, he said that he liked to paint & draw sometimes, and he had a notebook or something of some of his paintings & drawings.

He told me that each one had hidden words or sentences or things in them, and he asked me if I could see them; I told him that I did not see any of the hidden things.

He explained some things about them and showed me a rough simple example, by scratching some X-es on a word, and he asked me what did I see; I saw that it spelled a semi-coded form of my last name, which was correct.

He asked me if I drew or painted sometimes, I told that I use to draw sometimes (not very good), but not anymore; he recommended that I try it sometimes.

I told him that probably was a good idea, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Math Dream Fragment

Last night I once again had a dream fragment about Math, surprisingly, but this is the only dream that I remember from last night.

I was in a Math class and we were doing an assignment (quiz or test maybe), our teacher was a woman, and all of us were doing some Math problems from in the textbook.

Most of the problems were a type of division-like problems, and a woman next to me that was like Revy from Black Lagoon, kept looking at my notebook (cheating maybe).

At some point when the teacher was not looking, the woman whispered to me that I had skipped question 5, and she told me that the answer was 3.

I think the woman showed me her answer and she worked the problem like this I think:

“Question 5: 36

(Division Symbol Over This Number)36

(Division Symbol Over This Number)18

(Division Symbol Over This Number)9

= 3″

Since I can not type this out how she had it written, I think she broke down each step by dividing by 2, she had a division symbol on each letter.

I did not want to cheat and so I did the problem myself and got the answer 5, but I got confused on how to do the problem, so I stopped to try to figure out which one of us had down the problem correctly; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂