Oberlin Louisiana Cemetery Declined To Bury Black Deputy Sheriff Due To ‘Whites Only’ Policy

Black deputy denied burial in Louisiana cemetery due to his race

This is unacceptable and sad, I am glad that cemetery has changed its policy, but racist et cetera things like this in the law & deeds & rules et cetera need to be removed everywhere now.

Here is a news article about this by KPLC called Louisiana Family Denied Burial Plot In ‘Whites Only’ Cemetery:


The MOVE Bombing – When Police Plotted To Exterminate A Family

The MOVE Bombing – When Police Plotted to Exterminate a Family

I had never heard of The 1985 MOVE Bombing until I saw this video by Empire Files with Abby Martin, they never taught us this in school or college et cetera, and most people probably do not know about it sadly; more people need to know about moments in history like this.

Utility Company Says Calls To 911 In Upstate New York On Black Workers Being Suspicious Is Wrong

This would be annoying to keep happening to while you are trying to do your job, sadly stuff like this does happen sometimes, and more people need to know about it; and something needs to be done about this.

Lovecraft Country (Season 1)

What is it?

The 2020 American horror drama TV show Lovecraft Country (Season 1).


American Gods | Anansi (Mr. Nancy) Slave Ship Scene

What is it?

Here is part of the best scene from Episode 2 (The Secret Of Spoons) of the television show American Gods (Season 1) and one of the best scenes in the entire series which is the Anansi (Mr. Nancy) slave ship scene:

Shorter Version

American Gods Mr. Nancy Scene

Longer Version

American Gods Anansi Speech – Story of Black People

Longer Version 2

Mr. Nancy (Anansi) Tells The Slaves, To Revolt Against Their Slave Captors.

What is it about?

This is how Fandom describes the full scene (some of which is not in the videos above):

Coming To America 1697 C.E.

Mr. Ibis writes a story of a Dutch slave ship and the shackled people within its hold who are being transported to America to be sold.

A man, Okoye, prays in desperation to Anansi, pleading for help and telling him he would give him gifts if he had them.

Mr. Nancy manifests from a spider and begins to tell them a story.

He informs them that they are Black and will be enslaved by white people for centuries, worked to death, murdered, shot in the back by police.

Okoye is angered by what he hears and Anansi tells him to use that anger to go upstairs to kill the Dutch slavers and set fire to the ship.

Another man says that it will kill them all and Anansi replies that they’re already dead and might as well die in sacrifice instead of subjugation.

He frees Okoye and leaves.

Okoye frees the rest of the the slaves and they set fire to the ship.

A plank of the destroyed ship washes ashore and Anansi the Spider arrives in America.

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