Light Yagami And Jamie Foxx And A Law Firm?

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I had more dreams but I did not voice record them so I ended up forgetting those dreams, and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This was my favorite dream, but unfortunately I can not remember most of it so all of the important and interesting details are missing now unfortunately. 😦

This dream possibly took place over a period of two or more days, probably the usual time jumps, but I can not remember.

I just remember being with a woman who possibly had light color skin, we were spending time together in a fictional city like this was maybe a mini-vacation or something but I am not sure, and maybe she was my wife or girlfriend but I can not remember.

We possibly were leaving a nice tall modern multi-story hotel that we probably had stayed at but I can not remember, but I do remember us being outside walking away near this building.

I was in a good mood and the mood of this dream was very positive, I guess we had a good time together, but it was time for us to leave the city.

Things were going so well that I wanted to stay another night in the city and at the hotel, and so I told the woman that we should stay another night.

She wanted to spend another night as well but she reminded me that we were supposed to be leaving, I gave her a few reasons that I can not remember for why we should stay another night, and maybe one of these reasons involved maybe being able to stay another night at the hotel for free or cheap but I can not remember.

I asked her if she had a good time and if she was ready to leave, she said that she had a good time and that she did not want to leave, and so I responded then we should not leave.

We both smiled and shrugged our shoulders and said something like: “Well, you know, yeah, why not, okay, let’s do it!” and we probably jumped in celebration and we walked back to the hotel to check back in for another night.

We got to spend some more time together inside the hotel and / or going around the city together, but that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

I can not even remember who the woman was or what she looked like, in the dream I probably knew the woman or felt that I knew her, and I would have been able to describe her appearance if I would have remembered more of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I walked inside a small lobby of a building, this building was possibly a multi-purpose building that possibly had a law firm in this area, a library in another area, maybe a police station in another area, and who knows what else.

Sitting in the lobby on a couch filling out some paperwork was the animated character Light Yagami from the Death Note anime (animated) television show, I think that he was animated in this dream but I did not notice this during the dream or after the dream until I stopped to think about it late in the day, and he was thinking out-loud to himself and / or I could hear his internal dialogue.

Light was very focused and intense as he thought to himself and filled out his paperwork, and it reminded me of something like this:

Light seemed to be dealing with some legal issues, maybe the police were trying to get him on some possible charges, and so he was filling out legal paperwork at this assumed law firm I guess.

A man with light-color skin (he was probably not animated, I think that only Light was animated in this dream) walked into the lobby who was possibly a detective, he said something to Light about him not being able to get out of things this time or something like that (maybe he said that I got you this time, good luck getting out of this one, see you in court), and so this assumed detective was probably part of some investigation of Light so he was trying to bring Light to justice I assume.

Light responded to the detective confidently and defiantly, but I can not remember what he said.

At some point Light finished his paperwork and maybe gave it to a female employee with light-color skin wearing business dress clothes, and either he followed her into another room or another part of the building or he left.

Then the actor Jamie Foxx entered the lobby, at the end of the lobby was a hallway to the left and a hallway to the right, and some of my coworkers like K and Mr. CF and several other female coworkers of mine from The BP Library walked from one or both of these hallways like maybe The BP Library was in another part of this building.

Mr. Foxx and maybe my coworkers possibly got a phone call and / or message of some kind, someone was blackmailing them by threatening to harm their families and / or something else, and this person was possibly a prankster who possibly was an obese man with light-color skin wearing eyeglasses who likes to prank people by blackmailing them into doing certain things (somehow I saw what he possibly looked like in my mind, he was in a dark room, and he seemed to be enjoying himself).

Mr. Foxx and my coworkers started doing whatever the prankster / blackmailer told them to do, and he had them do simple things like rearrange furniture and things in the lobby.

After this Mr. Foxx left angrily but my coworkers stayed behind, I walked over to talk with them about what happened, and at some point one of our directors wanted my coworkers to move a large pink wooden flexible shelf that looked like the one that my parent’s put in The G House.

It was too heavy for them and so I helped Mr. CF move it, it was not heavy to me, and we moved it against another wall to where one end wrapped around the corner of the wall in the hallway on the right side.

But I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr



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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it possibly took place during the day outside, and I was with some of my family and someone (who probably was armed with a weapon, maybe a gun) was making fun of my family and I this person was threatening them and I.

I did not want my family and I to be harmed or killed so we did not say anything back as this person made fun of us and threatened us, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by a film by the film director Denis Villeneuve that my brother GC and I watched last night called Sicario:

The dream was like a combination of a film and a Telltale Games video game and real life, and the dream followed a male character who I controlled and I sometimes saw/experienced things from this character’s point of view almost like I was the character sometimes (maybe I was the character sometimes, but I am not sure).

My memory of the dream is took unclear but my character seemed to be working on his job (I can not remember what his job was), and one day he was assigned to work with/assist a group of people who probably worked with various law enforcement and military and intelligence and government and private agencies.

The character Alejandro Gillick (played by the actor Benicio Del Toro) was one of the people working with this group of people, and during the dream it became clear that this group of people were doing various kinds of secret special operations and they were doing some terrible/illegal things along the way and they were using you as a shield/cover to help mask their activities.

They were also blackmailing your character and trying to make it seem that you were involved in various illegal and inappropriate activities (including the activities that they were involved in) so that others would be less likely to believe you if you tried to reveal what was really going on, and so they were also trying to turn your coworkers and others against you because of your objections to what they were doing.

Alejandro Gillick was probably sent to watch you and threaten your character a few times, and during one part of the dream when your character was at work it seemed that the group were using one of your attractive female coworkers (who possibly was involved in prostitution and/or some kind of sex related job) with dark-brown skin with long black hair to make it seem that both of you were having an affair as a way of ruining your reputation and possibly making her husband angry so that he could go after you.

I had my character approach his female coworker about this situation so that he could end it by having her tell the truth, but it seemed that the group had threatened her into helping them harm your reputation so she kept pretending that something was going on between your character and her.

After this failure my character tried to get the truth out about the group after he had finished working on his assignment with them but he was threatened with death by Alejandro Gillick, and he was forced at gunpoint to lie and sign a document stating that everything that they had done during their assignment had been legal.

After being forced to sign the document my character was warned that he would be killed if he tried to release the truth after this, and then he left.

At the very end of the dream my character was talking to someone, not realizing that Alejandro Gillick was still following him and was hiding and was pointing a pistol at him ready to kill him if he told the truth to this person, and my character hinted that something was not right but did not tell the truth to this person so Mr. Gillick spared his life for now.

My character was disappointed about his situation and he depressingly stood there thinking about this as the dream ended, and Mr. Gillick sneaked away for now.

The end,

-John Jr


On A Date With Alice Morgan

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Dream 1

I am not sure what day I had this dream but it was a recent dream, it is mostly a destroyed memory of a dream, and the dream involved a woman who possibly worked against her will as a spy and/or assassin and/or some job(s) like that for a secret (shadow) government agency-like group (like a secret intelligence agency or something like that maybe) but I can not remember.

I think that I was trying to find this woman and/or was interested in this woman in some way and/or was trying to help her out of her possibly forced job (enslavement), but those are the only assumed fragments of the dream that I can remember and these may not even be correct.

Dream 2

This was my favorite dream from last night but unfortunately I ended up forgetting a lot of it as I tried to organize the memories of this long dream in my mind before voice recording it, and so now my favorite dream from last night is missing many details because it was long and it took place over a long period of time.

This dream was possibly one of my longest and best dating dreams so far, and it started during the day in a fictional city where I had returned to college trying to finally finish college and improve my life in various ways.

I was really trying to change my life for the better after years of stagnation but a secret (shadow) government agency-like group (maybe a secret black budget intelligence agency-like group) approached me one day, they seemed to possibly be associated with the United States and/or a combination of countries but I am not sure, and they secretly operated around the world (internationally) using their own Suicide Squad-like groups to do their dirty work and illegal activities.

They would blackmail, threatened, trick, torture, imprison, et cetera criminals (members of terrorist groups, gangs, mafias, rebel groups, pirates, thieves, murders, and more), the poor, orphans, people with certain skills, et cetera into working for them.

This allowed them to have expendable unofficial agents doing their dirty work around the world so that they did not have to worry if they got caught and/or killed, and none of this would be traced back to them.

This group was well-funded and well-equipped and would learn all that they could about people before approaching them like they had access to the biggest and best spy network in the world, they would learn your weaknesses so that they could exploit them when recruiting you, and they would even threaten to harm your friends and family et cetera if you did not work for them.

They were doing various secret things and crimes all around the world to achieve various goals by forcing others to do it for them (assassinations, overthrowing governments, destabilizing regions, and many other negative things), it was a scary and brilliant idea, and they were behind many negative things happening around the world.

They knew a lot about me so they knew how to get me to work for them even though I did not want to, I can not remember how they threatened me, but I think that they threatened my family and gave me proof of what they would do to them if I did not work for them; and they would get away with it because they were probably part of the government with no oversight who could do what they wanted basically.

I was not a criminal but I was poor and someone who could blend in and had various other skills so they had me mostly spy on and stalk people, and steal stuff for them because they knew that I would refuse to kill people or torture people or anything like that.

When they were threatening me (recruiting me) I saw that they had captured some pirates and terrorist group members from Africa who were probably followers of the religion of Islam, they were all male with dark-brown and black skin, and they tried to recruit them but they were failing at first because these men were resisting most of their threats.

They finally recruited the men by threatening to lie about them to other pirate and terrorist groups, this would harm their reputation and cause the other groups to try to kill them, and so they finally agreed to work for them.

After being forced to work for them I continued going to college and trying to improve my life, but when they would contact me I had to stop what I was doing and go do their missions (even if I was in class); and I hated doing this, but I did not want my family to be harmed so I would do their missions and then return to my normal life.

One of my missions probably put me in indirect or direct contact with Alice Morgan from the television series Luther, I probably had to spy on and stalk someone and maybe happened to see her or she was who I had to spy on and stalk but I can not remember, and after my mission I was interested in and attracted to Alice Morgan so I continued to stalk her trying to learn as much as I could about her trying to figure out what kind of man she liked and what could I do to try to become a man who(m) she would like and be attracted to and want to date.

After stalking her for a while it seemed that a man like John Luther from the television series Luther was her ideal man, and that I could never compete or be like him so I decided to just be myself and finally approach her to ask her on a date.

Maybe she remembered me but I can not remember and she accepted my offer and we went on a date to my surprise, and it was one of the longest and best dream dates that I ever had but unfortunately I can not remember most of what we did; and in this dream Alice Morgan acted a bit more like Ruth Wilson than Alice Morgan the character, and so she acted like a combination of the character and the actress herself.

I do know that our date started in the day and we went around the city walking, talking, and more down streets, highways, neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, cinemas, courtyards, parking lots, and more.

We probably ate, drank, maybe watched a film, and more having a good time smiling and talking as our connection constantly grew stronger like we had dated a long time.

Besides our connection growing constantly, our sexual arousal levels seemed to be growing (I know mine were) as well, and we (or at least I) could barely contain it and we were trying to make our way to somewhere private at one of our places to continue our date and probably have sex.

It was like a primitive (subconscious) connection and attraction and instinct, my usual cautiousness et cetera was mostly overridden by this growing connection and attraction and sexual arousal so I was acting more like the stereotype of a man than I normally would with this connection and sex constantly on my mind as I enjoyed this date so much that I did not want it to end, and so we were making a lot of physical contact but probably not kissing too much or making certain types of physical contact to avoid getting out of control and having sex in public.

I remember us walking arm and arm, holding hands, her riding on my back, her riding on my shoulders, me carrying her, walking shoulder to shoulder, and more as we joked around and goofed around having fun and talking and playing games around the city.

I somewhat remember a very nice moment of us walking along quiet streets and neighborhoods and back roads near fields making physical contact in various ways, and me carrying Alice around in various ways as we goofed around and had fun.

I opened up to her about when I first saw her, how I was being forced to work for a shadow (secret) government agency-like group to spy on and stalk people and steal stuff and information, how I had stalked her and why, how I realized that I could never be like John Luther or be her ideal man, and how I decided to just approach her finally and be myself; and to my surprise she was okay with that, and with me being myself and with who I really am.

We continued our amazing date trying to reach one of our places to probably have sex because we could barely contain ourselves, but we got stopped because we could not cross a highway because our visibility was blocked on the left side and traffic kept passing quickly and dangerously.

We tried to wait but that was not working out and I was impatient so I decided to climb on a building to sneak into a classroom (one of my college classes took place in this classroom) at the college that I attended so that I could open the door to the building so that we could use it to reach my place, this building and classroom was supposed to be locked now because it was evening now so our date must have lasted for hours, and I sneaked into the classroom but the lights were on oddly.

I saw a female student with white skin walking to the door to probably turn off the lights and make sure that the door was locked so I hid under some desks, as the student was about to leave she stopped like she sensed me, and then a male student with white skin and a female teacher with white skin (who I probably recognized as one of my college teachers) joined her in making sure that the classrooms were locked.

After the brief pause the students and the teacher were walking away but somehow the teacher saw me, and she entered the classroom threatening to call the police on me as I tried to explain why I was there and some other things.

The situation looked bad and now my amazing date was interrupted and was probably going to be ended before we could even finish it or have sex, I would possibly get kicked out of college and arrested, and so I tried to talk to the teacher explaining my situation and reminded her that I did good in her class and begging but it did not seem to be working.

Alice Morgan was still outside somewhere waiting on me to open the door so she could not see or hear us so she did not know that this was going on, and she probably was wondering what was taking me so long to unlock the door; but I woke up as I was still talking with the teacher (professor).

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that part of the dream possibly involved some of the cats outside at my parent’s house during the day, and another part of the dream involved me watching a fan-made maybe parody film trailer that used some of the sound effects and music and style from the Inception teaser trailer and the Inception trailer and the Prometheus trailer.

The creator of the trailer was narrating and acting in the trailer, it started with him talking and showing himself, and then the Inception horn/whatever sounds started along with some Inception trailer music then it moved on to various scenes with sounds and music from the Prometheus trailers too.

I remember laughing and smiling as I watched this trailer, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream involved me being inside a house and my former male classmate DH was visiting, I remember talking with him about various things including maybe things that I have been trying to do to improve my life and trying to reach some of my past goals and deal with some of my problems, and I remember my former classmate DH giving his opinions and assessment of my efforts and giving some advice but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Sneaking Competition & Constantly Restarting The Dream | A Blood Ritual & Dar Adal Blackmails Peter Quinn & Going Fishing With Various TV Characters | My Sister-In-Law JC’s Horse Gets Taken?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a competition inside a large store where various teams of people had to try to sneak around the building without getting caught as police, workers, customers including a woman from India, et cetera tried to find us; and my team and I were doing pretty good, every time we got caught I would somehow restart the dream, and we would try again.

After many restarts of the dream some of the people started to know my name and I was wanted by the police which made it a bit more difficult for us to sneak around the building but we kept trying, and the competition slightly changed to where we were given gun parts and we had to search for the other parts to assemble our guns completely, and if we got caught while our guns were not mostly completed/assembled we would lose but if our guns were mostly or completely assembled we were possibly given another chance but that is all that I can remember of this dream.