A Lucid Dream To False Awakening Dream With Flying?

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I assume that the dream became a lucid dream because I had some dream powers.

I assume that there must have been some threat(s) that led to me trying to see if I had superpowers, but I can not remember.

I just know that I had super strength, I could fly, and maybe I had one or more other superpowers.


Trying To Show My Grandmother DE How Text Messaging Works

Dream 1

This was either a separate dream or part of the next dream, I assume that it was a separate dream, and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside maybe The E House.

My grandmother DE was there, I am not sure if I realized that she was supposed to be dead or not, but I do know that I knew that she had been gone a long time so she did not know about using mobile phones so I started trying to explain and show her how to check and send text messages from a mobile phone.

I tried to explain virtual assistants and how they can be used to read and sent text messages, and then I tried to explain and show her how to manually check and read and send text messages.

My grandmother DE talked in this dream, I can not remember what she said though and what we talked about other than the mobile phone stuff, and that is all that I can remember of this dream unfortunately.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day, I am not sure how we met up, but I remember me and my former male classmate JC arriving at a fictional property that him and his wife or girlfriend had just bought.

It was possibly near water and maybe a beach, but I am not sure.

JC was there to do some cleaning and to maybe move in a few supplies and things, and so I was going to help him.

Shortly after arriving we went to the first structure which was a nice large concrete indoor gym-like area with at least two open entrances, it was empty, but it was in pretty good condition and just needed some cleaning.

There was a small area that curved off the main area past maybe a bathroom and storage area before you reached the second entrance / exit, this area was darker, and JC had some bleach and cleaning supplies like mops et cetera.

I needed to use the bathroom so I walked through this area outside toward maybe a small raised building that had or was a bathroom, this area was possibly connected to the house or this area magically became connected to the house eventually, and near it was the house which was a nice large maybe one-story house that just needed some cleaning and furniture et cetera.

To the right up ahead was a group of people sitting and / or standing, maybe college students, taking part in some kind of activity or class or talk or something.

The house and the small building or room with a bathroom had a lot of windows with views to the outside, and so they could see me and I could see them as I tried to get in a comfortable and private position to urinate.

I am not sure if I urinated or not, I do remember struggling to get a comfortable position, and eventually I went inside the house to look area for another bathroom with more privacy.

There were several bathrooms in the house, one had a toilet with urine in it already so I flushed it, and then I maybe tried to get in a comfortable and private position to urinate but I possibly saw someone walking near the house so I stopped.

I was impressed with the house and property, it was bare and needed some cleaning and furniture, but it was going to look good after that; and they probably bought it for a very good price.

I walked back to the covered gym-like area to see JC talking on his mobile phone with his wife or girlfriend as he moped the floor with bleach water, after he finished I went to talk to him and to see what I could help with first, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Zombies In A Zoo | Cockroaches In My Food

I sure have been having some weird dreams this month, which is even more interesting since Halloween in this month.

I had more dreams, but I ended up losing them.


Riding A Horse And Getting Attacked By A Dog

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream took place late in the afternoon or early evening, and I was possibly walking up the street toward The BP Library.

Close to the library I saw my cousin Mrs. AR riding a small horse or mule or donkey to my surprise and confusion, and then magically I was riding a horse but my horse was bigger.

I possibly greeted her as I passed by her riding the horse, I passed the library patron parking lot and I made a left turn on the street by The BP School Board Central Office, and then I rode the horse through the slightly fictional version of the neighborhoods in this area that are sometimes in my dreams.

At some point as we were passing a house a tan (light brown) American Pit Bull Terrier-looking dog ran at us barking, and then it started to attack the horse by jumping up and biting it as I kicked at it.

The dog managed to latch on to the horse with a bite, and so I kicked the dog off and I jumped off the horse to defend it so the dog attacked me but I managed to kick it and then grapple it to the ground without getting bit and I held it down while I called animal control with my mobile phone.

My phone call got redirected to the police station because animal control was not available at this time according to the person on the phone, I told them about the situation but they told me that there was nothing that they could do, and so I thanked them and hung up the phone.

I assume that I let the dog go and maybe it ran back home, but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is that I magically had my automobile instead of the horse it seems, and so I drove my automobile to a small nearby fictional auto parts store that seemed to be a small business.

I parked and then a male employee with light-color skin wearing glasses and a blue automobile mechanic-like outfit and work hat walked outside the store and greeted me, and then we started talking.

He asked me about my automobile and what year was it made, it was older than he had thought, and then he started checking the dents and spots that need to be painted and he said that it was in pretty good condition and just needed some dent work and a new paint job.

He then mentioned a smell and noticing something strange, and he opened my driver’s door and he pulled a tool out of his pocket.

He took a metal cap off of something near the left driver’s side mirror and handed it to me, he unscrewed something, then there was a sound like water shooting out, he said that is strange, he opened something below it, and then water started pouring from both places.

The water smelled moldy and bad, that seemed to be the smell that he had smelled, and we assumed that it was rain water that had collected in those areas.

I got a bottle of bleach water out of my automobile and I sprayed both areas, I thanked the man, and then I told him that I should buy something from his store since he helped me and I was going to ask him if he wanted me to pick him up some food or something that I could drop off but some customers showed up.

He told me that it was hard for a small business like his to survive against the big stores, I agreed, and he went inside the store to help the customers.

I decided to deal with my automobile situation first and then I would go inside the store to buy something and then ask the man if he needed some food or something that I could drop off for him, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Attending A Meeting

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it possibly started during the night, but I am not sure.

I was inside my parent’s house and something happened that I can not remember, and my dad went over to The G House because maybe my male cousin DE needed help with something so I walked outside to see what was going on.

I saw the kitchen light on inside The G House, the kitchen possibly looked larger and/or was combined with a dining room or another room, and my cousin DE was sitting in this other room or on the left side of the room as my dad was using a portable pressure washer-like device to spray part of the kitchen with water like maybe my cousin DE had made a nasty mess with something that needed to be cleaned like this or something like that.

I started walking over to The G House, I could smell a bit of bleach in the air, and I saw that the pressure washer-like device had a container/canister-like thing attached to it where maybe the bleach was stored.

Before I could enter The G House my dad probably left to return to our yard and I remember him saying that he had just cleaned up a nasty mess that my cousin DE had made, and we were interrupted by a maybe brown full-sized extended cab truck drove into our yard near where the clothes line used to be and an unknown thin tall young man with whitish-colored skin with maybe short yellow hair got out.

I think that this fictional young man was in another dream or another part of this dream from last night, one of the forgotten dreams or forgotten parts of this dream, and so I recognized him and/or someone else in this dream and I assumed that maybe he knew my brothers TD and KD from school and/or American football.

I remember the young man greeting us and telling my dad that he had brought another cartridge for his pressure washer-like device, and he showed my dad how to put in a new cartridge.

He also had a special strap that attached to the heel of your shoe to help stop the cord of the pressure washer-like device from tripping you and/or getting tangled on things, and he showed us how to use it.

The young man then reminded my dad about a meeting that was about to take place for a group that he was part of, maybe my dad was a member as well, and members had to pay a membership fee and they would have meetings and eat food sometimes.

Maybe we paid our membership fee and then we went to the meeting, it was day now, and the meeting was inside maybe a house.

I remember a room with rectangular tables set up with some kids and adults there, it felt like everyone was important like we all were high-level members (even the kids, it felt like we were all equals, and like each person was a board member or something like that), and one person was chosen to led the meeting.

The food was on one or more tables on maybe the left side of the room, at the meeting tables were several digital picture frame-like devices for the members who were not able to make it to the meeting in person, and they would use these device to attend the meeting virtually like a video chat.

A kid with whitish-colored skin was leading the meeting, I assumed that this kid was possibly a boy and this kid looked over-fat with man breasts wearing a mostly white T-shirt, and this kid had sloppy posture and body language and was sitting leaning so sloppily in the chair at the head of the table that you could not see this kid well enough to see most of this kid’s body except for the man breasts and part of the face making it hard to tell if this was a boy or a girl.

The digital picture frame-like devices were turned on for a few seconds to check if the virtual attendees were present and ready for the meeting because it was about to start, all but two were present so they turned those two devices off after waiting only a few seconds for them to respond.

This was a relaxed meeting environment, it seemed that this group would probably meet at least once a month to have short meetings and eat, and eating and having a good time is what they cared about most.

The kid started the meeting sloppily and lazily like the kid did not care, I remember the kid staring the meeting by asking something like: “What determines whether urine is produced or feces?”.

We were confused by this question and no one knew the answer, there was an awkward pause, and then I remember saying that was a good question.

The kid then farted, there was maybe some awkward laughter, and a few other things were quickly said and the kid called an end to the meeting because most people just wanted to eat and have fun.

The kid said that maybe there was a plate made for everyone already, and the kid then got up to help get the plates to everyone.

Either the kid magically changed or I was looking at the wrong person, either way the kid no longer looked like a boy or over-fat or sloppy, and the kid now looked like a girl with short yellow hair with whitish-colored skin wearing a skirt and maybe a long-sleeve shirt which looked nicer than the clothes from earlier and she had large breasts for someone her age which was weird and I remembered hearing that more kids these days are going through puberty faster so I assumed that maybe she had went through very earlier puberty.

This seemed strange to me but I assumed that when she was sitting down earlier that maybe she had only looked over-fat because of the large breasts which I had assumed to be man breasts of an over-fat boy, and I assumed that the way that she was sitting made her look different and more like a boy.

Me trying to rationalize this change caused me to over-look this possible sudden change of a dream character, and so I did not realize that this was a dream or acknowledge the possibility that this dream character was a boy who looked and acted different but magically changed when he got up from the table.

The now girl dream character had better posture and everything and acted more like I would expect the leader of the meeting to act, and she walked to the food table(s) to start helping get the food plates to everyone.

The mood was relaxed and people were happy and ready to eat, there was talking, and rushing to get food so this distracted me from thinking about the dream character changing like that.

But then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr