Memories Of The SC Roller Rink | Visiting The Old VA Video Rental Store

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Before and during and after I was getting in bed last night I started thinking about some of my memories of the SC roller rink that used to exist in the city of D when I was younger so I went between thinking, daydreaming, and then dreaming about this.

I remembered some of my memories of roller skating, the various tan-colored roller skates that you would temporarily rent (use), playing the limbo game (contest), the arcade games (including a Superman video game), the bedroom or house-like room or rooms on the left side of the hallway from the bathrooms where the owners lived and/or relaxed, the dances that I never took part in, the birthday parties (some of which allowed you to rent out the building temporarily just for your birthday), the food and drinks, the music and how you could ask for certain songs to be played, skating with some of my family and family members, my school taking a field trip there at least once, the lights and darkness, how I heard that maybe the family of my former female classmate LL owned SC, the nice clear coated hard wood floor, the side sitting areas where you could take a break and the sitting areas where you eat and drink, and more.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream from last night was probably inspired by this Chris Stuckmann YouTube video called Blockbuster Video – Retro Rewind from yesterday:

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D and I remember walking into the old abandoned VA video rental store building that was open and the lights were on to my surprise, and maybe my brother GC or someone else was with me but I can not remember.

Most of the shelves were still there but most were empty but some were not empty like someone had either left some things on them or someone was starting to put things back on the shelves again like they were going to open VA again or open it so that people could see what an old video rental store used to look like, but I was not sure.

There may have been an old short woman with white skin with white and gray hair who greeted us but I can not remember, and I just remember looking around thinking about old memories as I started in the children’s section where I spent most of my time as a kid when visiting VA.

This area had carpet and used to have indoor playground equipment and shelves of movies around it, parent’s would let their kids play here as they looked around, and the kids could play and pick out children movies.

I thought about many of my memories and it was nice getting to see this place again, I found an old black and white plastic action figure of a male humanoid or man in the window, and I picked it up and this reminded me of even more memories of playing with action figures.

Some of my memories of VA included looking at the various movie covers, picking movies, playing, watching my brothers play, looking at trailers and commercials on the television, the candy and drinks and snacks at the counter, the information required to rent something, movie posters, late fees, sales, the smells, renting movies and video games, the hill that you had to walk up or down when entering the building, and more.

Eventually I walked out of the children’s area to look around, I was approached and greeted by a friendly obese man with white skin with short hair who possibly wore glasses who was probably an owner or manager, and we started talking and I told how it was good to be able to see the inside of VA again and to remember old memories of how it used to be.

The man then started to show me some of the shelves that had things on them and he asked me if I had seen what I assumed to be a movie or television show that looked like an album of DVDs for whatever it was, I had not, and he grabbed it from the shelf and handed it to me.

I was not sure if he wanted me to look at it, have it, or rent it so I opened it up to see that there were only photographs in this album instead of DVDs so I was even more confused now.

Before I could ask him about this he got a phone call on his mobile phone and he walked away to talk, I heard him talking to an old woman (maybe the woman from earlier if she was there earlier), and it sounded like they were talking about business stuff to do with VA like they were possibly going to open it again or that it was open now or that they were going to open it up like a video rental store museum.

I continued looking around as a large group of people arrived like a church group bringing the kids and teenagers on a field trip to see what a video rental store used to look like, I tried to walk around looking in the less crowded areas as I waited for the man to finish his phone call, and as I was walking closer to the children’s area I heard a male voice greet me from behind so I turned around to see who it was.

To my surprise it was my former male classmate SS smiling and happy to see me, I was already in a good and reflective mood and seeing him surprised me, and I greeted him and we did a pound hug.

I felt happy and maybe a bit sad with all of these memories, seeing my former classmate SS for the first time in years and having him actually seem happy to see me like back when my friends were still around, and so I was about to cry as I was giving him a pound hug so I held the pound hug a bit longer trying to take a deep breath to stop myself from crying before releasing the pound hug.

My former classmate probably heard me trying to avoid crying so as I was going to release the pound hug he held it a bit longer to give me more time to recover, and I managed to recover without crying but I came close to crying.

After the extended pound hug I told my former classmate SS that I was surprised and happy to see him again after all these years not knowing if he was dead or alive, I asked him what he was doing here and how did he know that VA was open again, and then I realized that I think that he used to briefly work at VA one summer.

If this was true than he probably used to work for the man who greeted me earlier, I went to ask him about this as even more memories came to my mind, but I woke up as I was doing this.

The end,

-John Jr