Time Limits & Censorship & Bans & Earth / Population / Quality Of Life Limits?

I did not record most of my dreams, and so now I can only remember some fragments of one or more dreams.

The dream or dreams involved some things from my life during the day, something about time limits and hidden trends on the internet with blogs (like and social media that had something to do with something that I can not remember happening every 30 minutes or so and the hidden and public censorship and banning of things on social media and blogs and around the internet by various companies et cetera, and some rumors / debates / arguments / conspiracy theories / hypotheses / whatever about Earth either currently being and / or being at risk of having too large of a population to ensure a higher quality of life for everyone so there was some talk about Earth reaching its possible max (maximum) limit or something like that.


Learning The Fundamentals | Day Eight: Introduce Yourself To The Neighbors! (Day Eight: Say Hello To Your Neighbors)

Day Eight: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors!

Leaving thoughtful comments puts you in conversation with other bloggers — and entices them to visit you!

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Blogging: Learning The Fundamentals | Day Three: Visit The Neighbors (Day Three: Learn To Use The Reader)

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Day Three: Visit the Neighbors

Time to engage with the blogging community, the first (and most important!) step in developing an audience.

Today, explore five new tags in the Reader and follow five new blogs.

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The five tags in the Reader that I am now following are: Blogging University, Daily Prompts, Dream Journal, Dreams, and Miscellaneous.

The five most recent blogs that I am now following are: VirusTotal Blog, True_George, FlynnsPaws Blogs, WordPress Tavern, and ThemeShaper.


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Life After Blogs

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Life After Blogs, and this is what it said:

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?