Untested Blood? | A Sinkhole In The Street

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it involved me learning that blood donated at a certain place, I assume somewhere I donated blood at during the dream, was not tested first; and I was not sure if the donated blood was tested or filtered later before being given to those who need blood.

So I was worried about blood contamination and people being given infected/contaminated/diseased/et cetera blood, and the safety for those donating blood.


Daily Prompt

The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Fandom, and this is what it said:

Are you a sports fan?

Tell us about fandom.

If you’re not, tell us why not.

And this is my response:

Not really, but I do like playing sports and I do get to play sports sometimes rarely; but usually alone.

I am not really into fandom anything for a variety of reasons so it is no different when it comes to sports fandom, and I rather play sports than watch them.


I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place at a slightly fictional version of the shopping center by W Park, I probably went to several businesses in the shopping center and I probably went around the sidewalks and parts of the parking lot, and I probably talked to some of my former classmates and several fictional people during the dream.

Most of the dream probably took place on an upper floor of a fictional building near where the Dollar General store and JCPenney should be, I remember a lot of my former classmates being there, but I can remember if this building was a college and/or school and/or business or what it was exactly (it probably was a multi-purpose building).

I think that during an earlier part of the dream that I can not remember, that something happened to my former female classmate BD where she was given a lot of blood like maybe she had been given a blood transfusion, and after this she developed special abilities / powers / superpowers; and she soon learned that it was the blood that gave her these special abilities/powers/superpowers.

I can not remember what all of her superpowers were but I do know that they were realistic and not overpowered, one of the superpowers was probably a healing factor that allowed her to heal a bit faster and better than normal, but that is the only superpower that I can remember specifically seeing in action and hearing about unfortunately.

My former classmate BD soon learned that if she gave / donated some of her blood to other people, that they could temporarily have the same superpowers as her until their bodies use up the blood and/or the superpowers/whatever, and so the more blood that you gave someone the longer they would temporarily have the superpowers probably; and so my former classmate BD donated some of her blood to some of our former classmates and to other people during the dream who asked her for some of her blood, and they each got superpowers temporarily.

Something happened to my former classmate BD that I can not remember where everyone assumed and thought that she was dead and no one saw her anymore after this, most of the rest of the dream involved me going to the bathroom a lot on an upper floor of this same building, and so most of the dream was a bathroom focused dream probably.

The bathroom was a public bathroom in the building that was a large bathroom with many sinks, toilets, bathroom stalls, maybe showers, mirrors, et cetera; and maybe men and women could use it, but I can not remember.

At some point in the dream I was in the bathroom when I suddenly saw my former classmate BD enter the bathroom, I was confused because people said that she was dead and  I thought that she was dead, and she was very pale; and I remember greeting her letting her know that she was supposed to be dead, and I told her that she looked like a ghost because she was so pale and she probably looked sickly or drained.

She seemed very tired and drained and she sounded tired and drained when she spoke, she told me that she was alive, but that she had lost her superpowers when she ended up losing most of her blood somehow (maybe another blood transfusion and/or donating blood and/or an accident); and she was not sure if she would get her superpowers back or not once her blood levels increased again.

Her blood levels were very low and so that is partly why she was so pale and tired-looking, the doctors/nurses/scientists and her did not know if her superpowers were permanent for her or not, we knew that her superpowers are only temporary for people who are given some of her blood; but no one knew what would happen if she lost all or most of her blood, if the superpowers would still be in her new blood that her body makes or not, and so she and other people were worried about this.

It was possibly that her superpowers were only temporary for her as well once she used up most or all the blood that had been given to her earlier in the dream, but it was also possible that the superpowers were now a permanent part of her; and so all we could do was wait and see.

I remember us walking to meet some of our other former classmates to let them know that she was still alive, they were surprised to see her alive as well, and most of them also commented that she looked like a ghost; and some of them asked if she could give them some of her blood because their superpowers had worn off, and we told them about her situation.

My former classmate BD was very weak and I took her to see the nurses/doctors/scientists on another upper floor of the building, they had her lay in a chair near a window with a view to the parking lot as they ran some tests, and as they probably treated her to help hydrate and feed her because she was dehydrated and she needed food so they probably connected her to an IV bag; and I remember one of the nurses wearing a whitish colored old style nurse’s outfit and hat and shoes and stockings, and she was somewhat tall and she had whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair that was pinned up(?).

I was worried about my former classmate BD and I stayed with her to talk to her and comfort her and encourage her, I probably recommended that she stop sharing so much of her blood with other people because it was dangerous for her and for other people depending on how they used those temporary superpowers, and I probably talked to some of the other people and our former classmates to tell them to stop asking her to give so much of her blood; and I told them that this was not a game and that the superpowers were not a game, and that this was serious and that they should be worried about her health and the possible consequences of using those superpowers like it is only a game.

Most of the people did not seem to care about her, they were like parasites or vampires who only wanted her blood to play around with temporary superpowers for fun instead of to help people, and I probably warned my former classmate BD about this.

Before I woke up it was possible that the doctors/nurses/scientists started to notice signs that my former classmate BD still had a bit of her superpowers left, it was possible that getting some food and water was helping to strengthen her enough to use a bit of those superpowers, but it was not clear if that only the last bit of the old blood that was left or if her body was making new blood with superpowers; and I woke up before we could learn the answer to this because it was going to take a while before we would know for sure.

The end,

-John Jr

Mario’s Racing Team

I had some interesting dreams last night but I was not able to voice record most of the interesting and important details, and so now I can only barely remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it involved some people and I exploring across islands/countries/wherever in isolated places, some of the people with me were former classmates like my former female classmate EB and one or more of the people were possibly celebrities and I do not know who the other people were, and I think that we found a large one-story windowless building on an isolated island; and inside this building there was a main lobby and with many doors that led to many different areas, and behind those doors and in those different areas there were strange paranormal and supernatural and other threats and obstacles.

Forgotten Dreams: Thinking About A Job Interview?

Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead (2010)
Source: IMDb

I did not get much sleep last night because something that I ate last night probably made me sick and it gave me diarrhea and I was nervous about a job interview that I was to have this morning (as usual I did not get the job) and several other things in my life had a negative effect/affect on me and I woke up without voice recording my dreams and I accidentally went back to sleep and my alarm clock scared me awake after accidentally going back to sleep causing me to forget most of my dreams, and so I can barely remember a few possible dream fragments from last night.

Dream Fragment 1

I think that one dream fragment took place during the day near the G House and my dad and I were outside where the garden used to be, maybe we were trying to do something to improve the G House but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.

Donating Blood | My Former Classmate DS Beats Up A Man Who Was Threatening His Own Girlfriend

Description English: Interior of bus for blood donating in Poland. Polski: Wnętrze autobusu do oddawania krwi. Date 12 September 2010 SourceOwn work Author Ciacho5 Other versions BloodDonating30.JPG
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up early this morning to go to the annual Christmas Parade in the city of D with my family and a blood donation vehicle was there and so I started donating blood before/during/after the parade started (I got to see some of the parade from the windows of the blood donation vehicle), this was my first time donating blood this year (I try to donate at least once a year now, and I have donated blood the last three years in a row now to help people and I hope to eventually get over my fear/negative reactions to having blood taken), and for the first time ever I did not have any of my normal negative reactions to having blood taken (except for my normal negative reactions of increased pulse rate and blood pressure before I even finished the paperwork, and so we had to wait for my pulse rate to go down first before I could donate blood 😀 ).

I successfully donated my blood without a problem this time which is/was amazing (the cold weather, the Christmas parade, talking to the nurse, having my MP3 Player, and having donated the last two years in a row before this all seemed to have helped me), and I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night.

The dream took place during maybe a gray day and I was in my parent’s yard walking toward my grandfather’s yard, and a lot of people were hanging out in my grandfather’s yard for some unknown reason(s); and some of the people were people I knew like some of my former classmates like my former classmate DS, but I did not know the rest of the people there.

As I was walking through the alley by the pet cages I saw a truck parked in the street by the bus stop area of my grandfather’s yard and a man was yelling at his girlfriend threatening her and trying to force her to do something that she did not want to do, and it seemed that he was going to physically attack her; and he was so loud that we all heard it, so a lot of the men at my grandfather’s house went to go see what was going on, and watched from a distance outside the yard waiting to see if I needed to help or not.

The men started warning the man that he was wrong and that they were not going to let him attack his girlfriend but he was defiant and he argued back with them, and my former classmate DS was the most verbal/aggressive toward the man; and both of them started arguing, my former classmate DS was cautious at first, but knowing that he had the support of the other men caused him to feel bold/confident enough to fight the man if necessary.

The man turned away to maybe grab and/or attack and/or threaten and/or take away his girlfriend, and so my former classmate DS angrily punched the man from behind with a wild and wide punch/haymaker so hard that the punch knocked the man to the ground to the surprise of everyone; and my former classmate DS started angrily saying things to the man as he tried to recover from the punch, my former classmate DS started to look a bit afraid as the man got up to fight back, but I think that maybe one or more of the men in the crowd might have attacked the man as well giving my former classmate DS an advantage.

My former classmate DS took advantage of this and then he started beating up the man while angrily talking to him/trash talking him/et cetera as some people started to leave because they were afraid that someone would call the police, I watched from outside the fence waiting to stop the fight/beating if necessary, but my former classmate DS stopped beating the man once it was clear that he had won; but I am not sure if anyone called the police or not.

I just remember finally going into the yard to talk with my former classmate DS and some of the other people who stayed, and my former classmate DS was not sorry about beating up the man and he was a bit proud about it; but I still sensed that he had been afraid until he knew that he had the support of the other men and when they possibly briefly helped him during the fight, and he was probably slightly afraid that the police might come soon but he felt that they would probably not arrest him once they were told the situation but I woke up as we were still talking.

The end,

-John Jr

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