Bobby Yeah (2011)

What is it?

The 2011 stop-motion animated horror short film Bobby Yeah by Robert Morgan, and it was also a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Bobby Yeah – trailer
Bobby Yeah

What is it about?

This is how Wikipedia describes this short film:

Bobby Yeah is a BAFTA-nominated stop-motion animated short film written, directed and animated by Robert Morgan.

It was made independently and completed in 2011.

It has screened at numerous international film festivals, including The Sundance Film Festival.[1]

The film tells the story of Bobby Yeah – a subhuman creature who experiences a series of increasingly bizarre, nightmarish encounters after stealing a malevolent baby’s favorite pet.

This is how the IMDb describes this short film:

Half-human, half-bunny, Bobby Yeah, the anthropoid hybrid with the pointy ears, is by all means “sort of”.

Sort-of human, sort-of animal, sort-of thug.

Yes, Bobby Yeah is, above all, a slow-learning infrahuman and a petty thief.

And then, unexpectedly, just when Bobby is under the impression of striking gold by abducting an ectoplasmic plump larva with a tiny, yet prominent red button on its back, things will begin getting out of hand, as an irrepressible but wide-eyed curiosity takes control.

Go on, Bobby, push that button and see what happens next.

Written by Nick Riganas