Saving Abby Martin From A Protest

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I only saved part of this dream that involved a female journalist who was angry at a certain politician about something, but I can not remember the details or how or where I was seeing and hearing about this.

I am not sure who the politician was who(m) she was referring to, but she kept calling this politician The Pig.

I think that the female journalist and some other people were going to protest.

Later in the dream I am in a room when my mom enters the room telling me that there is a protest that is taking place now, and my mom turned the television to the news and I saw the protest being filmed live.

I assumed that this was the protest that the female journalist was probably at, and the riot police were completely geared up with body armor and helmets with face masks and riot shields and batons and riot guns with rubber bullets and probably tear gas et cetera.

The protest was taking place during the day on a street in a big city I assume, the protest had started peacefully, but now the police seemed to be in the process of riot control so they were advancing slowly and shooting people with rubber bullets and tear gas so things were violent now but I am not sure if the police started the violence or if some of the protesters started it.

The police were slowly surrounding the area, pushing the protesters back, attacking them with ranged weapons to break their morale et cetera I assume, and then I assumed that they would do a baton charge and attack and then arrest the protesters once they had them completely surrounded and broken down enough from the rubber bullets and tear gas et cetera.

Some of the protesters were fighting back against the police or trying to, but they did not stand a chance because the police had full riot armor and riot shields and weapons and training and a good formation and better tactics.

Near the approaching riot police I saw a thin woman with light-color skin laying on the ground on her back with her head facing the approaching riot police who had a shield wall formation, and she was wearing a small t-shirt so it was pulled up a bit where you could see her stomach muscles and she was moving and breathing like she was in pain like she had been shot by the police.

There was another woman with light-color skin with long dark slightly curly hair standing near her (possibly one of her friends or just a fellow protester) yelling and maybe throwing stuff at the approaching riot police and trying to fight them or getting ready to fight them.

The woman on the ground did not seem to be bleeding so I assumed that she only got shot by rubber bullets and that they had knocked the air out of her lungs and that they hurt her enough that she needed a moment to recover.

I then saw the woman’s face and it was the journalist Abby Martin to my surprise, and she got up and she picked up a thin black makeshift shield and she ran at the approaching shield wall of riot police yelling and attacking one of them who was a male riot police officer with light-color skin.

The riot police officer that she was attacking just ignored her weak attacks, her attacks did not even hurt him with all of that armor, and she got tired and she was still hurting from the rubber bullets.

I remember saying out-loud:

“Abby, what are you doing, are you crazy, attacking a police officer, are you trying to get arrested, are you trying to get killed or seriously injured?”

“You should be reporting not protesting and even if you did want to protest, you obviously already protested and things were violent now so it was basically a riot now, and it is obvious that the police are surrounding the area and about to attack and arrest everyone they can so you should leave now before it is too late.”

My mom either left the room after this or not long after, but I can not remember if I told her what I was thinking about doing or not.

Abby was not getting out of there and she was encouraging others to fight back and riot I guess, and so I remember saying:

“I guess I will have to try to get her out of there before she gets arrested and / or seriously injured and / or killed; what is she thinking, this is so stupid, now I have to risk getting caught up in this mess, and I mumbled some other things as I complained”

I am not sure if the next part is a daydream within the dream or if this really happened, either way, I remember gearing up in some body armor and long sleeve clothing and a ski mask and gloves and possibly even a voice changer to protect my identity and a riot shield.

I did not bring a mobile phone or any electronics that they normally track in these situations and I mostly covered my license plate so that they could not see most of the license plate numbers or even where I was from exactly, and I drove to the protest taking a back route through an area that the police had not surrounded yet.

I walked through the chaos to the front line looking a bit like a riot police officer wearing maybe a dark duster (which I probably used to conceal some extra gear in case of emergencies) because I was armored and I had a riot shield on my back and I found Abby, and I told her that I was there to get her out of here and I told her why (I explained the situation about how they were being surrounded and were going to be attacked and arrested soon if we did not hurry) and that I was a friend(ly) (since I was hiding my identity, and so she had no idea who I was at the time and I could not risk telling her because the police were probably monitoring everything).

I quickly talked her down and I told her to take the battery out of her mobile phone and any electronic devices that they normally track because the police sometimes track and intercept things like that during situations like this, and then I started moving her through the crowd to our escape route which the police had not surrounded yet but they were getting close.

I can not remember if the other woman joined us, I just know that we reached my automobile that was hidden in a back alley, and then we drove through a back route under a bridge to wait a moment before using a hidden underground tunnel.

While I waited to make sure that we were not followed, I remember complaining to Abby about what she had done and how stupid it was, and then we drove through the hidden underground tunnel that took us to another part of the city so we escaped.

I remember pointing out how Abby and most of the others were not even dressed or equipped or trained et cetera to properly to riot or fight the police, and I pointed out the many flaws that I noticed.

I went to take her to a safehouse used by various people (who seemed to be more experienced and trained and smart compared to those protesters) to see how bad her injuries were so that I could decide whether to take her to the hospital or not, and the safehouse had a woman there with medium-color skin who had some medical knowledge so that is why I was taking her there first because I was not sure if we could risk taking her to the hospital yet.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Law Enforcement Using A Training Exercise As Cover For Something Bigger

Yesterday I realized that I probably forgot to add part of a dream to a dream that I typed and posted on my blog within the last few days, I had this part of the dream in my voice recording, but I probably forgot to add this part to my dream when I typed the dream.

This happens to me sometimes, even if I listen to my voice recordings before I type my dreams and even if I can remember without my voice recordings, because typing a dream takes time and effort and setup and focus, and so sometimes I will forget to add part of a dream as I type it.

Unfortunately I already deleted the voice recording of the dream that this went with so I am not sure which dream this goes with or which post to add this part of the dream to, and so that is why I am typing this part of that dream as its own post.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, several people and I were driving through the city of D, and as we drove through the city of D we noticed a lot of law enforcement throughout the city.

The official word was that the police, SWAT, probably sheriffs, and possibly other law enforcement agencies were doing some kind of training exercise but it was obvious that there was something bigger going on than just that.

We saw law enforcement officers wearing full body armor and carrying assault rifles and maybe sometimes other types of guns and weapons, various types of police vehicles including probably armored vehicles, and other militarized equipment which made them seem more like soldiers or paramilitary than law enforcement.

Besides this huge training exercise taking place around the city, we also saw them raiding homes and buildings, and so the training exercise was being partly used as cover for something bigger.

Some of the law enforcement officers seemed to be taking breaks near the sides of the roads sitting down in chairs in the shade, some seemed to be on guard, some seemed to be training, some were raiding homes and buildings, and I am sure that others were doing things that we could not see.

I would not be surprised if the military was partly involved in this, but I do not know.

We knew that something big was going on and that they were trying to hide some of those things, and so you can assume that a cover up would be involved as well.

It felt like a police state sneaking in under cover taking out and / or arresting certain groups first while also training and preparing for the next step, partly lying to the public to keep them unaware until they are ready for the next phase, but who knows.

Whatever was going on we did not want to stay to find out because we knew that it was not good, and so we kept driving through the city of D to another city.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of that unknown dream from the other day that I already typed and posted on my blog.

The end,

-John Jr


A Nuclear Explosion? | My Coworker Mrs. M Says Goodbye

File:Operation Upshot-Knothole - Badger 001.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

This morning I found a small green basket of berries (maybe blackberries) outside our front door with a small note from Amenhotep and Khaled, I am not sure who Amenhotep and Khaled are, but whoever you are thank you for the berries.

This surprise gift this morning seemed even more strange and oddly timed because of the dreams that I had last night.

Last night I had some interesting and intense dreams, but unfortunately I can only remember part of two of those dreams because of all the intensity and because I did not voice record my dreams until later.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night, I was with my parent’s and maybe my brother GC, and we seemed to be going to an outdoor college stadium to probably see my brothers KD and TD play college football.

We probably arrived early before the teams were even at the stadium yet but I am not sure, and so people were still arriving but at some point as we were probably going to our seats there was probably a flash and a large explosion in the distance with a mushroom cloud.

My assumption was that it was a nuclear explosion but that was just my first assumption (it could have been a huge conventional bomb like the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB or Mother Of All Bombs), and then everyone started panicking and taking cover to brace for the shock wave(s) and hope that we survive.

I assumed that we were going to probably die but I took cover anyway, and to my surprise we survived the shock wave(s).

Next there was the fear of possible nuclear radiation (fallout), and so everyone started panicking and running to get to their automobiles to leave to a safer location and / or to find a safer location to avoid  possibly nuclear fallout (radiation).

As we were starting to run we heard the military arriving around the area like they were surrounding it, there were soldiers on foot and in military vehicles who had camouflaged fatigues and body armor and helmets with probably assault rifles who were possibly American soldiers but I am not sure which country if any the soldiers were with, and maybe some special forces-like soldiers wearing black clothing with their faces covered or partly covered carrying maybe assault rifles with little to no body armor were possibly dropped off by helicopter but I can not remember.

Many people were happy to see the military arriving and were expecting them to help us, tell us what to do, and that they would take us to a safe location but the soldiers started shooting and killing everyone as the first group of people approached them to our surprise.

My family and I had kept a distance waiting to see what would happen so we were further back than the people who had approached the soldiers, we are more cautious so that helped save our lives this time, and chaos broke out as the soldiers started shooting and killing everyone who was not a solider.

People were shocked, screaming, running, hiding, too scared to move, et cetera after just surviving a possible nuclear explosion to then be surprisingly attacked by the assumed military.

This all seemed real to me and I did not realize that I was dreaming, this situation was intense, and my focus was on trying to help my family and I survive this terrible situation.

I had my family take cover and my first plan was to kill some soldiers one-at-a-time to take their clothing and armor and guns and equipment and IDs so that we could pretend to be soldiers, and then escape in our automobile.

I was not sure why the military / soldiers were killing everyone but it seemed that maybe this was part of a cover-up to cover-up the possible nuclear explosion, we all had been witnesses to this, and so I assumed that for whatever reason they wanted to kill all the witnesses that they could.

Maybe this was a surprise attack from another country but who knows, I just know that I was trying to help my family and I survive, and so I immediately started my plan by killing a special forces-like soldier who was alone and who was distracted as he was shooting people in the back.

I took his equipment and I put it on, so part of my face was now covered and I had a gun, and then I moved around cautiously with my family ambushing other soldiers and killing them until all of my family were also disguised as soldiers.

We then moved in formation pretending to be soldiers, the other soldiers were too busy killing people to notice that we were not really soldiers, and we did not kill any more soldiers as we made our way to our automobile.

Many of these soldiers were just young men doing their jobs following orders it seemed, most did not seem like they enjoyed doing this and there was some panic among them too as they had to run around trying to kill all of these people running around for their lives, and so it was chaos which allowed my plan to work.

We reached our automobile, we got in, and I drove us to the military checkpoint that was set up to block anyone from escaping.

We tried to act normal and pretend to be soldiers, my face was partly covered and the helmets and body armor helped my family hide themselves a bit, and when we reached the checkpoint I showed them the military ID that I stole and I tried to sound and act like a soldier.

My plan worked and they let us pass without searching the automobile, and we drove away and probably through wilderness areas and back roads to avoid the military or whoever they were.

We probably drove through some somewhat familiar areas from past dreams and / or earlier in the forgotten parts of the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this intense dream before I woke up.

I probably woke up with my heart beating a bit fast because the dream was so intense and realistic, I was in survival mode, and having to survive a possible nuclear explosion and then survive getting attacked by the assumed military and having to kill some soldiers is some pretty serious and intense stuff.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in an area that somewhat reminded me of the college stadium from the first dream, but there was one or two small buildings.

I remember moving from either another building and / or from outside toward another building, and I was with my coworkers from The BP Library and some of their family members.

My coworker Mrs. M was standing outside the building with some of her family members, including some of her grandchildren who had light-color skin, and Mrs. M was saying goodbye to each person entering the building because she was resigning (quitting) her job at The BP Library.

Mrs. M was giving people hugs, smiles, and was briefly talking with people before they enter the building as she said her final goodbyes to each of us as she stood there with her family who were supporting her.

It was not said but I assumed that maybe Mrs. M was dying and that she was resigning from her job so that she could spend time with her family before she dies, but that was my assumption and it was never said.

This made the situation even more emotional, my coworker Mrs. M is a nice older woman who greets you every day with a smile and I did not want to see her leave or die, and things would not be the same without her at work.

I stood back waiting before going to say my final goodbyes to my coworker Mrs. M, I thought that I would be okay, but as I watched people saying their goodbyes I became emotional and I wanted to cry.

I tried to stop myself from crying which was very difficult to my surprise but I probably started crying when the emotions overwhelmed me but I can not remember if I cried or not, but if I did cry I made sure that no one could see or hear me.

At this point I kept trying to stop myself from crying and / or I was trying to finish crying until I felt that I could finally say my final goodbyes to my coworker Mrs. M without crying.

But to my surprise this was more difficult and was taking longer than expected because the emotions had broken through my defenses to my surprise, watching my coworker Mrs. M standing with her family saying her final goodbyes to everyone was like watching someone saying goodbye for the last time before they die, like Alexander The Great’s alleged last farewell to his soldiers.

I probably became more emotional than expected because this probably reminded me of my deceased grandmother DE, and that is one of the few things that can make me cry when something reminds me of her and of the last time that I saw her alive and of her funeral.

But I woke up before I could walk over to say my final goodbyes.

The end,

-John Jr


A Wonderful Walk And Conversation With A Woman

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream from last night, all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream I seemed to be in or near downtown of the city of D during the day, and I remember walking as there were other people around.

My memory is too messed up but I think that I worked with a secret Human organization involved with aliens where we would search for and find aliens, alien objects, et cetera and investigate and research and interrogate et cetera them.


Getting Held Hostage Twice

I forgot all but part of one of my dreams from last night that took place on an upper floor of a windowless building it seemed, and I was there with a group of other people inside a room.

A gang and/or cartel and/or mafia and/or paramilitary and/or SWAT-like group of men burst into the room and took us hostage, they had man with them who was the leader, but I can not remember what he looked like.

Some of them had full body armor with helmets, eye protection, elbow pads, knees pads, et cetera with assault rifles.

These men seemed to be vampires in my opinion so I assume that they were faster, stronger, and maybe had some powers but I can not remember why I thought that they were vampires.

There were more of us than them but I did not think that we stood a chance against them, I have no idea what they wanted, but their hostage situation got interrupted by another man who seemed to be a vampire who entered the room.

This vampire had no weapons or armor but he easily and quickly killed the entire group holding us hostage like it was easy, he was clearly very powerful, and as we were thanking him we realized that he was now taking us hostage so now we were hostages again.

I have no idea why he was taking us hostage but it seemed that he was just doing this for fun, like a strange person who likes to take people hostage and play with them like toys making them do whatever he wants them to do, like someone playing house but with real people.

Some of the others hostages probably were considering attacking the vampire to try to defeat him so that we could escape but I felt that we did not stand a chance, I did not want anyone to die, and so I convinced them to let me try to get on his good side to hopefully get him to let us go eventually.

I focused on doing whatever he said and trying to keep him distracted as he would tell us to do various things, have us thank him a lot, have us tell him how much fun we are having, and various strange things like that.

He was pretty strange and creepy in a dangerous and relaxed kind of way, you were afraid that he could get bored or angry and kill you if you do not keep him entertained and do what he says, and so we had to keep playing nice with our hostage taker which was weird.

While doing this some of us were trying to look for opportunities to escape or ways to defeat him in case my plan failed, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr