Annette Moves To The Same City

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I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream that took place during the day, and I think that it involved me being online and finding out that Annette another blogger from and maybe some of her family were moving to another city.

By coincidence Annette and some of her family ended up moving to the city that I was living in, so Annette asked me to help her/them move their stuff in their new house, and so I went to help her/them.

I remember helping them move stuff while we talked, I remember Annette mentioning a table or chair that she had bought that needed to be put together, and that she would probably need my help to put it together one day.

I finished helping them and visiting with them and I left at some point expecting to visit them again soon and help Annette with the table or chair, but weeks or longer passed without this happening so one day I decided to make a surprise visit at their house.

A woman who I assumed to be Annette answered the door but she looked younger, bigger, and a bit different from how Annette looked earlier in the dream so I was not sure if it was really Annette or not but she seemed to know me so I assumed that Annette had somehow magically changed in appearance since I last saw her; and I was too embarrassed to ask if she was Annette or not.

Some of her family was there like a female family member with white skin with long yellow hair, a male family member with white skin with dark hair, and maybe a few others.

The female family member and the assumed Annette with a new appearance talked with me as they walked me to the room where the table or chair was that she was trying to put together, when she answered the door earlier I had asked if she still needed help with it and that I had come to visit, and she told me that it was mostly done but they needed a bit more help.

The table or chair was on an island-like table in a kitchen or dinning room or another room, it seemed to be mostly assembled now, and they needed help moving it to another room.

Oddly part of this room was an outdoor area even though we were inside, and the outdoor-looking area looked like part of a small yard where they had taken down the fence and there was pulled up dirt and grass like someone had pulled it up trying to remove the fence and/or like maybe they were going to cover the ground with a floor to match the indoor-looking areas.

Somehow the table or chair changed to where it now looked like a combination of a body bag in the shape of a man combined with a bean bag chair, I remember them saying or joking that some of the materials that they used were possibly from a male family member of theirs or something like that (this was explained better, but I can not remember), and I remember being a bit confused and thought that this was strange.

We moved it to another room and I asked them if they were sure that it was put together properly, maybe I also asked if they were sure that no one was inside of it because it was shaped a bit like someone was inside of it, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr


Cobra Command Taking Over The World?

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All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional futuristic dream world with a fictional version of the city of D, and there was a terrible military empire controlling and/or taking over the world that reminded me of Cobra Command that was possibly led by a man or male entity that reminded me of Cobra Commander from G.I Joe; and there were different non-human species and maybe actual different real races on the planet it seemed with maybe some of them being aliens.

Part of the dream was about some people of several different species / races who seemed to be working together, maybe to resist the empire, and one of them was large male entity who reminded me of a Qunari from the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition; and one of them was a female entity but I can not remember if she was human or not, and most of them had negative experiences in the past with the empire.

Another part of the dream took place at my parents house and I remember my dad contacting my uncle CE to remind him about doing plumbing at The G House, at some point I remember walking outside by the back door when my mom sent me a text message that she got from my uncle CE that I thought was about him wanting to fight my brother GC, and so I mentioned this to my brother GC when he walked outside.

We were both confused about this so I asked my mom about it and she explained what my uncle CE meant to say in that text message, he actually was saying that my brother GC had helped him with some work recently and that he wished that he had him around to help with some other things because he was a hard worker or something like that, but his text message was terribly written so it was easy to misunderstand; and so I told my brother GC that we had misunderstood the text.

My uncle CE seemed to be avoiding The G House out of fear maybe and eventually my dad got him to finally show up outside The G House to get ready to work on the plumbing, oddly repair vehicles from either the electric company or the city started to drive up a fictional sloped driveway on the left side of The G House, and it seemed that my uncle CE had possible called them hoping that they would fix the plumbing for him since he seemed afraid to enter the house like it was haunted or something; and maybe some paranormal/supernatural things happened at The G House earlier in the dream, but I can not remember.

At some point the dream jumped back to the mostly non-humans from earlier in the dream and I was seeing a scene that possible showed something that happened to the male qunari-like entity and maybe the female entity in the past or this was happening in the present, but I think that it was just some past memories/experiences that they had with the empire.

I forgot to mention that the empire was a strange combination that reminded me of Nazi Germany, Cobra Command, a religious cult, an empire, and more; and they wore various futuristic and sometimes somewhat colorful armors with some having caps and some having a more futuristic ancient armor style to them, and they were cruel but efficient probably.

They would probably torture people, imprison people, murder people, force convert people, force people into their military, possibly do rituals or religious-like things, maybe rape people, and more; and during the possible flashback the male and female entities got arrested by the empire for no clear reason, and they took them to a small efficient prison where each prison cell had a door that was accessed from outside and they were completely sealed with no windows.

They stripped both of them naked and a male soldier threw the female entity in a dark prison cell on a concrete-like bed, a body bag-like things vacuüm sealed over her body sealing her to the table, and it seemed that there was a feeding/watering tube and maybe something to vacuüm their feces/urine and maybe something to rinse them; and it was all simple and efficient and automatic so minimum resources were spent on each prisoner and if they died they were already in a body bag.

This looked terrible and I heard her screaming and trying to get out but it was sealed and she was locked down pretty good, another soldier put the male entity in a different cell that was more like a launch tube, and it launched him into the sky in a small capsule-like pod; and there were some other prisoners launched at the same time, and it seemed that they were possibly being dropped on a battlefield to fight for the empire or the empire was going to literally use them as weapons/missiles or something like that.

Something happened that I can not remember either they crashed in water/a sea/an ocean and some of them survived and escaped or they reached their locations and were forced to fight for the empire until maybe one day they escaped, it was not clear even during the dream, but somehow the female entity either was saved or escaped or was released from the prison one day; and the male entity, her, and some other survivors/escapees/former prisoners joined together but that is all that I can remember of this interesting dream.

The end,

-John Jr