Using Source Code To Copy Superpowers

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This dream was inspired by the anime From The New World that I watched an episode or two of before going to sleep.

The end of this dream involved me, maybe my brother GC, and several other people moving between several places like maybe we were trying to avoid the authorities even though we were probably not wanted but we feared that we were at risk of being caught up in an investigation because of something that we did in the forgotten parts of the dream that was possibly in a gray legal area or illegal under the rules / laws of this dream world which was possibly under control of an ethics committee so everyone had to follow certain ethics rules (laws) that this ethics committee made up so I guess they ruled this dream world.

This dream seemed to take place in the future even though things did not really seem or look futuristic but something about it felt somewhat futuristic even though it did not look like it, some or most or all people had superpowers including us, but breaking the ethics rules could mean having your superpowers taken and / or suppressed temporarily or permanently and possibly being arrested et cetera.

We feared this happening to us so we kept hiding and moving as maybe the authorities followed our trail or at least some of the places that we had been as they probably searched for clues in their investigation about something else that possibly could get us caught up in it too if they figured out we had been there.

One place that we went to was a warehouse that was dimly lit, at some point we left there after maybe me and my brother GC called our family, and we met with them outside the city where there was a field with a body of water and a dock.

Either a real or fictional male family member or brother was there too, he was mentally unstable and either was at risk of having his superpowers suppressed and / or taken away temporarily or this had already happened to him because of this and because of some things that he did with his superpowers while unstable, and I remember us talking about our situation and his.

At some point it was clear that he was too unstable to be trusted with his superpowers for now or ever so I decided to access his source code, I am not sure if it was on paper or how I saw it, but I remember his source code being letters and maybe some numbers somewhat like programming code but more like real sentences.

Once I accessed his source code I found the codes for his superpowers, and I copied them to where my source code was stored so now I had his superpowers along with mine.

His superpowers involved being able to communicate probably telepathically with people, and he could do some mind control and / or genjutsu (illusions) on people.

I then accessed everyone’s source code one-at-a-time so that we could all copy and paste each others superpower source codes so that we could all have the same superpowers, some of us only had one superpower at first and some of us like my self had two or three or more superpowers already, but I am not sure what my original superpowers were but I do know that I had two or three originally before we started copying our superpowers to each other by copying and pasting our superpower source codes.

After doing this I stopped to check out some food that my mom had just bought from a store, she said that the food was marked down at a heavy discount, and one of the foods was a clear plastic container with hard-shell tacos with lettuce and meat and cheese et cetera.

I had never seen tacos stored unrefrigerated in a container like that for extended periods in a store, I felt that this would lead to them being soggy and spoiling and / or bugs infecting them, but when I opened the container and smelled them they smelled fresher than you would think so I grabbed one and bit into it.

It smelled and felt and tasted fresher than I had expected as I chewed the food, but as I was chewing and looking at the taco I noticed something moving in the meat.

At first I thought that I was imagining things but then I saw a small worm-like insect moving on the meat, maybe a young maggot, and then I saw more movement in the meat so I started spitting out the taco and it landed in the water.

I told the others as I continued trying to clean out my mouth, but I woke up as I did this while telling them how disgusting this was and hoping that none of the insects got further inside my body.

The end,

-John Jr


Swimming And Strange Things Happening At A Hotel Buffet?

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

I finally got some sleep tonight but I failed to voice record any of my dreams and I slept too late, and so I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of one dream.

The dream probably took place over several days at a fictional hotel and some of my family, and some other people I can not remember were probably there was well.

There was a wooden dock area at the back of the hotel that was connected to a body of water that was small, but it connected to a larger body of water; and I remember swimming in the smaller body of water by the dock area with several other people on different days, and during the evenings and nights I usually stayed on the dock instead of swimming out of fear of wild non-human animals in the water.

I think that during the evening and night you could see some wild non-human animals, fish, et cetera so I mostly only swam during the day when they did not seem to be around; and I remember us having a good time swimming each day, but I was usually cautious and a bit afraid each time because this was not a swimming pool and it was natural body of water with wild non-human animals (some of which/whom were dangerous).

The hotel had a buffet each day on the first floor in a room that you could enter/exit from the dock area, and at the end of the dream I remember eating there but strange things kept happening.

Some of my family came to eat as well but my food/plates/et cetera kept disappearing and/or being moved before I could eat them, and so I had to keep going back to get more food/plates; but something will always be missing or moved, and so I would go to get a replacement only to find that it has happened again to something else.

I started to wonder if I was imaging things and so I asked some of my family, but I woke up before they could answer and before I could figure out what was going on; and before I could even eat.

The end,

-John Jr


A Young Justice Inspired Dream

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I watched several episodes of the animated TV show Young Justice with my younger brother GC, he had wanted me to start watching that show, and so I watched a few episodes with him; and the dream that I somewhat remember from last night seemed to be inspired by that show.

None of the people in the dream or I had superpowers, but we were trying to learn to work together as a team as we went around the dream world trying to complete various challenges, and one or more of the dream characters had famous parents and so they were trying to find their own path & not be over-shadowed by their parents fame.

My memory is very unclear of this dream, it was a fun and creative dream that joined a unique variety of fictional dream places and D was in the dream at some point, and a variety of unique challenges.

The dream took place during a dreamy looking day, the colors/lighting/environment of the dream seemed more dream-like if that made sense with the dream sometimes being brighter & more colorful than real life and at other times more gray/darker than real life, and the dream took place on a boat during some parts/on & in & under water during some parts/and on land during other parts.

Oddly Ray William Johnson from YouTube was on our team (I did watch one of his videos before going to sleep, and so that might explain that), there were other people on our team, but I do not know who they were.

Our team was a miss-match of people who did not really get along or have much in common, and so our team fought a lot and/or did not work together much in the beginning; and so we kept failing challenges and/or having a hard time.

I can not remember most or any of the challenges, but they were very unique/strange/crazy at times.

I remember one challenge took place in a grayish/blueish looking part of the dream world where there was a huge body of water like a sea or ocean, and we had to run around the sides on the land areas and/or ice areas avoiding certain types of non-Human animals and other obstacles while trying to complete certain challenges.

At some point we had to swim in this body of water and under this body of water, avoiding sea creatures and obstacles as we tried to complete challenges, and this was pretty scary at times; but fun.

We then traveled by boat (on a large old-style wooden boat) on this body of water and this is where we had a big fight in our team, but after the fight we finally started trying to work together.

I remember Ray William Johnson getting in an argument with another one of our team members, several other team members might have been in the argument, and I was one of the team members trying to calm the situation down; but it was mostly useless, and it seemed that we needed a big argument/fight to get us to finally work together or just quit/cancel our team and so I probably stopped trying to calm the situation.

I think that Mr. Johnson was sick/sea-sick/suffering from diarrhea or food poisoning at the time and so he was already in a bad mood, and then a fight broke out among our team; and watched the fight ready to stop it if necessary, but I felt that it was important to let everyone get over this conflict/let out the bad energy/see how stupid they were acting.

The fight ended when Mr. Johnson got punched in the stomach or something and he lost his bowls/diarrhea-ed/boo-booed on himself and on the ship floor; it was nasty, and it caused everyone to stop fighting in shock/disgust.

Everyone stopped in confusion and Mr. Johnson was embarrassed and angry, and I was trying to figure out how to clean the nasty mess up; and then as I tried to calm Mr. Johnson down he, everyone else, and I started laughing when we realized how ridiculous the entire situation was and how stupid our team had acted.

Everyone seemed to have finally gotten over the bad energy/feelings and we decided to apologize to each other and start working as a team, starting with cleaning up the nasty mess, as Mr. Johnson went to the bathroom to take a bath & change his clothes.

Our team finally started talking to each other like a team/friends and we sailed the ship to land to start some new challenges, one thing that I can not remember is whether we were competing against other teams or not, I can not remember.

I remember our team doing better now that we were working as a team as we did challenges on & near docks areas, on or near streets/roads, on or near bridges, et cetera.

And at some point we took a break and we traveled to D to the parking lot near DG on Eastside, and some of us went shopping and the rest of us talked; and I remember talking with one of our team members who was probably the youngest person on our team and he had whitish colored skin with short-medium blond colored hair.

He said that his parents were both famous actors/actresses (who I had never heard of before but I do remember that the father had whitish colored skin with blond colored hair like his son with a unique hairstyle and his mother had whitish colored skin but I can not remember if she had blond colored hair or not) and they actually came to visit him as we were talking, and I remember his dad saying that his son was at a dis-advantage since his parents were both famous and that many people would probably treat him like he did not deserve/earn things himself in life; but someone else on our team and I said that while some people would think that, having famous parents was an advantage overall, and that their son could still find his own path in life without being over-shadowed by his famous parents probably.

We continued talking as we waited for the rest of our team to finish shopping, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Lady In The Puddle

File:Exploring new continents 1200728.JPG
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Saturday night I remembered a bit of two of my dreams, and in the first dream I remembered part of a strange and detailed story I was told by a dream character; and I think the second dream was related to my body’s fight against a real sickness, that I had since Thursday.

The first dream took place in a fictional version of my job, the building had no windows and the building was almost empty.

There was only one work table and there was a room that may have been the office or offices, and I think some workers were in there were talking.

In the main area my cousin CE was working by herself at the only work table I saw, and I stopped to talk to her; but I can not remember what I said.

Not too far from her across the room, there was a dark area near the only entrance I saw in the building.

The only light in the area by the entrance, was from the crack in the entrance door.

I walked over near the door to look outside but I saw water in the dark area, and it was like a small deep pond or aquarium; but I did not see any fish or anything.

I then walked toward the door but I heard a voice of a woman, so I looked down, and next to the door was a water puddle between the door and the small deep body of water.

The water puddle was only about ankle-deep maybe, and in the water puddle there was a small woman with long blonde hair and whitish colored skin.

She was under the water but I could hear her voice clearly, and she began to tell me a story about her past.

I do not remember the entire story, but it is probably one of the most detailed conversations I have had with a dream character that really did not have anything to do with the dream or me.

I think it is rare for a dream character to tell me a story about themselves like that, and for me to actually remember some of it.

She told me that she used to be a scientist working with a team of scientists, that were researching marine animals.

I do not remember why they were doing the research, but I think she mentioned it.

She talked like you would expect a scientist to, she gave details and used scientific-like words.

She said something about one day she had the desire/need/want/wish to kill the marine animals or something, but I forgot the details she gave me about this.

I can not remember why or what made her start thinking about killing the marine animals.

I think she described how she started noticing some strange changes in her thoughts, behaviors, and personality.

All I can remember is that she said that she killed the marine animals, and that they were doing research with/on a neurotoxin made from a plant or tree.

She put it in the water, and I do not know if she killed the other scientists or not; she did not say.

As she told the story, I think her voice started to slowly sound crazier & crazier, as she told the story.

I can not remember if she stopped talking or did I just leave while she was still talking, because she started to sound pretty crazy.

I remember wondering what happened to her colleagues, why did she kill the marine animals, I thought she was crazy, and since she was trapped in the water puddle and she was so small, I was not worried about her hurting anyone else; so I walked off.

I then talked to my cousin CE, my cousin TE was there also, and some random workers in the office.

My second dream took place in a building with no windows again, which is common for my dreams.

It was like a big garage for automobiles and small boats.

My mom, uncle JF, and I were talking on one side of the room and on the other side there was a party.

At the party there were Humans and Vampires, and they were talking and dancing I think.

All I remember is that a fight started between two female Vampires and some Humans, and the two female Vampires seemed to be too tough/powerful for the Humans to defeat; so the Humans ran outside.

I ran outside and I tried to stop the fight, but the two female Vampires wanted to fight and they seemed to hate Humans.

They were the ones that started the fight, and it appeared that the Humans and Vampires were trying to get along; but these two Vampires wanted to stop that.

As we were about fight, a group of Vampires flew from the air and attacked the two female Vampires, and then they ran into the building to fight.

The group of Vampires came back outside and said that the situation had been taken care of, but they did not say if the two female Vampires were dead or not.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂