My Fictional Dad From Africa Is Dying?

I went to bed late last night and I had to wake up early so I did not get much sleep, and I did not have much time to dream so I barely remember part of one or two dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place outside during a probably dark gray day in a parking lot full of automobiles, people, booths, and more.


A Fair In The Woods (Forest) / Country (Countryside)

File:Goose Fair Roundabout.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I can barely remember my last dream, which took place during the day, in a fictional woods (forest) / country (countryside) area near the city of D at a fair-like event.

The fair-like event normally took place in D, but for some reason they decided to try the fair-like event way out in the woods/country; which led to a bit of a disaster.

The vendors did not have the proper things needed to sell and / or cook things, many people did not know how to find the area out in the woods / country, many of the rides & booths could not be set up and/or run properly, and there were various other complaints from the people there.

I remember looking around & talking with a few people, and the fair-like event was not going well for many people and so everyone gathered to talk about the situation; and something happened and I remember a convoy of us moving to a new location, but we stopped at some point.

I was riding with my dad’s friend ST in his car and we stopped with the rest of the convoy in an open area by concrete & maybe water, and there was a long wait; and ST and I talked about the situation, and we agreed on a lot of things to my surprise.

For some reason the convoy had stopped, maybe there was a debate about where we should move the fair-like event or something like that, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


A Lucid Dream Where I Fly To Avoid Snakes?

Lazy Overview:

Last night I barely remembered one of my dreams, and I remember a bit of a dream from the night before.

Dream 1

My dream last night took place in the day in a fictional field where there is a fairground-like place, and this place has been in a few of my dreams before in the past.

My dream last night was similar to the last dream that I had of this place, and I think there was a fair or something going on; and I probably went to it, I probably talked with a few people, and I probably visited a few booths at the fairground-like place.

I think one of the booth owners tried to cheat me and/or someone else, and there probably was a small argument or something; and another booth owner knew me from the last dream I think & I remembered him, but I do not know him in real life.

I think that the other booth owner and I talked about some of our memories from the last dream, and we seemed to know each other pretty well; but I can not remember him from any other dreams, except the dreams of the/this fairground-like place.

Not far away from the fairground-like place is a field with some wooden table-like things, and one area of the field has/had a lot of snake holes; and some of the snake holes and snakes are/were around the wooden table-like things as well.

I think that in my last dream of this place, that I started to notice some snakes as I walked on & around the wooden table-like things, and so I kept trying to avoid them until I had to run and/or fly away.

In this dream I remembered my last dream of this place at some point & I think that the dream went lucid or semi-lucid (became a lucid dream), and I started to fly around; but it was hard to fly, and so I had to keep landing sometimes to jump back into the air to start flying again, which was funny & scary.

I kept trying to avoid the snakes as more and more snakes would appear from holes or they would appear magically, and so flying was an easier way to avoid them.

For some reason I kept flying over the area, I probably was trying to enjoy being able to fly, but I had a hard time flying.

I had to land near the snakes many times to jump back into the air to fly, which was a bit annoying, but I did not get attacked by any of the snakes as far as I can remember; snakes do not usually bite me in dreams, but for some strange reason more & more snakes usually appear when there is one snake in the/my dream(s) at first, it/that is one of my common dream themes with snakes for some reason.

I usually try to avoid them if I can and they will usually not bother me (other than moving around/close to me or something), fortunately, but seeing so many snakes magically appear(ing) can be a bit scary & annoying.

Some of the snakes would return/returned to their holes and/or I would not see them anymore, so the area was not always full of snakes, but if I stayed on the ground too long, more snakes would appear or come out and move toward me.

At some point I woke up as I flew around, and as I thought about some of my other dreams of this place.

Dream 2

My dream from the night before is very unclear, and I only remember finding a woman who I think needed some help; and so I brought her to my parent’s house.

I remember being a bit attracted to her and I was thinking about getting to know her better, but I had the strange feeling that she was my cousin; and so I asked her if she was my cousin, and she said that she was my cousin.

I was glad that I had asked her and I felt a bit weird after that, but I was glad that I had found that out before I did something that I would have regretted. 😀

That ended all thoughts and feelings of attraction, and I felt a bit weird & embarrassed that I had almost started flirting with my cousin without knowing it.

I asked her why did she not tell me that she was my cousin earlier, and she said that she was playing a joke on me or something; and I think that she was pretending to be a woman who needed help with something, and she was just doing that as a joke to see how I would respond or something.

I was a bit angry that she had done that, but I was glad that nothing inappropriate was said or done; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

John Jr 🙂