A Graduation At A Mall-Like School / College And Using A Border Patrol SUV Without Permission | My Dead Cousin AE

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

My first dream was long and detailed but all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream maybe during the start of the evening or late in the afternoon I was inside a nice one-story mall-like school/college that was familiar to me that was like a combination of a school/college and a mall with slightly tinted glass walls for most of the classrooms, dorm rooms, offices, cafeterias, businesses, et cetera that were inside the building.

There were students and people going around shopping, talking, eating, drinking, having class, going to their dorm rooms, working, et cetera and I was rushing from my last class or something like that back to my dorm room because I needed to get dressed for a graduation inside the building and I was behind schedule.

Once inside my dorm room (which also had slightly tinted glass walls so you could see through the walls into the mall-like areas and other people could see into my dorm room except for the bathroom and maybe a few other places) I stood in front of my chest-of-drawers trying to find something to wear, and there was an open door connected to my dorm room behind me with two women with whitish colored skin who worked in an office.

I waved at them and they waved back at me as they talked and watched me adjust my clothing as I put on a suit jacket and/or nice shirt over my under shirt with a tie, I put on a belt, and I changed shoes; and as I was trying to do this my former female classmates MW and her friend DS kept coming into my dorm room reminding me that I needed to hurry to the graduation because I had a special part in the program/graduation and/or I was going to get an award and/or I was graduating as well so they could not start without me.

My former classmate MW seemed to be helping organize the graduation for the or our graduated class and her friend my former classmate DS was helping her, they would leave back to the graduation and then come back to my dorm room to tell me to hurry each time, and after they left the last time I remember struggling/rushing to tuck in my shirts into my pants after tightening my belt first by mistake.

I did not want to waste time untightening my belt so I sucked in my stomach by hold my breath and I tucked in my shirts, I remember the two women in the office making positive comments about my outfit and how I looked, and then I left to rush to the graduation even though I was not exactly sure where in the building was the auditorium.

I walked through the mall-like areas toward where I hoped the auditorium would be or that I would see my former classmates WM and DS coming to find me again, I saw a young man with light-brownish colored skin with dark brownish colored hair who looked familiar and I greeted him; and he greeted me by name like he knew me, I assumed that he played American football back in high school and possibly now in college with one or more of my brothers, and we started talking as I continued walking.

He told me stories of some of his experiences/memories from back when he played American football in high school, at some point I probably reached the auditorium and joined the graduation but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place during the night probably after the graduation and I received a call from a fictional man who was watching / babysitting my brother TD’s pet dog Jack (an American Pit Bull Terrier) and my brother GC’s pet dog Cloud (a mostly Labrador  Retriever part American Pit Bull Terrier), the man said that Cloud ran away and he needed help finding him now, and so I drove and picked him and Jack up.

This city was like a fictional city based on the city of LC and we drove down a street to a small parking lot with a small police station in an area that looked like where L’s Restaurant should be, a man I knew / a friend worked as a Border Patrol agent/office in this police station, and I was going to ask him if we could borrow his Border Patrol SUV (sports utility vehicle) to search for Cloud.

The parking lot and police station were quiet with no one around and only his Border Patrol SUV in the parking lot, I assumed that he was either on a lunch break or off for the night, and so I was going to just use my automobile; but the man with me kept trying to convince me to use my friend’s Border Patrol SUV now, and ask him for permission later after using it.

I did not think that was a good idea but the man convinced me that we had to hurry and that we did not have time to wait or call my friend so I made the mistake of taking his advice, and we got into my friend’s Border Patrol SUV with Jack; and I drove it as we searched for Cloud, and we drove to a street off the main street that was like a quiet back road with fields on the right and maybe a baseball field on the left and some fenced properties for warehouses and/or something like that.

I parked and we walked around to a familiar narrow alley by the baseball field and we saw Cloud, he ran to the baseball field and so we went after him through an opening in the fence, and we used Jack to get Cloud to run over to us; and then I grabbed him by the collar and I walked him back with us to the Border Patrol SUV, and then we started driving back to the police station.

I felt uncomfortable and worried the entire time about using the Border Patrol SUV without permission and I feared that the police might be looking for us and that they might arrest us if they found out, there was a situation that stopped traffic that involved the police and maybe some mean/dangerous-looking soldiers, and so traffic got redirected into a parking lot like the one where CiCi’s Pizza should be.

I feared that they were searching for us but I was still dressed up so I hoped that they would assume that I worked with Border Patrol/law enforcement/the government, the situation was about something else and the police/soldiers did not notice that we were not really Border Patrol agents, and then we started trying to leave the parking lot.

An automobile with some angry/dangerous-looking men with whitish colored skin who looked like they were going to a bar started yelling and blowing their horn at us like they wanted to fight us because they thought that we were Border Patrol agents/officers and/or something like that or they were just looking for a fight, either way we tried to ignore them, and I drove away back to the police station.

As we got closer I got out my mobile phone to finally call my friend for permission to use his Border Patrol SUV even though we were almost done using it, I was going to get some more gasoline for it but the gasoline meter was still showing as full, and I was going to explain the situation to him and apologize; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that I was once again inside the mall-like school/college from the first dream, I remember going to my dorm room that was in a slightly different location/place this time closer to a side or back entrance/exit, and once again there was another room connected to my dorm room but I can not remember if it was still an office or not; but I do remember several people being in this/that room.

I remember wanting to be left alone and not seen for some reason(s) that I can not remember, I just wanted to relax and not have people know where my dorm room was so that I would not get random unexpected visitors and people wanting me to help them/people wanting to use me, and as I was standing near my slightly tinted glass door and walls looking into the mall-like area near the entrance/exit I saw a woman enter the building.

The woman was my dead female cousin AE but in the dream I did not remember that she was supposed to be dead, I did not want her to see me, and so I tried to hide because my walls and door were glass so people can see into my dorm room; but either she saw me or I decided to greet her, but I still hoped that she did not realize where my dorm room was.

I talked with her in the hall outside my door trying to make it seem like I was just walking through this area or visiting some friends in the room connected to my room and/or in my real dorm room, I am not sure if this worked or not, I just remember us talking; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr