Iain Gle And I Getting Shot At With Arrows

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, the forgotten parts of the dream took place at The BP Library where I was working, and at some point I left with my female coworker MA and a fictional female coworker with light-color skin with dark-color hair wearing glasses and a man who looked like or was Iain Glen.

We went to my parents house, MA drove her automobile and the other female coworker probably rode with her, and Mr. Glen rode in my automobile.

I offered some food to the others and they accepted, and I remember us going inside the house where I offered them some homemade and store bought desserts.

The next thing that I remember is the others leaving except for Mr. Glen and I, and I remember us walking around outside.

I am not sure if we walked somewhere else that looked partly like my parents yard or where we were at this point, I just remember seeing a strange earth/dirt made structure built on a cave or something, and it looked like it was where my parents house should be or it was in front of it.

I felt that we should avoid it but Mr. Glen wanted to take a closer look so he walked in the fenced yard, I hid behind what looked like the storage buildings in my parents yard that were in the same location they would be if this was my parents yard, and I warned him but he did not listen.

I watched from behind cover, it looked like an ancient structure, but I felt that maybe a tribe that had not made much if any contact with the modern world was probably living inside the cave or whatever.

At some point I noticed two very short men with light-medium color skin wearing only loincloths with bowl-like haircuts with dark-color hair with maybe some paint on their faces and body holding bows and arrows hiding like they were about to ambush Mr. Glen, and so I warned him to run to where I was.

As he did this the two very short men jumped out of hiding along with other very short men, and they started shooting arrows at us and making sounds and maybe saying some things in an unknown language.

The metal storage buildings were good cover, some of the arrows went over it and outside the yard, and at some point we ran out of the yard.

We decided to return to The BP Library, but I woke up as we walked there talking about what had just happened.

The end,

-John Jr


A Transitioning Dream With Bows & Arrows

Here are my barely edited text notes that I made of my last dream on my mobile phone that I may finish editing later:

All that I can remember of this transitioning dream is that at some point in the dream during the day outside there was a boy with light-color skin with yellow hair who would let arrows be shot at him with a bow as someone films this.


Body Swap / Fusion / Possession & Parasites? | Stealing Dennis Rodman’s Championship Ring?

Some of Lost Truth’s dream recall techniques proved too useful, I remembered too many dream details and I got overwhelmed with trying to make sense of it all while also dealing with my overwhelmed daily schedule.

I did not type the dream fragments like I normally do, but I am typing them now in hopefully a less detailed way to save time, or I will end up missing another day just trying to type these dreams and my most recent dreams while trying to catch up with my once again overwhelmed daily schedule.


Providing Security For Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton During A Tour

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during late in the afternoon or on a somewhat darker day, I remember walking out of my parent’s yard across the street outside of the yard of our neighbor’s who live at The B House, and I had some pea coats laying on something outside their yard.

I guess that I had forgotten them there and was going back to get them, hoping to not be noticed, and I remember one of the pea coats being a size medium in the color navy; and the other pea coat was in size large in a yellowish tan or khaki color with fluffy lapels or a fluffy collar that was a yellowish off-white color.

I remember trying on the medium pea coat and then when I was trying on the large pea coat our female neighbor at The B House stepped out on her front porch, I greeted her and we had a brief conversation, and I remember picking up her newspaper that was on the ground and I gave it to her.

At some point I said goodbye and I started walking back to my parent’s yard with my pea coats, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that most of my family (my parent’s and my brothers) except for my brother CC and his family and I seemed to be on vacation, we were inside a nice small hotel room on an upper floor of a tall hotel, and it seemed that we were just waking up in the morning and about to checkout to leave the hotel.

My family left to go somewhere before checking out and the next thing that I can remember is being in what seemed to be the past during the day, during The United States Presidential Campaign Of 2008, and I was following Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as a somewhat out-of-shape local man with dark-brownish or blackish colored skin with short blackish colored hair wearing a light-colored long sleeve button dress shirt with dark-colored dress pants was giving them a tour around a concrete tunnel that was often used by people who were homeless.

I am not sure why I was there but I seemed to be volunteer security or a volunteer bodyguard for Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama (who was not the president yet), it was just the four of us walking with no one else around, and Mr. Obama was wearing a light-colored long sleeve button dress shirt with a tie with a dark-colored belt with dark-colored dress pants with dark-colored dress shoes; and Mrs. Clinton was wearing maybe a navy colored suit jacket and suit pants, and she was using her smiling campaign face (facial expression) and probably nodding a lot as she listened to the man giving them the tour.

The only light for the tunnel came from the entrances and exits so it was pretty dark, there were some bathrooms and maybe some other rooms along the tunnel, and I remember us passing a few people who were homeless and maybe we greeted them.

Past this area I saw some shadows of some people in the darkness looking suspicious, I was worried that they were possibly security threats so I started to worry and to move in front of the others, but when I reached the shadows I saw that it was just some kids playing; and their parent’s were watching them in the distance, and so I smiled and I laughed and I greeted the kids and I waved at the parents.

Past this dark area with the kids was a shopping mall where their parent’s were watching them from, the tunnel connected to this shopping mall, and so I walked with Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama into the mall but the tour guide did not follow us here.

Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama talked a bit as we walked through the mall, I possibly talked with them a bit but I was more focused on staying alert for security threats, and people were noticing them as we walked so they were smiling and waving at people as we walked around the mall.

At some point Mrs. Clinton wanted to stop to walk inside a store to talk to people, to campaign, and so Mr. Obama and I stood outside of the store briefly waiting for her to finish; and I remember seeing Mrs. Clinton greeting people and shaking hands and smiling and talking, and one of the people she was talking to looked like my former coworker Mrs. S.

Mr. Obama wanted to keep walking and go somewhere else, I wanted him and Mrs. Clinton to stay together so that I could try to keep both of them safe because I could not be in two places at once to handle their security, but Mrs. Clinton was not ready to leave; and so Mr. Obama kept walking, and so I followed him hoping that Mrs. Clinton would caught up with us soon.

We probably went inside a different store and at some point we started walking back to the store where Mrs. Clinton was but it seemed that the mall was about to close because almost everyone was gone or leaving, and we did not see Mrs. Clinton in the store where she was earlier; and so we started to look for her, but we could not find her.

I started to be somewhat worried, Mr. Obama wanted to split up to look for her which I did not think was a good idea but he walked away anyway to look for her on his own, and so I walked around to look for her alone as well.

At some point I ended up on the upper floor of a building and I walked into a small room where I saw one of my parent’s tan-colored suitcases, I wondered why it was there, and so I picked it up to take it with me; but then I saw more of their luggage in the room, and then I realized that this was the hotel room that we stayed in earlier in the dream.

It seemed that my family had not checkout yet, it actually seemed that maybe they were going to stay another night and just had not called me to tell me yet, and so I went took out my mobile phone to call them about this; but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the end of the dream took place during the day in a video game-like dream world that was like a The Elder Scrolls video game combined with the video game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (which I have never played), and I was walking along a wilderness trail near some multi-story ruins that looked a bit like Dwemer ruins.

At the ruins were a group of male and female Dunmer (Dark Elves) who started to attack me with throwing spears, bows and arrows, spears, other mêlée weapons, and maybe one of them was using magic; and so I defended myself, and I remember having a spear but I am not sure how I got it.

I remember blocking, dodging, and stabbing to death several of the Dunmer who charged me one-at-time and they moved a bit awkwardly and they fought a bit stupidly like they do in The Elder Scrolls video games; and then I ran toward the ruins to reach the Dunmer who were shooting arrows, throwing spears, and maybe shooting magic at me.

I remember fighting a male Dunmer who had throwing spears, a female Dunmer with a bow was shooting arrows at me but I moved behind a pillar where she could not see me as I fought the male Dunmer, and this was my longest fight.

After I dodged and blocked several of his throwing spears I charged him, we fought spear to spear dodging and blocking, and eventually I stabbed him to death; and then I started trying to see where the last two Dunmer were who were shooting arrows and maybe magic at me, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Little Tribe

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, which I am not sure how it really began.

I think it started with a woman who was wearing Native American style hide/leather clothing, she had long straight shiny black hair, and brown colored skin.

I think there was a man with her who looked like your stereotypical cowboy, it was night-time and they were at what appeared to be a very small town where travelers would stop to eat, drink, and sleep before they continue their journey.

I think they were on the balcony of a hotel and the place seemed like something from an old Western film.

Suddenly a group of humanoid creatures with armor attacked the small town, I think they were slightly bigger than your average human and they had heads that looked somewhat like Warthogs and their skin looked somewhat reptilian; they had dark leather/metal armor ,but they seemed to probably be aliens with slightly more advanced weapons than your average cowboy.

The woman and the cowboy ran off of the balcony to escape, I think the cowboy had a gun and told the woman to run.

The dream jumped to the next morning and the woman woke up in a tent, I do not think I was in this dream but during this part it was almost like I was the woman now, or I could somehow hear her thoughts; and she was thinking like/how I would be thinking in her situation.

She was about to leave the tent but a man who looked like your stereotypical Native American in a film, but without any headgear, came into the tent.

The man looked like he could not be trusted, and he told the woman to bring a blanket before she leaves the tent.

The man had a set of blankets and other things in his hands, like he was going to go sell them or something, and from the look on his face he seemed to be planning something; he probably was thinking of a way to ask the woman on a date or something.

The woman seen the look on his face and picked up the blanket, which was tan-colored with red patterns in a traditional Native American style.

She started to think things that I would have thought, she wondered if the man would try to trick her into wearing that blanket, because that could mean that they were now married in his culture; so she decided to try to bring the blanket to the man quickly and to try to avoid using it in any way.

So she left the tent to find the man, and outside of the tent was a small tribe of people with tents, and the place looked like a Native American village in the desert.

The ground was rough and there were almost no plants, there may have been a few small animals, there were a few kids playing, some women cooking/sewing/talking, and some men making tools.

There was a tiny market and the man from the tent was there selling stuff, but as the woman was about to walk over to give him the blanket, she noticed an old man with a bow and some arrows; and he was setting up a target.

The woman walked over to talk to him and the man started to tell her about the tribe, and she started to ask questions.

The woman told the man about the attack earlier, she called the humanoid creatures Specter Raiders I think, and she asked how was his tribe going to protect themselves.

She said something about wanting to help her people and she seemed to be worried about the security for the tribe, since I did not see anyone with weapons or armor, except for the bow and arrows that the old man had.

The old man seemed to be the chief of the tribe and he did not seem to be worried about a Specter Raider attack, I think he said that his tribe were tougher than they looked.

I think he was about to start training some of the younger kids how to shoot a bow.

The woman was trying to make sense of the situation and I had the feeling that this tribe was nomadic, so they were probably constantly moving and lived in quiet locations where the Specter Raiders probably would not attack.

The woman was wondering how had this tribe survived this long with no armor, guns, and with almost no weapons; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂