An Apartment Cafeteria | Crying | Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) & JB

Lazy notes of my dreams:

Dream 1

Temporarily staying at an apartment-like place where everyone gets food in a small cafeteria.

Dream 2

I was at a fictional version of my parent’s house with a larger yard with a fictional raised area, I was inside talking with my mom & some of my brothers, and I saw my dad by his truck talking to what looked like my mom.

Reginald VelJohnson And A Parade

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside a windowless Walmart-like building near where the cash registers should be or were, there was a tall structure in this area, and I would sometimes probably climb it and jump down to a large open mostly dark room with maybe medium-colored carpet where some of my former classmates and other people were hanging out like there was a calm party or gathering.

I talked with some people and I walked around the large room and maybe I got some food and drink but I can not remember the details, I also can not remember the details of the tall structure that I would jump down from, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside a windowless multi-story mostly carpeted building that had a lot of hallways and rooms, and it was being used as home by the actor Reginald VelJohnson who played the character Carl Winslow from the television series Family Matters and his family.

I was walking around exploring this somewhat school-like building, it was not a school but it slightly reminded me of a school combined with a general purpose office-like building and home, and there was more that happened in this dream but I can not remember what happened before this.

At some point I met Mr. VelJohnson and maybe his wife, I probably did not know that this was their home at first, and Mr. VelJohnson told me that this is the building that Family Matters used to be filmed in; but now him and his family were using this previously abandoned building as a home.

He gave me a tour of the building as he talked about memories from back when he worked on the Family Matters television series, and I remember some of my memories of the television series being talked about and thought about; and some of my memories of other television series like Boy Meets World.

Mr. VelJohnson told me that the building was not in good condition and he told and showed me some of the problems like: leaking roofs and ceilings in some areas, plumbing problems, and more.

This was a large building, him and his family only used a small part of it, and so the process of fixing everything was a slow and expensive project that they were doing slowly as they could afford it because they did not want to see this building fall apart; and they liked this building, and they wanted it to continue to be their home, but that is all that I can remember of this dream even though I know that there was more to this dream that was interesting but I can not remember the details.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day outside in a very small fictional town at a parade, I was at this parade standing among the small crowd along side the street by businesses in a small downtown area where the parade was taking place, and I was standing near a group of maybe high school students (maybe some athletes and cheerleaders it seemed) and some of their parent’s and teachers.

Something went wrong and there was a serious accident with maybe a truck pulling a float and it or they crashed into the crowd near me at the end of the parade route, seriously injuring and possibly killing some people, and one of the male students with whitish colored skin with medium-to-dark colored hair wearing a letterman (letter) jacket got decapitated in the accident so his head was on the street not far from his body.

A woman with whitish colored skin with maybe somewhat yellowish and/or brownish colored hair who was the young man’s mother ran over to his decapitated body crying and screaming over his body as other people ran to help the other injured and/or killed people, it was difficult watching and listening to this mother screaming and crying while holding the decapitated body of her son, and feeling like there was nothing that you could do to help.

I felt so bad and I wanted to help that the only thing that I could think to do was to try to attach the young man’s head back to his body, and so I did this where at least the head would be touching the neck normally even though I could not really attach it.

I hoped that maybe somehow this would keep him alive long enough for the paramedics to get him to the hospital so that the doctors could attach his head and save his life, and shockingly I heard the young man started breathing and trying to talk after trying to attach his head.

We were surprised and felt that there was some hope, the paramedics rushed in and took him to the hospital, and I think that they were able to save his life but I am not sure because I woke up; but I hoped that he would survive, and I hoped that I was able to at least help his mother feel better.


Today I saw an amazing work of art made by another blogger named Sissh, please check out her post called: DAY 29: SILHOUETTE to see her painting. 🙂

The end,

-John Jr

Old TV Show Casts Reunite | Calling My Former Classmate DH And Parental Controls For Mobile Phones


Dream 1

I had several dreams that I remembered last night but I forgot most of them after waking up two or three times during the night to use the bathroom, and so now I only barely remember part of a few dreams.

In the first dream I remember watching something that was about your favorite old TV show casts reuniting, and so the casts of several old TV shows reunited during the dream.

The cast members would greet each other and talk about their memories of when they worked together, and then they would film a special episode or movie or mini-series together.

The Boy Meets World cast was one of the TV show casts that reunited in the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In the second/last dream I ended up calling my former male classmate DH at the end of the dream about something after I possibly talked to my mom and his mom about a certain situation that I can not remember, and the conversation eventually moved to mobile phones and parental controls for mobile phones that he wanted to add to the mobile phones of his family/kids (in real life he only has a baby boy).

I told him that there were some parental controls/locks that I could enable on all mobile phones in his family using his online mobile phone account that he had with his mobile phone company, he agreed, and I enabled them for him.

I started to explain that the password would be whatever his password for his phone was or the last for numbers in his mobile phone number, but I no longer heard him on the line; and then an unknown young man started talking for him.

The young man referred to my former classmate DH as his dad, I assumed that he must have married a woman who already had a son, and so I assumed that this was his step-son.

I started to explain/talk to the young man to tell his dad/my former classmate DH about the password, I did find it slightly odd and rude that my former classmate DH suddenly left without saying anything when I was still talking to him, but I assumed that he had to leave to a job emergency and/or to take care of his baby son and/or something like that.

His son said that his dad was busy, but I woke up as I was still talking to him.

Dream 3

I think that the third dream possibly involved me traveling during the day by automobile, I probably stopped at a few stores/places and walked around on foot, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

A Normal Dream Turned Bad By Vampires? | Accidentally Bursting A Soccer Ball

I got awakened from my first dream by the sound of someone banging/beating on the front door like they were trying to knock it down or something, it was just my aunt JE being annoying as usual I think, and so I forgot a lot of the details of my first dream which was clear & detailed until my memory of it was messed up by her banging/beating on the door for no clear reason.

Dream 1

My first dream started very normal in a fictional area outside near some dorms/apartments/houses/a school, I remember coming across some of my former classmates like KW & AM, and in the dream I might have went to school and/or had past memories of going to school at the school in this dream.

There was a lot more to this dream but getting awakened abruptly by my aunt JE knocking/beating on the door messed up my memory of it so this dream will not make much sense now, I just remember that there was a gang-like group in the dream also, and there was a man who reminded me of Ra’s Al Ghul from Batman Begins played by Liam Neeson who did various independent jobs/contracts in the dream; and I remember trying to keep my distance from the gang & Ra’s Al Ghul, who both seemed to want me to join them, and at some point Ra’s Al Ghul came to talk with me in my apartment/dorm which was near a fictional version of where the G House is by my grandfather’s house.

I think that Ra’s Al Ghul wanted me to help him with a contract and/or tell me about a new secret society-like group but some people knocked at the door, I answered it, and they burst into the room & they killed Ra’s Al Ghul; and they seemed to be a secret society of vampires, that was my guess from how they acted & how fast/strong/violent they were.

It seemed that they were killing certain people and turning others into vampires to join their secret society, they had people in various social/political/economic/police/military/intelligence/et cetera positions it seemed, and I guess they wanted to turn me into one of them but I did not want that; but they were going to turn me anyway probably, but I can not remember if they turned me or not.

Dream 2

My memory of this clear dream is messed up now, I am not sure if I was in the dream still after this part or not, or if I became AM or the actor Ben Savage or a combination of AM & Ben Savage; I am not sure, I just remember being taken hostage by the vampires, I am guessing that they were vampires since they never said what they were as far as I can remember.

They took me and/or AM and/or Mr. Savage to another apartment that they controlled where there were other vampires, there were some hidden rooms in this apartment, they talked to me & showed off some of their abilities/ruthlessness/et cetera while trying to scare me/torture me mentally/emotionally a bit; and they probably killed some more people in front of me.

At some point they moved me and/or AM and/or Mr. Savage to his/their apartment, I forgot to mention that the leader of the vampires who killed Ra’s Al Ghul was my former classmate AA but the leader over them was someone else, and I remember AM and/or Mr. Savage introducing his wife Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel) who was pregnant to one of the head vampires who was talking to him because she walked into the room; and he was hoping that the head vampire would not harm his wife & unborn child.

I am not sure if they turned her into a vampire or not, but I remember the vampires panicking when they found out that she was pregnant, they acted like her baby was going to be an uncontrollable monster once it is born so they had to kill it/her; and so I guess that they did turn her into a vampire as soon as she was introduced to the horror of AM and/or Mr. Savage, and Mr. Savage begged them to spare them.

The vampires went into a frenzy trying to contact their main leader about the situation, they were going to wait for him to arrive to decide what to do, but AM and/or Mr. Savage and I ran off with his pregnant wife further in the apartment to get her somewhere safer; and they/we reached another apartment room which had a nice upper-class traditional/modern-style, and there was a young thin woman with orange-colored hair with whitish colored skin standing in the apartment with her little sister looking at a painting on the wall.

She asked them/us what we were doing in her apartment, they/we explained the situation and asked if his wife could hide in her apartment & she agreed, and the vampires might have entered the apartment but I can not remember.

I just remember AM and/or Mr. Savage and/or I went back to his apartment with the vampires and their leader arrived, and it was AM’s and/or Mr. Savage’s brother Fred Savage or Fred Savage combined with AM’s fictional brother, and he calmly sat on a couch; and started talking to his brother AM and/or Ben Savage.

Ben Savage and/or AM tried to reason with his brother and remind him of the many memories that they had growing up, oddly his now vampire leader brother did not seem to remember a lot of those memories or he was just pretending to not remember a lot of them, and Ben Savage and/or AM tried to beg his brother to spare his wife & unborn child; but it did not seem to be working at first.

Unfortunately I can not remember what else happened, I got awakened by my aunt JE beating on the door, and I woke up.

Dream 3

The last dream involved me playing some sports in the evening in a field near a fence with some of my former classmates like AM, and there was another group playing near the fence; and they accidentally kicked their small soccer ball near me, and I kicked it back to them but it hit the top of the fence & burst & it went over the fence.

I went to get the soccer ball and I apologized, and I offered to buy a new one; and so I kept asking who it was for, but no one was telling me, and my former classmate KC (who looked old & mafia-like in this dream) kept warning me to be quiet because the owner of the soccer ball was likely to react violently & seriously.

KC said the name of the owner, it sounded like an Italian-American name that belonged to someone in a mafia family, and KC said that the person’s dad was a mafia boss.

I still wanted to apologize directly to him and buy him a new soccer ball but I started to worry that I would be killed or something, so I paused to think about the situation, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

11-16-2012 | Dream Fragments | Topanga’s Idea

Boy Meets World
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I barely remember part of three dream fragments from last night, with the first dream fragment involving my brother GC‘s cat Dawn, but I can not remember what the dream was about.

The second dream involved one or more US Government websites that I accidentally found to be infected with malware when I tried to visit those websites & I checked those websites with several website scanners that showed that they were infected with malware (probably some browser exploits), one of the websites was a FBI website, and I must have dreamed of this the night before or something because I remember learning this in the recent past; and I was surprised that no one in the US Government or no one else, as far as I knew, had noticed that those websites were infected with malware except me.

It was another example of poor internet/computer security/laziness/et cetera by the government/people in general, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

I forgot most of the third and last dream except for part of the end of the dream, which took place during the day in a fictional place at a college-like building where I think that I had a class with several unknown people and some of my former classmates like MH, TC, MJ, MW, et cetera.

Something happened that I can not remember that might have involved some mafia members/gang members/assassins/agents/dangerous people who might have shot me or tried to kill me, and maybe they & my classmates thought that I had died; but somehow I did not die, and I was going to fake my death or keep pretending that I was dead.

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