John Jr Does The Family Tree DNA Family Finder Genealogical DNA Test

How to Take a Family Tree DNA Test (Snap-Swab Version)
Source: YouTube

Recently the Family Tree DNA Family Finder (autosomal DNA test) genealogical DNA test that I ordered online for $69 during their Friends & Family Summer Sale for the entire month of August 2017 arrived by mail.

I found out about the sale thanks to a post by Roberta Estes called Friends And Family Summer Sale At Family Tree DNA, I had been waiting for a sale so that I could buy the Family Finder test, and so thank you Roberta Estes for sharing that post.

The instructions to complete the kit had a link to a YouTube video by Brad Larkin for video instructions to go along with the text and image instructions, it linked to one of his old videos from when the kit used a different kind of swab, but fortunately Mr. Larkin had a link to his new video called How To Take A Family Tree DNA Test (Snap-Swab Version) that was about using the new kit with the new swab:

Family Tree DNA should update their instructions to link to his newer video instead of the old video now that they use new swabs, but I am glad that they shared a link to video instructions for those of us who prefer a video over text and images.

I am also glad that Mr. Larkin made both of those videos, and so thank you Mr. Larkin for sharing them.

Today I followed the instructions to complete the kit and the prepaid mailing package went to my local post office, and so soon they will ship it back to Family Tree DNA to be tested and one day I will get my results and I will probably share my results on my blog.

This should be interesting. 😀


I got my test results, and I made about post about my test results called: John Jr’s Family Tree DNA Family Finder Genealogical DNA Test Results .

The end,

-John Jr