Snakes Breeding | Karl Rock Getting Interrupted

Dream 1

In part of this dream, I was installing a window air conditioner that my mom bought.

Some parts of this dream took place at several parks.

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Candy Stripers (2006)

What is it?

The 2006 horror science fiction movie Candy Stripers.

Candy Stripers Trailer
Sexy Killers (Trailer español)

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

When a college basketball player suffers a debilitating injury during an out-of-town game, his trip to the hospital is only the beginning of his nightmare in this tale of terror from beyond the stars, featuring special appearances by Playboy Playmates Deanna Brook and Serria Tawan.

Upon being admitted to the small-town hospital, injured athlete Matt is placed in traction and told to remain as still as possible.

His supportive teammates residing faithfully by his bedside, Matt begins to get a bad feeling about his stay, as the once-friendly candy stripers soon begin to experience a dark transformation.

Now, as the men of the hospital slowly succumb to a seductive force from outer space sent to Earth for the explicit purpose of breeding, Matt must convince his friends that something is amiss and find a way out of the strange infirmary before his friends and himself end up wrapped in a restrictive, cocoon-like substance and are forced to give birth to a new race of horrible, human-alien hybrids.

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