We Live In A Society & Damage Control

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Trailer #1 (2021) | Rotten Tomatoes TV

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved a movie (film) or a trailer for a movie that was very similar to Zack Snyder’s Justice League (The Snyder Cut).

The movie or trailer looked & felt like a Zack Snyder movie with his usual color scheme & more serious & gloomy tone.


Becoming Part Of The British Royal Family | Dying To Avoid Zombies | Goam Foam

I do not feel like typing my dreams and so I might give a super lazy overview of these dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and someone in my direct family (maybe one of my brothers) either was going to get married or had recently gotten married to a member of The British Royal Family, and I was traveling by automobile into the countryside to attend an event that was possibly connected to the wedding in some way.

As we drove I remember seeing some other vehicles including automobiles and one or more boats being pulled, and they were probably some family members of Princess Kate Middleton and their entourage.

At some point we arrived to the event that was outside, there were some chairs set up, and in front was a special seating area for The Middleton Family and my family now that we were or were about to be part of The British Royal Family.

Some members of The Middleton Family were already sitting down, most were children from young to teen and then a few adults, and we sat next to them; and there was a small crowd in the seating area, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this was a what-if type dream where another person and I were talking about what what-if we were in a certain situation and we had to try to survive and what would we do or if this was really happening in the dream and someone else and I was talking about the current situation in a similar way, either way, the dream took place inside a windowless locked warehouse with a tall ceiling.

At least one other person and I were trapped in this warehouse with an increasing number of wild, fast, climbing, jumping, smart, and dangerous zombies trying to kill/eat us.

We had no weapons or armor or anywhere to hide et cetera, it was a worst case scenario, and so all we could do was keep running and dodging and climbing and jumping et cetera to avoid them.

At some point I ran out of places to go so I kept going up climbing and jumping until I reached the ceiling where there were metal beams, I had climbed on top of stacks of things, but the zombies could climb and jump very well so they were right behind me the entire way no matter how cleaver I tried to be to avoid them.

At some point I reached a ceiling beam that was separate from another, I would have to jump but it was too far away and I did not have time to get a running start, the zombies were right behind me so I had to decide between getting killed/eaten or making a weak attempt to jump to the other side/jump to my death.

I chose to jump, I did not reach the other side as expected, and I fell to my death.

When I hit the ground I felt the start of the impact but I either woke up immediately or there was possibly a moment of darkness where I was possibly thinking and/or communicating with the other person who had been trapped in that situation with me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream is unclear now and was all over the place, part or all of the dream possibly took place somewhere in Africa and/or Africa was talking about in one or more parts of the dream, and I remember walking around outside in a somewhat wilderness-like area with groups of other people talking.

There were some sunken dirt and mud areas, some areas with vines and trees, and various other areas as we walked through this possibly African wilderness-like area talking about Africa and various other things.

I remember telling someone that Africa was not as bad as many people think.

The next thing that I remember is reaching a city with various areas including sunken concrete areas with steps that you had to walk down, there were sidewalks et cetera, and I went down some steps to reach a building with some other people.

My coworker Mr. CF was the head of security in this building and he joined me and a fictional male employee and several other people as we hung out in this building, which had some tables and several different areas, and I remember the man with us trying to prank the others and somehow I got involved and I remember hiding at some point during one of his pranks.

The next thing that I remember is going to another building or outside where I met my coworker Mr. JM, he was working on some IT related stuff, and I remember having a somewhat profound conversation with him that felt like he was my subconscious or part of myself communicating with me.

I remember Mr. JM mentioning that some of the previous IT Assistants had more experience et cetera than me and knew more, he said that I was doing a pretty good job but that I still had a lot to learn, and he asked me if I really wanted to be doing this job and did I feel that I would possibly be better fit for a different job or something like that.

I responded that I did not feel that I was the best fit and that I probably did not know more than the previous two IT Assistants, but that I probably had more potential and that I just needed someone to help teach me what I needed to know in a more hands-on way; and I felt that I would possibly reach my potential or then we will know for sure if I had what it takes or not.

Mr. JM told me to really think about his questions and my responses, and to decide what I really want and feel; and that I should take time to really think about this.

The next thing that I remember is leaving in an automobile with a man, it was his automobile and he was driving, and I was possibly in the back seat; and it was evening or night now.

We parked in a parking lot of a gas station because we saw my former male schoolmate/baseball teammate TC, TC’s fictional younger girlfriend with light-color skin with yellow hair wearing a white tank top, and an older man with medium-to-dark color skin standing outside and maybe they needed something.

I stayed in the automobile while he talked with them, I waved at them though, and as they talked I realized that TC’s girlfriend had her breasts out even though she had a tank top she had it adjusted to where her breasts were showing oddly; and I tried to avoid looking in that direction as they talked.

Eventually TC and the older man stood outside talking while the man and TC’s girlfriend got in the back seat of his automobile and I moved to the driver’s seat, they started kissing and making out while TC and the older man were not looking, and I remember saying something to stop them.

When I stopped them it was perfect timing because TC and the older man were walking to the automobile, they did not see what had happened though, but that still bothered me and I wondered what was going on and why would they do that and should I tell TC et cetera.

They said goodbye and the man and I left.

The end of the dream or as I was waking up there were several people talking about something that I can not remember, whatever they were talking about did not happen in some environments because of the weather/climate, and one example they gave was in hot and humid environments and swampy-like areas.

In areas like that whatever they were talking about would lead to something called Goam Foam, which was some kind of foam-like stuff that would build up on the water, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Wake Induced Lucid Dreams | The Princess Dares

I had a variety of clear dreams and some wake induced lucid dreams (WILDs), but unfortunately I did not record them each time that I woke up so now I can only remember barely part of several of my dreams.

Dream 1

At some point during the early morning after getting in bed, I am not sure if I woke up or if I caught myself as I was about to fall asleep, either way I had my eyes closed but I was able to see a place in my mind very clearly like a dream but I was still awake so I decided to try to have a wake induced lucid dream by holding this visualization of this place in my mind.

I tried to imagine a scenario for the place that I was seeing in my mind, the place that I saw was possibly a book store-like place where I was in a position on top of some shelves or something among maybe books and other things, but I can not remember; and I set the goal of trying to communicate with my subconscious by trying to get it to appear in human form to talk to me in this place.

I held the image of this place keeping my eyes closed, somehow I kept the image stable as I fell asleep while still being conscious, and eventually I felt that I was sleep enough to start trying to control the wake induced lucid dream (WILD).

The dream world was not completely stable, I tried to move and do a few things to test this, and it was not stable so I had to focus a moment until it was barely stable enough to barely move and barely interact with the dream world.

After a few brief tests I started to yell out to my subconscious telling it to show itself to me in human form to talk to me, and I tried to summon my subconscious.

A small human shape started to appear to the left side of me that I could barely see through the corner of my left eye, the dream was too unstable for me to move to see it, and so I barely could see it forming slightly in the corner of my left eye.

The dream was so unstable that I woke up from it briefly several times keeping my eyes closed while still keeping the dream world in my mind which was amazing because I could still see everything like the dream was there, like it was paused, and then I was able to go back to sleep each time and continue the dream again.

Each time a new humanoid shape would start trying to appear and sometimes it would talk to me, I asked it if it was my subconscious or if it was just a random dream character, but I can not remember what its response was.

The humanoid shapes were usually small and maybe almost fetus-shaped, most of the time I did not have a good view of them because they would appear in the corner of my field of vision, and I could not usually turn to see them because that is how unstable the dreams were.

Only a few shapes were independent or separated, most formed from objects on the shelves, and so I would see part of a humanoid shape forming in an object and slightly sticking out while still being connected to whatever object it tried to form from which would normally be pretty freaky but I usually could not and would not look at them because of how unstable the dream world was and I did not want to risk messing things up and I wanted my subconscious to pick its own form without me consciously giving it a form / shape.

Sometimes my assumed subconscious would talk to me in a maybe distorted weird somewhat creepy unknown male voice, and most of what it said was cryptic and did not make much sense.

A few things that it said were clear and somewhat understandable but were still confusing, I clearly remembered something it said to me, but since I did not record these lucid dreams after they happened I can not remember what it told me now.

Waking up and going back into the lucid dreams kept interrupting my assumed subconscious from completely forming into a humanoid shape and being able to say more than a few things each time, the dream world was too unstable to keep going for long, and so I had to keep going back into the dream.

Only maybe 1 – 3 things that it said could possibly be slightly translated, the dream world was so unstable that what it told me was mostly nonsensical, I wish that I could remember the details that I had remembered when this was over but I failed to record the details before going back to sleep and having more dreams.

One time my assumed subconscious formed from some blue stuff that was on a shelf so I could only see part of a blue fetus-like shape poking partly from the blue object and it could move its mouth but there was no opening for the mouth shape because it was still connected to the blue material, but somehow it still spoke out-loud even though the mouth had no opening which was a bit freaky.

It reminded me of the talking fetus from the playable teaser demo for the video game P.T. (Silent Hills).

During one of my assumed subconscious’s humanoid forms I was possibly in its face asking it questions trying to get it to make sense because I was annoyed because it was saying things that did not make sense to me mostly, but that is all that I can remember of these WILDs.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this is a separate dream or part of the next dream, and so I will type it separately.

This dream took place during the night, the end of the dream involved me sitting on a bus talking with my brother GC and our dad, and the bus was possibly slightly raised from the ground and it was connected to our house oddly.

It seemed to be a place that we could relax and see the outside and even walk through to get outside, it possibly also served as a bridge that possible connected to another building, and so maybe we could use it to reach the other building without going outside but I can not remember.

As we were talking we got interrupted by a knock from the outside of the bus from the left side, we looked outside the windows into the darkness outside, and we saw my possibly now homeless male cousin DE standing outside the bus wearing a knit hat and a T-shirt and sweat pants looking mentally unstable.

We had not seen him in over a week after he left during one of his very mentally unstable episodes that got so bad that police were called multiple times on him by different people in the city and he got kicked out of the place where he was living and he even got into it with my family even though we were the only people left trying to help him after he pushed everyone else away, and now he was back suddenly late at night after being gone for over a week.

This annoyed us and we did not want to see him or let him in after all that has happened over the years and recently but our dad opened the door to the bus and let him in to our annoyance and surprise, DE did not say anything, and he walked into our house walking in different rooms talking to himself and arguing with I assume the hallucinations that he sees and hears.

Me and my brother GC were annoyed and wanted him gone, how would we sleep with DE inside the house still very unstable, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the evening and / or night across one or more days, the end of the dream involved me meeting a fictional princess in the British Royal Family and maybe another princess who both had light-color skin.

They were possibly the granddaughters of the queen (I am not sure if this was the real queen or a fictional one because I never got to see her in the dream), but I am not sure.

We talked et cetera and one of the princesses dared and convinced and wanted me to sneak around rarely used and possibly secret parts of a royal palace (mansion) that they lived at and that the queen sometimes stayed at, I did not think that this was a good idea, but eventually I did it after she told me that there would not be much security there because the queen was not there right now.

She told me where to go to avoid the security patrols, and then I sneaked into the royal palace and I walked around rarely used and secret areas.

This was actually fun and interesting, I went through attics and maybe basements and various floors, and this place reminded me of places that are sometimes in my dreams where fictional versions of my grandparents house and / or other buildings have rarely used and secret areas that seem somewhat comfortable to me like visiting areas where old memories are stored or something.

Surprisingly no security seemed to be patrolling these areas, I am not sure how many times I sneaked into the royal palace during the dream, but only I did so each time that the princess asked / dared / wanted me to.

I think that I only did this during the evening or night each time, the princess who I talked to the most seemed to enjoy this, and we seemed to be forming a relationship of some kind.

At some point during an evening or night an old male butler / bodyguard from the royal palace who was or looked like Michael Caine approached me outside (not at the royal palace), he said that they (the security) knew about me sneaking into the royal palace (maybe hidden cameras), and he said that he wanted me to stop doing that and that I was not allowed to visit the royal palace anymore but I can not remember if this was coming from just the security or if the queen had also given the order.

I explained that the princess had told and wanted me to, but that was not good enough and it was only enough to stop me from being arrested now but they would probably arrest me if I returned to the royal palace.

Later in the dream I told the princess about this and she was angry about it, and we tried to figure out what to do about it.

If the queen gave the order then there was nothing that she could do almost, and so she tossed around different ideas like adopting me and / or marrying me so that I would be part of the royal family and would be able to access the royal palace.

If the queen did not approve of us getting married she could kick the princess out of the family and refuse to recognize me as a member of the royal family, and so everything was dependent on what the queen would decide.

The princess would have to decide if she was willing to risk getting kicked out of the royal family, she seemed stubborn and ready to do that, but I tried to calm her down and get her to not risk that.

But I woke up as we talked about this.

The end,

-John Jr


A River In My Parents Yard | The British Royal Family | A Girl With Superpowers

I lost some of my dreams last night including one that I remembered clearly enough to record, but I failed to record it before going back to sleep so now I can only barely remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream is super unclear but it possibly involved a woman who was possibly my girlfriend or wife, I was in the dream too, and the two of us were together.


Something Is Wrong With This Film

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I remember part of several dreams from last night, with one dream showing random people in a city during the day, and each person was a member of various families; and various families had rivalries with each other, some for a very long time.

Some of the families had more peaceful relations now, some were still fighting each other, et cetera; and there was a quick history of various families & their rivalries being mentioned by a voice that was narrating I think.

A man with blond colored and/or grayish/whitish colored hair who looked like an actor from the TV show Law & Order I think was leaving from somewhere and there were other people around too, and a man pulled out a gun & shot him in his head while smiling the entire time.

The man with the gun seemed excited that he had finally murdered the man who was from a family that his family had long been rivals with, but the two families had not fought openly for years; and so this attack was sure to break the semi-peace between the two families.

After taking a moment to enjoy seeing his rival dead, the man with the gun escaped, but many people saw & knew who he was; and the news soon spread among the families.

Old hatreds were renewed and old scars/past aggressions were remembered, as the family of the murdered man started to investigate & prepare to defend their family, and avenge the death of one of their family members; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had another dream were my male cousin ME and a fictional teenage female cousin came to visit my family and I during the day, I can not remember most of the dream, but I remember us being outside; and one of our cats attacked our fictional female cousin or something like that after she did something to provoke the cat.

My cousin ME got mad, and he was going to attack the cat or did attack the cat; and I remember telling him to leave the cat alone & I told him what had really happened, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

I had another dream that was interesting, it was a mystery themed dream, but I forgot most of it; but I know that it involved a film that was just released, and the creators/performers of/in the film were watching their film for the first time.

From the beginning they/we (I was seeing this as well) noticed that something was not right with the film, the camera movement seemed a bit off, and certain characters were missing from the beginning of the film.

The film seemed to possibly be a somewhat serious film was supposed to be about an astronaut, maybe John Crichton from Farscape, and I think that it was supposed to cover/show parts not shown on the TV show; but I am not sure, and you will find out why soon. 😉

The film was supposed to also bring in maybe all the characters or many characters from the TV show, and some famous actors (like Bruce Willis, and maybe a few others) & actresses were supposed to make guest appearances in the film.

The film was probably supposed to combine two different TV shows casts/universes into one film, one of which was probably Farscape, but I am not sure what the other one was; it was a pretty ambitious project/film.

But the film that we watched was not what it was supposed to be: the story line was changed & wrong except for the very first few minutes of the film, the characters were changed mostly, many characters were missing & not shown at all, the main character John Crichton might have been missing completely, the guest appearances were missing, the tone of the film was wrong, and much more.

The actors, actresses, directors, producers, I/me et cetera watching the film were shocked/angered/confused/et cetera.

Millions of dollars had been spent making the film and everyone worked hard on it, and the film we saw was like something completely different almost.

It was clear that someone had purposely sabotaged the film/project, and we wondered how did they manage to do that; and so we started to investigate, and people started to make calls.

I forgot most of the details but I remember that a Russell Brand-looking man who also sounded somewhat like Mr. Brand, was in the film and somehow he was the main character in the film that we saw, and so we instantly suspected that he was behind sabotaging the film.

I think that he happily admitted that it was him and the film probably even had clues, and the film probably openly joked about how he had sabotaged the film.

I remember that the Mr. Brand-like man was a member of the British Royal Family probably and he had used his connections/wealth to sabotage the film, and his connections/wealth probably were going to protect him too.

I remember some of his friends and him were outside during the day sitting on a brick area near a walkway as he talked with us on his mobile phone, and the area where he was had a nice small park-like look to it; and I saw a few people walking by walking dogs, jogging, walking, et cetera but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 4

The last dream took place in an area like where the Mr. Brand-like man had been, and I was exploring it; and it was nice.

I walked up some stairs and found my former female classmate MW and we talked, and not far from the top of the stairs was a field with an L-looking lake in it; and two men who looked like tourists were taking photographs of it.

It was beautiful, as much as something L-looking can be (which is not saying much), and I remember climbing a small tree & jumping out of it or something like that.

I was enjoying my time with MW, who rarely talks to me in dreams, and her & I were going to walk to the lake; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂