Hide-And-Seek | A Fight At The BP Library | The Water Of Life | My Coworker JB’s Broken Toes

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I possibly am suffering from food poisoning so that impacted my sleep and dreams, and my day so far.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day at a fictional motel that I was at with some of my family and some of my family members, and this motel was in a parking lot and building that was very similar to the former store that is next to the Dollar General Store in the city of D on Eastside.

I remember being in a hotel room when at some point some of my family members wanted to play hide-and-seek, and so my male cousin ME and several children were it (the person to find the others) while my male cousin DE and I hid.

I remember us hiding in a motel room, at some point we had to escape, and so I had DE run outside to try to escape in ME’s car while I held the door to the motel closed to stop them from running after him.

After DE started to drive away I let the door go and I ran to hide behind the motel, ME and the children ran outside with their attention focused on DE driving away, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place at a fictional version of The BP Library that was larger and there was a long narrow hallway in the back with some rooms along it, I was there working, and I walked down this long hallway to see a group of patrons in a room to my right.

I noticed my former male classmate DC in there and maybe one or two other former male classmates / schoolmates of mine like my former male schoolmate J (who possibly died in a Russian roulette accident in real life), and DC got into an argument with a man with light-color skin.

The two of them started to fight, a group of men with light-color skin jumped into the fight, and so J and several other men with dark-color skin jumped into the fight to fight the group of men with light-color skin.

Some large men were blocking the door so I could not enter, they did not respond to my commands to stop, and so I ran to get our security guard my coworker Mr. CF and to warn my coworkers at the front desk.

My female coworker JB was at the front desk and I told her about the situation and I asked her to call Mr. CF, but then Mr. CF ran past me on his way to the fight so I ran after him so that I could show him where the fight was and so that I could help him.

Oddly Mr. CF was wearing a wig and shades and fake mustache and baseball hat that made him look like Dr DisRespect, I probably asked him about this as we ran to the fight, we reached the outside of the room where the fight was going on but I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place in a room where there were several people, including a man who reminded me of a live action version of the character Kurapika from the anime (animated) television show Hunter x Hunter.

During the dream the Kurapika-like man displayed several abilities that seem to indicate that he had some Bene Gesserit training and / or he was just naturally gifted, I can not remember the details, but one thing that I definitely remember him doing is ingesting and turning / transmuting what seemed to be The Water Of Life from its lethal form into another liquid that was safe to drink for those who could not do this.

I possibly wondered if this ability could also be used to stop my food poisoning symptoms if I could learn how to transmute fluids in my body like that.

This surprised me, I did not think that the Bene Gesserit were normally allowed to train men in their ways and male Bene Gesserit are almost unheard of, and so I was going to ask him about this but I woke up.

Dream 4

This dream took place at The BP Library, I was there working when I stopped to talk to my female coworker JB who was sitting at a taller fictional version of the desk by The Children’s Section, and during our conversation she mentioned that she had several broken toes.

JB showed me her foot and broken toes because she probably had no socks on and possibly only had sandal-like shoes on, it was possibly her left foot, and the broken toes were next to each other and she started to bend them back a bit to show me proof that they were broken.

I told JB that was not a good idea but she did it anyway, it looked like it hurt and she had to maybe pop them back in place, and I noticed that she did not have a cast or anything wrapped around them so I asked her if she had let her doctor check this because it was important that they heal properly.

JB told me that she probably had not let her doctor check this yet so I encouraged her to do this as soon as possible, I offered to call her doctor now to ask him about it, and so I started getting as much information as I could and I was about to really call her doctor but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr