Broken Fallout: New Vegas Headgear

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Like Seepurple I probably got less than two hours of sleep last night, instead of nightmares it was my fault because I went to bed very late and I had to wake up very early, and so I did not even fully sleep or dream; and I woke up thinking that I did not even really sleep.

I went to bed so late and I got so little sleep that I woke up and I could still taste the mouthwash that I used before going to sleep, so my mouth / breath did not even have time to get stinky 😀 , and I woke up hot and my stomach felt a bit weird because I was in the early stages of trying to sleep/dream.

I had to jump out of bed and get dressed quickly to leave so I barely had time to voice record a few seconds of the very short semi-dream that I had, the dream was only in the early parts/stages so I did not even have a full dream last night, and so there is not much to share.

The semi-dream was inspired by the video game Fallout: New Vegas, which I played before going to sleep, and in the dream part of what I was doing was testing out/comparing light armors and headgears in the video game for my character like the Courier Duster.

For some unknown reason(s) headgears like hats and helmets would not show up/appear on my character like they were broken and/or like there was a glitch/bug, this confused me and so I tried to figure this out as I continued to test/compare various light armors, but I woke up to get ready; and that is all that I can remember because the dream was only in the early stages/parts when/before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Broken Football

I slept pretty good last night and I forgot most of my dreams, but I remember part of my last dream which took place during the day in a fictional city.

I was outside in a field near a small building with several people, a man who looked like or was my former classmate SS was there too, and some of us were playing around with a football that belonged to a man who was there.