Walking In The City Of L | The Alliance Française And Chris Brown

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Dream 1

Last night I remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place in the city of L during the day, and I remember walking on a road with my parent’s and maybe some of my brothers.

It seems that I was in the process of considering moving to L, and I was telling my parent’s about some of the things that I wanted to do & about some of my past experiences in L; and I was in the process of showing me several places.

We were walking to the Alliance Française where I wanted to take French lessons, and so I was going to show my parents the building and talk to the people there about beginners French lessons; and I remember my dad complaining about how expensive it probably was.

I remember feeling at home in L and I could even feel the temperature & the moisture in the air, it was nice, and I remember telling my parents how I felt & how I thought that moving to L was probably a good idea; but I woke up during our walk.

Dream 2

The next dream took place on an island, I think, at a large house made from local materials; where a somewhat wealthy family lived and they shared the house with the other people on the island, so there was always a lot of people at the house.

A man who looked like Chris Brown came to live there with his sister who lived at the house, and he was a solider who had gotten injured & he was now temporarily in a wheelchair recovering.

Behind the house was a body of water and the island was like a small tropical resort, with a variety of people on the small island.

Mr. Brown eventually started a relationship with a woman on the island as he recovered, and eventually he was able to walk; but his relationship with the woman turned into a lot of fighting at some point.

Eventually the woman’s brother or a new man who she was interested in, started to get into fights with Mr. Brown as well, the man was bigger & stronger with dark-brown color skin & black colored hair in a box fade-like haircut.

Their relationship ended and an angry Mr. Brown was ready to leave the island, but his sister got sick or had an accident, so a helicopter had to land on a helipad connected to stairs in the yard; and a woman with the hospital & another hospital worker had to transport his sister to the hospital by helicopter.

Mr. Brown packed his stuff and took a bus to the hospital, his sister was in stable condition & she was going to be okay, so he decided to stay until she was released from the hospital; and then he was going to leave the island, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

I Can Not Remember

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I can not really remember my dreams or much of them from the last two nights, I did remember a bit at first but I let my memory of them fade by not thinking about them or typing them, and so I will start typing now to see if that helps me remember some of them.

Dream 1

The night before last I think that one of my dreams took place in the slightly fictional version of downtown D that is sometimes in my dream, like the dream where I was with the cast of the TV show The Walking Dead, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

That same night I think that I had another dream that took place in an area similar to the warehouse-like area near a dock, that was in my dream with the drug cartel-like group who were trying to kill my brother and I, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 3

Last night I think that I had a dream that took place during the day during a fair-like event that was to take place for several days, and I think that the dream took place over several days.

I think that several people and I went to and from the fair-like event several times, and the dream probably had jumps in time from day-to-day.

I think that we had a good time mostly, but I can not remember what we did and who did I meet during the dream; that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

My Brother GC Dies

Dream 1

Last night I barely remember any of my dream fragments and I think that one of them involved a strange game that some of my brothers were playing that combined elements of a board game, video game, and virtual reality or another reality; I think that I was able to move between the real world where they were and into another world that was virtual reality or another reality, where their actions in the real world were effecting/affecting, as they played their board game or whatever it was.

But that is all that I can remember of that dream fragment.

Dream 2

I do remember some of the dream before that one, which took place at my parent’s house.

I remember waking up in the dream and I woke my brother GC up to tell him that it was time for him to get ready for college / his college classes for the day, and he made a mumbling noise like he did not feel like getting out of bed and that he was tired; and so I told him that he needed to get ready soon, but he could sleep a few more minutes.

He did not open his eyes exactly but his eye lids moved and he seemed tired & he did not move very much, but he heard me, and so I just assumed that he was being his normal lazy self and/or that he had not gotten enough sleep again as usual; and I wondered if he felt a bit sick, but I did not think that it was anything serious.

I got back in bed and I went to sleep in the dream again, later I woke up in the dream again, and I went to see if my brother GC was out of bed yet; but he was still in bed, so I told him to get up, but he did not respond.

I shook him a bit but he did not respond, I started to get worried, and I looked to see if he was breathing; but he was not breathing, I checked his pulse, and I did not get a pulse.

I started to panic a bit and I went to call 911 and my parent’s, I might have performed CPR on him, but I assumed that he had been dead/without oxygen for too long probably; but it did not work.

I felt sad and angry at myself, I probably cried a bit, I felt that it was partly my fault for not noticing the signs that he was near death, when I had tried to wake him up earlier in the dream; I felt that it was my responsibility as the oldest brother to watch out for him and my other brothers.

The dream jumped to an unknown time into the future, probably days or weeks or months later, and I was talking with my mom about the death of my brother GC; I still partly blamed myself, I had not moved on, and I had not properly grieved the loss of my brother GC yet.

I was sad, angry, I hated myself a bit, and I had not forgiven myself yet; and I felt like I had failed my brother GC, my family, myself, and my responsibility as the oldest brother.

I kept having flashbacks of the death of my brother GC, those memories kept haunting me every day & night, those memories would randomly come to my mind throughout the day & night, like I was re-living them all over again; and I probably had moments of crying and trying to figure out what I could do to deal with my failure & make it all stop, and I might have even called out to my dead brother GC and/or whoever/whatever might be listening for help/guidance but that is a wild guess since that it not something that I would probably do.

I woke up while suffering and trying to deal with it all.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

The Young Shepherdess Paintings

Lazy Overview:

The last few days I have been busy editing my blog and I have not taken the time to type my dreams, so I will briefly type parts of a few.

I remember having several dreams where I found a painting of The Young Shepherdess by the artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau in each of them, In each of those dreams I found that to be interesting, but I did not explore the paintings or think about them much; these dreams were positive, and I think that every dream and/or part of dream after a painting of The Young Shepherdess is in it, probably almost always is positive and I am not attacked so it like it is a symbol of safety/a safe zone or something.

Teleporting To The Wrong Place

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Last night I remembered part of three dream fragments, the last one being the most interesting.

Dream 1

The first dream fragment involved me walking around an area with little ponds & rivers like the park combined with the catfish farm mixed with something else, and a former classmate of my AH was showing me some of the areas that he swims in sometimes or something like that; I am not sure exactly.

I could see fish in the water and like many of my dreams like this, the fish are usually bigger than they normally are in real life for some reason, well bigger than they are normally on average; there were carp, bass, and other types of fish.

I felt like fishing and I may have even found a fishing pole and caught one fish, I can not remember, but I do remember AH kept annoying me about trying to swim or whatever he kept talking about; at one point his mom was there and even started talking about it, but I was not quite comfortable doing what ever they kept talking about so I was hesitating and trying to think about if I should try it or not.

At some point I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream is even less clear it involved me living at an apartment suite where I think I was sharing an apartment suite with one or more of my friends / former classmates like DH or JC or SS, but I can not remember exactly.

I do remember that we shared a living room, kitchen, and dinning room; but we had separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

In my room I had a big flat screen TV, a game console, another TV but it was smaller and an old style TV; it was a nice size room and looked pretty good.

I think we talked and may have played some video games, but I can not remember, at some point I woke up.

Dream 3

My last dream involved me being in a mall (shopping mall) but I am not sure how I got there or what I was doing at first, I just remember seeing my dad and I stopped to talk to him; somehow I felt that my dad’s dream and my dream had somehow connected so I thought that he was really in my dream now, but I am not sure if I realized if it was a dream exactly.

I am not sure if I was lucid, maybe semi-lucid (if that is even possible), or not lucid at all; either way my dad said that my brothers CC and GC were in the mall too so I had him join me so that I could find them.

I wanted all of us to join so I could test different abilities/powers that I sometimes have in dreams, anyway I found my brothers and I started trying to use different abilities but they were not working.

At some point I told my dad and brothers that I was going to make a door that was in mall led to another dream world once we walked through it, and so we walked through the door and closed it; my plan did not work and the door only led to the back of the mall and the door was locked so we could not get back in.

The mall was big so it would take a while to walk back to the front, so my brothers started trying to find another door, I thought it was funny that my dream powers were not working but I was not going to give up.

I told my brothers to forget finding another door and that we should try to teleport to another dream world, I could not remember exactly how to teleport, so I just told them to think of a place and close their eyes and try it; they were confused and so I told them that I would do it.

I thought of a place, which I can not remember, and I closed my eyes; when I opened them I was back at the apartment in the second dream, which was not the place that I wanted to teleport to but I was just happy that it actually somewhat worked.

My dad and brothers were there now too, it felt somewhat like some time had passed and that it may be night-time, the dream felt somewhat real; I decided to try to enjoy the moment instead of rushing to teleport again.

I showed my dad and brothers around the apartment, and told them to watch some TV or play a game or just relax; then I went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I saw myself in a mirror, which is rare in my dreams, and I was thinner than I have ever been in real life; I found this odd and I took my shirt off to see how I looked exactly.

I had a lot of muscle tone / definition, like I had worked out a lot, but I was very thin with very little fat; I felt that I was now too light weight to wrestle very well and somehow I remembered that I had gone through training from some guy that was preparing me for a movie or something.

I then decided to see if I was faster now so I started to do some punches, kicks, knees, blocks, and dodges; but I was only slightly faster, which surprised me since I expected to be a lot faster now that I was much lighter.

I then decided that I wanted to try to teleport to the dream world or place that I had originally tried to teleport to, which I still can not remember, so I told my dad and brothers.

I then went to try to teleport again, which worked, except I teleported back to the real world; so I sat up in bed the moment I teleported, I sure was disappointed, the real world. (Beep!, Hahaha!)

Now that I was awake I realized that soon I would have to get ready for work and I never did get to teleport to the dream world/place that I wanted to teleport to, and to make it worse; I can not even remember which dream world/place that I wanted to go.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

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