An Investigation On A Space Station

This morning I went back to sleep several times trying to get some extra sleep, I did not voice record my dreams during this time, and so that caused me to forget a lot of the interesting details from my dream or dreams last night.

My memory is so unclear now that I am not sure if this is one or more dreams, and so I will type them as separate dreams.


Leading A Team To Clear A Building & Rescue People From Zombies?

Dream 1

I did not voice record any of my dreams from last night and I did not try to remember them, and so I can not remember most of what I dreamed about last night; but I think that my first dream took place during the day in and around W Park, and maybe it involved jogging/walking/meeting various people/et cetera but that is all that I can remember of this dream at this time.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second dream is that throughout the dream there was information/talk/whatever in the background about family members from the Kardashian family and the Jenner family, but I can not remember if this was on the radio and/or television and/or online and/or people talking about it and/or magically sometimes being shared in the background magically.


Trying To Avoid Family Members | The Mandarin (Trevor Slattery): He Never Saw It Coming

Super Lazy Overview Of My Dreams From Last Night:

Dream 1

In my first dream I remember being in a slightly fictional version of the city of LC and then I drove back to the city of D to my parents’ house, and many family members from my mom’s side of the family were slowly arriving/gathering at E Manor for a family gathering it seemed; and I remember not wanted to be bothered by any of them or anyone, I just wanted to be alone, and I wanted to go relax outside and/or inside enjoying nature and having some alone time.

Family members, mostly cousins, kept coming over to my parents’ house and calling us bothering us/me; and I kept trying to avoid them, I remember being in a negative mood, and my negative mood grew worse.


My Former Classmate JC’s Cousin L Takes Some Hostages

I only remember some of my dream from last night, and it started somewhere in D near a fictional hospital that had American soldiers for security guards/security.

My friends/former classmates JC & DH, JC’s cousin L, and I were somewhere near the hospital walking and talking.

L wanted to go to the hospital I think, so as we got close to the hospital there was a soldier with a M4 carbine assault rifle with a scope, by himself guarding the back area of the hospital.

The soldier had the standard US Army ACU uniform, a Kevlar vest without ceramic plates, and a helmet.

We stopped to say hello, I can not remember what happened exactly but my guess is that L went to shake his hand, and for some strange reason L attacked the soldier & he took his gun.

I think L started to act like another person, like he went crazy or something, and he either knocked the solider unconscious or he killed him.

He then took JC, DH, and I hostage and he told us to keep walking into the hospital.

L had the assault rifle so we did what he said, and he had us sneak around the security guards and people in the hospital, when we saw someone.

At one point he made us hide in a room but there was a doctor and a nurse in there, and so he took them hostage too.

So now JC, DH, the doctor, the nurse, and I were all hostages of L.

We walked into a strange room that looked like a military/medical/scientific research room.

There were three bridges in this tall room and we were crossing one of them, the bridges were high in the air and not too strong, and so it was a bit scary.

As we were crossing the bridge(s), I saw two soldiers walking on the bridge above us, and so I grabbed L’s assault rifle and I screamed for help.

I told them that L had us hostage and I told them to shoot him, and I told everyone else to run as I held L’s gun to stop him from shooting anyone.

The soldiers started to shoot, but they missed, and they shot the bridge instead.

The bridge started to fall, and fortunately the doctor & nurse made it to the other end and JC & DH jumped to another bridge.

But L and I were falling with the bridge, the bridge bent slowly and I noticed that L started to act normal again, and he looked scared.

I grabbed L’s hand to stop him from falling and I tried to jump to the bridge that JC & DH were on, but I only grabbed the end of it.

So I tried to hang on to the edge of the bridge as L held on to me, L was too heavy and so we were going to fall, but JC & DH grabbed my arm and they helped pull us up to the bridge.

The other bridge that we were on fell, but we were now safe, and we all took a moment to relax as we waited for more help to arrive; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


A High School Gun Situation & The College Dorm

Dream 1

I remember two of my dreams from last night, the first dream was a dream about me being in high school again.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream so things do not make as much sense, anyway, for some reason I thought that there was going to be a gun situation at the school.