A Burnie Burns-Like Man Lets Us Spend The Night

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I remember my brother GC and I being inside a hotel-like room or rooms or apartment in another city, some of the rest of my family was possibly in the dream earlier but I can not remember, and this hotel room or rooms or apartment belonged to a Burnie Burns-like man.

The Burnie Burns-like man was the owner of a business, probably a Rooster Teeth-like business, and he had a wife or girlfriend and at least one child who were also there.

The Burnie Burns-like man invited us to spend the night because the hotel room(s) or apartment was so big and had so many rooms, and the next morning he gave us a ride in his automobile but I am not sure where we were going (maybe back home to our city).

We parked in a parking lot of a gas station, I remember my former male classmate DH being with us at this point, and we were talking.

I remember the Burnie Burns-like man talking about how he was rich and had several hotel and / or apartments and homes (so he had more than him and his family needed) so him letting us spend the night was not a problem at all, I had probably thanked him for letting us spend the night, and I told him about how my entire family used to share one hotel room on vacations and my family is bigger than his.

I told him some stories about this and how the hotel rooms that we would go to were much smaller than the one he had, and I remember being amazed by how many rooms were in his hotel room.

At some point a male employee with light-medium color skin walked over to us very slowly and zombie-like, and he just stood there so my former classmate DH got annoyed and asked him what he wanted but the employee continued to act zombie-like without responding.

My brother GC and I possibly knew this male employee and we let them know that he was just joking / playing around, the employee then stopped his act, and he laughed and let them know that he was just joking.

We said a few things to him and then he went back inside the gas station to continue working, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by episode 9 (Sock Puppets) of the television series Homeland (season 6), which I watched last night, and it involved a situation that was inspired by a situation involving the character Max who applied for a job at a mysterious tech startup to try to find out what is really going on there because that was the last place that a FBI agent had visited before he was murdered.

In my dream a man with light-color skin applied for a job at a mysterious tech startup to infiltrate it to see what it is really about because it seemed that it was possibly a front organization / business being used by a government intelligence agency and a private company, and that they were involved in illegal activities.

Like in episode 9 and in a video clip for the future episode 10 of Homeland, this mysterious tech startup was involved in using large amounts of fake social media accounts for various purposes, and they were doing illegal and unethical things with these fake social media accounts.

The man and several other people who worked there did not like what they were doing, and so they started to meet secretly to complain among each other and to try to decide what they should do about this.

They were considering trying to expose this operation to the public but doing so would be dangerous and could get them killed, and so they were trying to figure out if there was a way to do this safely but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

An Unstable Gang Leader And Traveling Through Canada With Burnie Burns And A Translator Dies

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This morning while going over this dream from last night in my mind I accidentally forgot parts of this dream, especially the earlier parts of the dream, and so parts of this dream are missing.

So now all that I can remember of this dream is that someone else who I can not remember and I were visiting with a fictional male friend during the day in a fictional city, maybe it was a gray day at first, and at some point this male friend and us got forced into helping a mentally unstable man with whitish-color skin who possibly slightly reminded me of Steve-O (Stephen Gilchrist Glover) and he seemed to be the leader of maybe a gang who owned several businesses (an outdoor/indoor store, a movie theater, et cetera) and who was probably involved in illegal activities (illegal drugs, illegal weapons, et cetera).

Our friend knew this unstable assumed gang leader/business owner and since we were with our friend at the time, we got forced into helping as well and the gang leader had armed gang members with him, and I remember us helping the gang leader with something but I can not remember what (maybe a computer problem or something, but I am not sure).

The gang leader was in a good mood and he was impressed with our work so he told us that he now considered us friends, he told several of his gang members/bodyguards/security this, and so being considered friends of the gang leader meant that we would have VIP access to some of his businesses and we could get some free stuff (like watch movies/films for free, free food and drink, et cetera).

But this probably also meant that he would probably force us to help him with stuff sometimes.

Before leaving the gang leader probably told us to visit his outdoor/indoor store that we were near and to visit his movie theater that was behind it, and he said that it would be free so we thanked him and he left with his gang member bodyguards.

I am not sure where our friend went but the other person and I went to the outdoor/indoor store, I remember finding a container that was on top of something and I was going to get that, but the food/whatever inside was spoiled so I went to show the employee at the counter to see if they had another container that was not spoiled.

I forgot to mention that most of the gang members seemed very mean and aggressive, also most of the gang leader’s businesses had gang members as the employees and security, and so the male employee with whitish-color skin at the counter was mean and aggressive toward us and he probably did not know that we were friends of the gang leader.

I am not sure if we got anything or not at the store, I just remember walking to a guarded door, and we told the security that we were friends of the gang leader so they let us through; and this lead to a back area where the movie theater was with its own courtyard leading to the building.

I remember another male gang member with whitish-color skin who was working as the head of security approaching us, and he was very mean and aggressive toward us even when we told him that we were friends of the gang leader and that the gang leader said that we could watch a free movie/film; and he told some of the other gang members to let us inside the movie theater, but to charge us over $100 each to watch a film and he walked away.

The gang members decided to disobey him and follow the gang leader’s orders instead so they let us inside the movie theater and we were allowed to watch a film for free, and I remember one of them telling us that there were about 55 different films to choose from and he showed us the list.

I am not sure if we picked a film and watched one or not, and the next thing that I remember is being outside again but it was sunny now and it looked nicer outside than earlier.

I remember us walking to a field were a VIP informal garden party-like meeting/gathering was going on, the gang leader was speaking to a variety of people who were gathered around in this field, and armed gang members were guarding and patrolling the area with various weapons like assault rifles and I remember seeing a gang member with an AK-type assault rifle.

People were standing around talking, drinking, maybe eating, and there was a tower in the middle of the field, like a watch tower or guard tower, and I remember walking up into the tower with the other person to watch everything up there among a few other people because it seemed safer because we wanted to avoid the gang leader and his gang members.

The gang leader had a girlfriend or wife with whitish-color skin who was also mentally unstable, they both were the type of people whose moods changed a lot which was dangerous, and so who knows how many people have been killed during their bad moods.

The gang leader and his girlfriend or wife seemed to have a strange relationship, the girlfriend or wife was possibly married to someone else and/or was sometimes allowed to date other men, but sometimes the gang leader (depending on his mood) would suddenly be against this and probably attack or kill who ever she was dating or married to.

The gang leader owned legitimate businesses so he seemed to have various powerful connections in this city, he also was involved in illegal activities in the city which gave him even more power, and so there were various types of well-connected people at this gathering/meeting/party from legal and illegal circles.

The gang leader and his girlfriend or wife were in a good mood, so they talked with people, and the gang leader gave a speech.

During his speech we got approached aggressively by an armed male gang member who did not realize that we were friends of the gang leader so he was about to kick us out and maybe beat up and/or kill us, but fortunately another gang member who somewhat reminded me of the actor Jonah Hill who recognized us stopped him and told him that we were friends of the gang leader so he left us alone.

We thanked the Jonah Hill-like gang member, and the next thing that I remember is possibly part of a different dream but I am not sure so I will type it like it is part of this dream.

This part of the dream was probably partly inspired by this Rooster Teeth YouTube video that I saw called Burnie’s Vlog in New Zealand – RT Life:

It was still a nice day and I remember being with Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth and several other people, and we were in Canada.

Burnie and the others were driving through Canada to go to The United States Of America for an event, and I guess they gave me a ride and I was going with them.

During the drive through Canada I remember us talking, and I remember Burnie saying that his wife used to travel to Canada with him but she stopped because she does not really like Canada anymore or something like that.

At some point we stopped at a meetup event or something to meet some of the people who would be at the event in The United States, and we were supposed to meet and pick up a man with whitish-color skin with yellow hair who somewhat reminded me of Adam Conover from was possibly a famous translator who had once translated for people like Barack Obama.

We met the famous translator/whoever and I remember walking around with him like a bodyguard as he met various people, Burnie and the others were busy doing something else while I acted as a fake bodyguard for the famous translator, and one of the people we stopped to talk to was Olga Kay from YouTube.

During our conversation I told Olga that I met her once before and I asked her if she remembered me, she did not remember me, and then I described when we last met but she still did not remember; and my memory of meeting her was probably a false memory or a memory from a past dream.

I let the two of them talk as I walked around still pretending to be the famous translator’s bodyguard, even though I was pretending, I really was seriously on the lookout and ready to protect him.

At some point the famous translator stopped to walk into an alley for a moment because he was not feeling well and/or to take a smoke and/or something, I was going to follow him, but I decided to give him some privacy for a few seconds first as I guarded the entrance.

After a few seconds I went to check on him, but he was lying on the ground and he was dead.

I saw no signs of anyone else or any signs of violence, and it seemed that he just immediately died a few seconds after walking into the alley from natural causes.

Emergency services were called, they arrived and pronounced him dead and they carried his body away on a stretcher, and Olga and I and the others waited for the police because they were probably going to ask us questions.

But I woke up,

-John Jr