Wacky / Goofy / Crazy Vacation Fun | My Grandmother Speaks Again + Kids With Superpowers + Race Wars + An Unknown Language + Possible Negative Futures = ?

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Lazy Overview:

Last night I had two crazy dream fragments, but I can not remember some parts of the dreams because there were many unrelated parts to each dream; before I went to sleep I watched Shaolin Soccer and some of Sin City, so maybe those two films influenced my dreams in some way(s).

I am not sure of the exact order of the parts of both dreams, but I will do my best to put the  pieces together.

Dream 1

The first dream took place in a fictional version of LC I think, and I was on vacation with my family, and we went to a hotel; and the hotel had a bar, a restaurant, a shoe store, and an indoor/outdoor lawn mower shop. 😀

I remember my parent’s and I going around the city, on foot, to get some food, and I remember us jogging so that we could reach LC’s before they closed.

We got back to the hotel and we started exploring the hotel, and my brother GC wanted to go back home; but I wanted to think about it later, after I explored the hotel first.

I remember seeing a male employee at the hotel several times, as we explored the hotel, and we stopped at the shoe store at some point; and a man who was trying on shoes, talked to my dad about shoes.

After exploring the store areas of the hotel, which were now closed, I remember a dream scene that showed Shawn Spencer & Burton “Gus” Guster from the TV show Psych, sneaking individually into the indoor/outdoor lawn mower shop; but they both had no idea that the other was sneaking into the shop.

Gus was sneaking in to steal a lawn mower for Shawn’s birthday, or something like that, and I have no idea why Shawn was sneaking in; and I was not in the dream during this scene, and I was seeing this like a camera person.

Shawn spotted Gus as he was preparing the lawn mower and Shawn asked Gus what he was doing, and so Gus told him; but Shawn said that he did not want to have a lawn mower for his birthday, because his dad had recently died in a lawn mower accident, and that present/gift would bring him bad memories.

Gus apologized but he tried to talk Shawn into accepting the gift, I think that Shawn agreed at some point, and they both drove off on the stolen lawn mower I think.

I remember another dream scene that I could see like a camera person with some blue cat-like humanoid beings without fur (similar to the beings on the film Avatar, but human-size(d)) & a father that was angry at his son about/for some reason/some thing, who had just come home, and the father was standing in a living room I think; and he was yelling at his son about some thing, and he told him that he would have to stay in his room, so I guess he was now grounded.

On the wall was a vertical conveyor belt that would move around showing what the person(s) were doing in each room of the house, but then another blue cat-like humanoid being walked into the room, except it was a nude female being; and she said hello to the father & she looked at the son with a seductive look/facial expression, and then she got on a bed that was on the conveyor-belt (which was the bed of the son, so the conveyor-belt was showing his room).

The female being looked at the son with that same seductive look/facial expression, and the son walked over to the bed smiling; and the father stood there watching in a bit of shock, as he realized that his son was going to enjoy his punishment of being grounded to his room since he had an attractive naked female humanoid being in his bed. 😀

I am not sure if they all were naked or not, because their blue skin made it hard to tell that they were even naked, and so I barely even realized that the female humanoid was naked at first until I saw her butt. 😀

The conveyor-belt started to move as the female humanoid being started to give the son a massage, and you could hear fake cat-like noises that some Humans like to make when they are trying to be sexy; and the father was still standing there in shock watching and listening as he realized that his punishment had failed.

Then the conveyor-belt showed the bathroom, where the other son was standing by the sink naked (fortunately his back was facing us), and he was pretending to be a female; but then he realized that he father could see him, and they both stopped in embarrassment & in shock. 😀

I remember another two dream parts with me in them and I was with some people at an indoor/outdoor restaurant at night, and I got attacked by some food or something crazy like that; but I easily defeated the food in both dream scenes, and I kicked the food through the window. 😀

I remember another dream part with me in it and I was with some former classmates in a field playing soccer and/or football, and something happened where a player spit some raw egg(s) or something and it landed in my mouth or something nasty like that; and everyone started laughing in disgust, but we did have fun still during our game.

At some point I was back at the hotel and my brother GC still wanted to go home, but I was too tired and I went to sleep in the dream; maybe some of the dream scenes were dreams in the dream, and maybe this part of the dream happened before those parts in the dream. 😀

I remember running in the alley-way by my parent’s house where my family keeps some of their pets, and I remember closing several gates behind myself; it was during the night, I remember seeing more farm pets than my family has/have in real life, but I am not sure what I was running from or why I was running. 😀

I remember seeing more goats than my family has/have in real life, and I remember a goat(s) looking at me as I ran; but that is all I can remember of this part.

The last part of the dream took place in a parking lot near a fast food restaurant, and I was with some former classmates talking; and near us, some international female tennis players were practicing, and their stray serves would land near us & so we started to hit the tennis balls back to them with our hands.

We started a competition with the tennis players and they would serve to us, and we would try to hit it/the ball back with our hands; and I remember a few of my former classmates getting aced a few times, and we were having fun, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream was even more unclear, and I think that it started at a fictional college library that is in my dreams sometimes; and two of the librarians are former news reporters, and they usually remember me from past dreams & they did in this dream as well.

I think that I saw and/or read a book or something at the library that inspired me, and I think I wrote something online that inspired other people as well; but I could be wrong.

I just remember walking during the day near a house that had kids with super powers living there, and they seemed to be forced to live there or something; but there were no bars or anything, and they seemed to be treated well.

The kids were outside and a woman & man seemed to be taking care of them, and for whatever reason I got inspired to help them fight for their freedom or something; I wish I could remember the missing parts in this dream, because the dream does not make much sense without those missing parts to me.

I remember walking into the yard and I gave a speech to the kids, and they decided to leave the house & join me in their fight for freedom or whatever & they started to use & unleash/show their powers as we marched away (I remember some of the kids summoning things and I remember the ground breaking up, and some other interesting powers that some of the kids had); and we went to a field on Eastside, and there were some old style soldiers in brown uniforms with old style rifles with bayonets in a circular formation I think.

The kids with super powers and I were inspired & energized and I ran charging toward the soldiers like in a scene from a The Chronicles Of Narnia movie or something, and the dream felt real at this point.

The soldiers were in a spear wall-type formation and so I started to tell the groups of charging kids behind me to divide our forces into four teams: one team would attack from the front as a distraction, one team would attack from their left flank, one team would attack from the right flank, and my team would attack from behind the soldiers.

Suddenly the soldiers unleashed a cavalry charge from the center of their spear wall-type formation, and it was headed toward our front line & right flank teams; and so I was very worried and surprised.

The left flank and my team ran further to the left side through some trees, as our other teams got attacked by the cavalry, and I paused to look for an opening in the soldiers defenses.

I was afraid for the other teams and I ran alone toward the soldiers yelling and with no fear, and I jumped over their spear wall-like formation; and I started to fight the soldiers alone, and I took one of the soldier’s rifle with bayonet.

I was fighting very good and I was breaking up the soldier’s formation, and the left flank & my team joined me in the battle; but it was still unclear who would win, and for some strange reason I had to use the bathroom but I had to hold it/wait during the battle. 😀

At some point the battle seemed to have become a Race based war between adult members of the So-Called White and Black Racial Groups, I have no idea where the adults came from or how this happened, but I think that it happened.

I stopped fighting and I started to think that the battle was a mistake, and I wondered how the battle had changed and I wondered who were all of these adults that were now fighting; and since I do not identify as any Race (I consider myself Human) and I do not support the Race Based System (I think that we are one Species/Race), I saw no reason to fight anymore & I had to use the bathroom very badly.

Something happened and the battle stopped for some reason, and I realized that I had a stain in my underwear from trying to hold it in (now that was nasty and strange, I think this might/may be the first time that this has happened in one of my dreams); and so I went to a house that looked like my grandfather’s house, and I went to clean my underwear & I took a bath.

As I was leaving the bathroom after changing my clothes or something, I saw my dead grandmother, and she stopped & we briefly talked; my grandmother usually does not talk in my dreams, but she talked a bit in this dream, and things seemed so normal that I did not even remember that she was supposed to be dead.

I can not remember what she said at first, but I remember asking her if she needed help with anything, and she asked me to hold a canvas holder for paintings or whatever it is called for her; it was a home-made one that was unbalanced, so I had to hold it so that my grandmother could draw/paint on a canvas that was on the canvas holder.

I am not sure if I had an injury from the battle or not, but I remember my grandmother either praying for me and/or healing me and/or chanting and/or something like that; she moved her finger or two of her fingers on the back of my head in a certain pattern, while she spoke in an unknown language that I have never heard before & it did not sound like any language that I have heard before.

I sometimes have different languages in my dreams, but I did not recognize the language that she was praying or speaking in or chanting in, and it did not seem like a Christian prayer/chant in my opinion but I could be wrong since I have no idea what she was saying or doing exactly; and so I wondered what religious ceremony or ritual or chant or whatever was she performing, and I wondered what language was she speaking.

I could feel a feeling that I can not describe in the back of my head, I could feel it inside my brain or the nerves inside of the back of my head/brain or something like that, and I could feel it as she spoke or prayed or chanted in this unknown language while she touched the back of my head moving her finger(s) in a certain pattern; and I did not feel pain and I did not feel afraid, but I did feel that feeling that can not describe in the back of my brain and/or head.

It was almost like her words and/or finger movements would make the strange feeling in the back of my head/brain, and I could separate some of the words that she was speaking, in that unknown language, in my mind, but I could not understand the words exactly at a conscious level; but maybe I could feel the words and/or understand them at a subconscious level.

After and/or between brief periods of her prayer or ritual or chant or healing or whatever, my grandmother would draw and write things on the canvas that were related to me and my life; but I can not remember what she was writing or drawing, but I know that she was communicating with me through the drawings and words that she wrote.

It was like she was trying to share something with me to help me learn and/or understand something, and she was using that as a form of communication instead of talking; I think that some of the things that she wrote and drew were related to my past, present, and several possible futures probably.

A few people from the battle earlier came into my grandfather’s house and one of them was my aunt GC, and she interrupted my grandmother and I; she needed to use the bathroom, and she told me that there was going to be a meeting to end the war soon.

And so I left for the meeting, and the meeting was being covered in the news and news reporters were at the library questioning the librarians about me & about the situation; some of the reporters recognized the two librarians as former news reporters and asked them about that, and they told them that, yes, they were former news reporters.

The librarians were annoyed by all the media attention, but they shared the information about whatever had inspired me and how it had effected/affected the college campus and others.

The meeting was about to take  place at the college campus between both armies, the heads of the college, the police, politicians, et cetera; and news reporters were all over the place, and some of them followed me & they asked me questions as I walked to the meeting.

At the meeting a female politician that looked like Nancy Pelosi mixed with a strange small elderly/old woman, was the leader of the meeting, and she was telling us about how/why the government was cutting programs for the people & why the government was doing other negative things that the people did not like.

She said that the government was warned about some possible negative futures, but she did not say who warned them, and she said that the government was told to take certain steps to prevent those possible negative futures (but she did not say who told them what steps to take or what were those steps were exactly); but she did not go into detail about it, but she said that many of the steps would not be liked by the people.

She vaguely mentioned one possible negative future that the government was warned about, that I think had something to do with negative natural things like pollution/limited resources/over-crowding/et cetera; but I can not remember what she said exactly, but I do know that it was vague.

To me she was implying that some non-government, non-military, non-intelligence agency, and maybe non-Human source had warned them and had made some suggestions; but she never did say, but that is what I felt or thought.

She did not bother to share the source of the information, she did not share the real information, she did not share evidence that proved whether the source and/or information was valid/true, and she seemed to just want us to blindly follow the governments recommendations.

She then stopped & she told me that she knew who I was, and that she remembered me; and she told me that I probably did not remember who she was, and she was correct, I did not know who she was & I did not remember her exactly, but I felt that maybe I had seen her before in a past dream or somewhere else in the past.

I think she said that I would remember her eventually/one day, maybe she was going to talk to me more later after the meeting and/or in another dream and/or she thought that I would remember her on my own later after I thought about it/her long enough, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂