Denzel Washington ‘Flight’ Parody By @KingBach

Denzel Washington ‘Flight’ Parody by @KingBach

What is it?

The 2012 YouTube parody video Denzel Washington ‘Flight’ Parody By @KingBach by the YouTube channel BachelorsPadTv.

Here is the description for this video:

Written & Directed by @KingBach
Special writing thanks to @MitchMarchand
Andrew Bachelor:
Margaret- Ione Butler:
Assistant Principal- Rashod Freelove:
Cop- Jean Toussaint
Principal- Patrick Finerty

Produced By: King Bach & Jon Lesane

Deadly Public Servants – Employee Evaluation

Source: YouTube

Recently I saw a YouTube video by the YouTube channel NateFlicks called Deadly Public Servants – Employee Evaluation:

I was not expecting that, that bus driver ate those punches, and I am shocked that the young man who attacked him stayed conscious after the bus driver hit him with that heavy-handed wombo combo.

The end,

-John Jr

Alien Creatures Attacking A Facility?

Source: IMDb

Dream 1

This dream took place early in the morning in a room where me, my mom, and my brothers KDC and TDC were.

My brothers KDC and TDC were trying to sleep, one of them woke up, and we listened to some music from a computer until I stopped it so that I could go to sleep.

My mom started to play a cartoon that was in my watch list, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in what seemed like New Orleans, Louisiana in The United States, but I could be wrong.

A mostly forgotten part of the dream took place in a field that had a small rough wooden shack-like house in the middle of it, me and my former male classmate JC went there, and maybe he bought the land and house.

Later in the dream JC was probably still there, but I was on a bus with some other people, and our bus driver was a woman with light-color skin.

At some point we drove past the field with the small rough wooden shack-like house as our bus driver seemed to be on her way to meet someone or something, it seemed that maybe she was going to check out something, like maybe something she found in some classified ad and maybe she was told to go to a certain location to meet whoever had what she wanted or whatever.

This stop was not part of our official bus route, this was a personal stop for her, that she did not think would take long I assume.

It felt like we were in or near downtown New Orleans, she parked along a sidewalk by some buildings, and there was a dark tunnel-like brick alley and the location was supposed to be in there somewhere so she got out to check it out and I went with her because this looked suspicious and unsafe.

I had a taser or something that I kept ready just in case, we walked down the dark brick tunnel alley and no one was around, and I asked her if she was sure that this was the correct location and she said yes and I warned her that this seemed more like trap or something and that we probably should turn around but she wanted to continue so we did because I was not going to leave her alone when it seemed so obviously dangerous.

To my surprise this area was clean and I expected to see people who were homeless living around here, but I saw no one which made me even more worried because this looked like a nice place to stay if you were homeless so I assumed that something was keeping them away.

We reach an area with a solid door, either someone told us to enter over and intercom and let us in or we walked in, and there was another dark tunnel that led to another door so we went through it.

This led into a strange experimental facility where we saw some scientist wearing maybe white lab coats running toward us with futuristic stun baton-like weapons and energy weapons that were mostly white, and the weapons and the facility and the scientists seemed like something from a Half-Life video game or something.

There was a small dirt-like hill that was somewhat mountain-like to our left that we walked up on, there were several different types of terrains and areas in this part of the building, which was interesting.

Some strange small four-legged alien-like creatures were attacking, the scientists were running from them and fighting them as they tried to evacuate the building, and we ran to help the scientists.

I am not sure if I shot anything with my taser-like weapon or not, I just know that I picked up a futuristic shock baton-like weapon and an energy weapon that could shoot maybe a blue energy beam from a distance, and I used those when I probably picked up some from some dead scientists.

I helped a balding male scientist with light-color skin with dark hair wearing glasses evacuate out of the building, the bus driver and no other scientists followed, and so we quickly gathered some more weapons and we ran inside to find them.

We were only able to save the bus driver and a female scientist, and we ran to the land and house in the field where I saw my former classmate JC and a woman working outside the house with their backs facing us.

A small rough-looking car full of some rough-looking people with light-color skin was driving by the field and stopped by us, an older woman was driving, and she told us that buying this land / house was a bad idea.

As she was driving off I heard a man in the car mentioning how big the butt of the woman next to JC was, which he thought was attractive, but they kept driving as the older woman said something to him about that.

We then saw a military-like convoy coming up the road, the two scientists said that they were probably arriving to deal with the facility situation, and one of the scientists wanted to run over to them to let them know about the situation.

I sensed danger and I told this scientist to hide instead, a somewhat older military-looking man with light-color skin with white hair seemed to be the leader of the convoy, the scientist ignored my warning and the leader ordered the convoy to kill us.

They started shooting at us and I yelled for everyone to get down, I pretended to be dead as the first scientist was shot because there was almost no cover and I was mostly exposed, and so I stood no chance.

The assumed leader smiled and told the convoy to continue to the facility, he assumed that we were dead and was not concerned about double-checking, and so they drove by.

I was pretending to be dead, but most of the others were probably dead.

I hoped that most of the others were alive, I was worried for them, and I assumed that the convoy was here to cover-up the situation by killing everything and everyone who was a witness.

I woke up before I could get up to see if anyone else was alive.

The end,

-John Jr

A Large Multi-Headed Cow?

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is one dream or two dreams, but I will type it as one.

This dream started during the day and me and some of my coworkers at The BP Library went on a work trip on a charter bus like we did on our work trip last month, and our bus driver looked like or was the same older female bus driver with light-color skin with medium-length white / gray hair from that work trip.

After the work trip we were driven to a small one-story building on the left side of a highway that looked like the highway that goes to the city of M, and I guess this building was one of our smaller library branches or was a fictional version of our main library or something.

The bus driver went inside the building to talk to some of my coworkers while most of my coworkers started to leave, my coworker Mr. JF asked the bus driver if he could use the charter bus to drive himself home and she said, and I wondered how Mr. JF would get the charter bus back to her so I decided to join him in case I needed to drive it back.

Mr. JF rolled his wheelchair to the elevator (lift) on the charter bus, he got out of it to get on the elevator (lift), and to my surprise his futuristic-looking wheelchair folded itself and drove itself into the charter bus storage area that magically opened and closed for it on its own.

I was surprised and amazed by this and I said so to Mr. JF as he was lifted into the bus, and then I got on the bus with him.

Mr. JF reversed the bus onto the highway in the wrong lane while driving backward waiting for a chance to pull into the correct lane, and there were two automobiles in that lane.

Once Mr. JF got into the correct lane he somehow turned the charter bus into a convertible whose top and sides were dangerously low, and he started driving dangerously fast down the highway and turning curves so fast that I fell out of the bus.

Mr. JF kept driving, magically my automobile was on the right side of the highway, and so I got into it and I started driving trying to catch up with Mr. JF but he was gone because he was driving so fast.

At some point it was evening when I drove past an area that looked like a fictional version of the area where the HD Head Start School should be, some of my former classmates and some other people were playing sports in a competition and people were standing and sitting around watching, and so I parked and I walked over.

I wanted to join in the sports competition and I said so, my former classmates said that they would try to let me on the team eventually but I was not so sure that they were telling the truth, and I felt left out and abandoned somewhat.

I needed to urinate so I went to use the bathroom in a men’s bathroom in a small one-story building to the right that was a sports field house for a school, an old man with light-color skin with gray / white hair walked in as well, and he wanted to use the stall that I went to and I heard him complain and walk away to find another stall.

The stall that I went to was super small and there was a strange urinal in it, there was no room to get comfortable as I stood trying to urinate, and as I urinated I heard background music playing in the bathroom that sounded familiar.

It was a jazz song that I can not remember by Chet Baker, the old man started talking to me from across the bathroom saying that I probably did not know who that music was by, but then I told him that I did and I told him what song it was and who it was by which surprised him and he stopped acting as grouchy.

I walked out of the stall to wash my hands while talking to the old man about how I knew what the song was and who it was by, I told him that I found out about music like this online, and how the internet made amazing things like that possible.

My coworker Mr. CF walked into the bathroom probably wearing his security guard uniform like he probably always does in my dreams, in my dreams he is always a security guard like in real life, and he joined our conversation about older music and the internet.

The our coworker and branch manager Mrs. PH entered the bathroom, which confused me even in the dream because this was the men’s bathroom, and she joined the conversation and changed the topic.

Then my female coworker TR entered the bathroom and joined the conversation, Mrs. PH mentioned that she had a quote written down somewhere in The BP Library that said something like: “Start a riot.” or something close to that.

PH told us that if she ever dies or something that she wanted that quote posted and shared and that she wanted us to follow it, I was confused by this, and so I said so.

PH told us that her quote did not mean to start a riot literally, and that it meant something like: “To not let others always tell you what to think / believe / do / et cetera or something close to that, and that you should try to find our own path sometimes and resist those who try to control you or something close to that.”.

I told her that using the word riot would lead to a lot of confusion, me and TR said that we would take that literally, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day at a fictional version of my parent’s house that seemed to be across the street from the field where my dad used to raise cows and a horse when I was a kid, and I was inside the house and my brother GC was probably in the living room.

After talking with my brother GC I went to another room, maybe a bathroom that had a window and maybe I went to urinate, and I could see outside toward the street and field and the yard and part of the houses to the right side.

There was a bush or plant of some kind in front of the window, and behind it I saw a large brown unknown non-human animal so I tried to get a closer look from the window.

At first I thought that it was a huge bear but as it got closer it looked like a strange unknown possibly thought to be extinct non-human animal, I wondered what in the world was this large unknown weird-looking animal because I had never seen anything like it before in real life, and when it got even closer I saw that it was a very large cow-like animal with a lot of heads.

I yelled for my brother GC to come see this, and I ran back to the living room and I started telling him what I saw.

I wanted him to come to the window to see it himself, I had never seen anything like this, and never anything with so many heads but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Someone Is Murdering Martial Arts Masters

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and there was a group of maybe men (some of them may have looked strange like they were possibly not human, but I can not remember) who were very good at fighting and who I assume were martial arts masters with maybe superpowers and their own special martial arts styles.

I was either an investigator and/or one of their students or one of them, and these assumed martial arts masters were being murdered and I was investigating this trying to find out who was murdering them and how were they able to murder these powerful fighters/martial arts masters.

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