A Business Meeting At The Library?

In this dream, I was working at a fictional larger nicer more modern version of the library that I work at that had an open auditorium like room, it had a clean modern business style to it.

Many business people (businessmen) wearing suits were having an assumed business meeting / meeting in there, and it possibly partly involved funding for the library; but I have no idea.

My coworker Ms. RB, our OM, our assistant director Ms. JM, my female coworker JB, my female coworker MR, a fictional female coworker who seemed to be the character Aneka (played by Michaela Coel) from the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and maybe one or more of my coworkers were in this dream.


A Familiar Dream Of A Meeting Of High Level People

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I was so busy with other stuff that I forgot about my dreams, fortunately I can barely remember some of them, and one of them was a repeat of a forgotten dream from the past probably.

Unfortunately almost all the details of both dreams are missing, which is a shame, because these two dreams were interesting & covered details of once forgotten dreams/memories from the past; but I will try hard to think deeply about these two deep/hard to remember dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream is buried pretty deep because it took place in a dream world that looked a bit like a deep dream world that I have dreamed about a few times, it is an actual dream world where the entire world is small enough to be known/seen, a deep world with lots of water; I use the word deep, because it feels like a deep place/memory/dream world.

This dream world has a few land areas, but you have to travel by boat a lot; and the water & the dream world has a grayish/blueish/slightly dark tone color, and the world feels contained like you can not get past the sky & like there is not much of a sky.

I do not know how the dream began or any of the important details, I just remember being on a boat with several people, and we reached land; and we went inside of a building.

The dream started to become familiar where I realized that I had been to this place before and that the same events from last time was happening again, and a meeting of high level people was going to begin.

Several of the high level people were dressed in older style clothes & they had guards with old style weapons like old rifles with bayonets, from a time period like before or during the American Revolutionary War or some time period like that, and one of the high level people was a probably a French nobleman and/or general with one of those long curly hair wigs & he was wearing fancy old style clothing from around that time period.

Slowly various high level people from the military, people from various groups (religious & non-religious)/families/et cetera, business people, intelligence agents, politicians, et cetera were slowly arriving by boat; and some of them probably had slaves and/or their own workers & guards, but I can not remember if they were all from the same time period or not.

I was not part of either group or part of the gathering as far as I can remember, I probably just happened to be waiting for a boat when the nobleman & his guards were waiting on the boat as well, and I probably happened to get off at the same stop as them.

I did get to see the inside of the building, which probably mostly only people who were to be part of the meeting got to see, because I remember the slaves/workers/most of the guards having to stay outside of the building; but somehow I got to go inside of the building several times.

The inside of the building was dimly lit & pretty dark, it was probably one floor, it probably had a large open area with various areas for various things like kitchen/dining room/meeting room/et cetera & there were some closed areas that I did not get to see, and I remember there being a ramp-like area near the entrance on the outside & inside & there were some sunken areas with steps needed to move to the next area.

I remember many of the guards were patrolling outside of the building keeping a watch on the slaves/workers/et cetera, and some of the guards were probably from various places in Europe like the guards of probably French nobleman; and some of them who spoke English might have been from The United States (USA) (if it even existed during this time period) & other non-European English-speaking countries.

I am not sure what the meeting was going to be about, it did not start during the dream, I remember that it was night-time before the dream ended.

Dream 2

The next dream took place on a boat but I am not sure if it was in the same dream world or not, my memory is too unclear, I just remember that someone was doing something for me; and it involved inviting various high level people on the boat to talk/raise money/or something like that.

I was not comfortable about that or with the high level people and I did not want to talk with them or be around them, but the person convinced me that it was necessary to help me with whatever that it was that I needed help with.

The boat had several areas connected to it, one was square-shaped & another was shaped like a circle & there might have been more areas, and that is where the various high level people were standing/talking/et cetera.

The high level people were mostly divided in groups as they talked such as: military, intelligence, business, politicians, et cetera; and they probably were from a modern time period, but I am not sure.

I remember staying mostly on the boat talking with the person who was trying to help me, who also kept encouraging me to talk with some of the high level people, since I was hiding on the boat mostly to avoid them; and at some point I walked out where I could be seen, and I prepared myself to greet some of the high level people but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂