Wake Induced Lucid Dreams | The Princess Dares

I had a variety of clear dreams and some wake induced lucid dreams (WILDs), but unfortunately I did not record them each time that I woke up so now I can only remember barely part of several of my dreams.

Dream 1

At some point during the early morning after getting in bed, I am not sure if I woke up or if I caught myself as I was about to fall asleep, either way I had my eyes closed but I was able to see a place in my mind very clearly like a dream but I was still awake so I decided to try to have a wake induced lucid dream by holding this visualization of this place in my mind.

I tried to imagine a scenario for the place that I was seeing in my mind, the place that I saw was possibly a book store-like place where I was in a position on top of some shelves or something among maybe books and other things, but I can not remember; and I set the goal of trying to communicate with my subconscious by trying to get it to appear in human form to talk to me in this place.

I held the image of this place keeping my eyes closed, somehow I kept the image stable as I fell asleep while still being conscious, and eventually I felt that I was sleep enough to start trying to control the wake induced lucid dream (WILD).

The dream world was not completely stable, I tried to move and do a few things to test this, and it was not stable so I had to focus a moment until it was barely stable enough to barely move and barely interact with the dream world.

After a few brief tests I started to yell out to my subconscious telling it to show itself to me in human form to talk to me, and I tried to summon my subconscious.

A small human shape started to appear to the left side of me that I could barely see through the corner of my left eye, the dream was too unstable for me to move to see it, and so I barely could see it forming slightly in the corner of my left eye.

The dream was so unstable that I woke up from it briefly several times keeping my eyes closed while still keeping the dream world in my mind which was amazing because I could still see everything like the dream was there, like it was paused, and then I was able to go back to sleep each time and continue the dream again.

Each time a new humanoid shape would start trying to appear and sometimes it would talk to me, I asked it if it was my subconscious or if it was just a random dream character, but I can not remember what its response was.

The humanoid shapes were usually small and maybe almost fetus-shaped, most of the time I did not have a good view of them because they would appear in the corner of my field of vision, and I could not usually turn to see them because that is how unstable the dreams were.

Only a few shapes were independent or separated, most formed from objects on the shelves, and so I would see part of a humanoid shape forming in an object and slightly sticking out while still being connected to whatever object it tried to form from which would normally be pretty freaky but I usually could not and would not look at them because of how unstable the dream world was and I did not want to risk messing things up and I wanted my subconscious to pick its own form without me consciously giving it a form / shape.

Sometimes my assumed subconscious would talk to me in a maybe distorted weird somewhat creepy unknown male voice, and most of what it said was cryptic and did not make much sense.

A few things that it said were clear and somewhat understandable but were still confusing, I clearly remembered something it said to me, but since I did not record these lucid dreams after they happened I can not remember what it told me now.

Waking up and going back into the lucid dreams kept interrupting my assumed subconscious from completely forming into a humanoid shape and being able to say more than a few things each time, the dream world was too unstable to keep going for long, and so I had to keep going back into the dream.

Only maybe 1 – 3 things that it said could possibly be slightly translated, the dream world was so unstable that what it told me was mostly nonsensical, I wish that I could remember the details that I had remembered when this was over but I failed to record the details before going back to sleep and having more dreams.

One time my assumed subconscious formed from some blue stuff that was on a shelf so I could only see part of a blue fetus-like shape poking partly from the blue object and it could move its mouth but there was no opening for the mouth shape because it was still connected to the blue material, but somehow it still spoke out-loud even though the mouth had no opening which was a bit freaky.

It reminded me of the talking fetus from the playable teaser demo for the video game P.T. (Silent Hills).

During one of my assumed subconscious’s humanoid forms I was possibly in its face asking it questions trying to get it to make sense because I was annoyed because it was saying things that did not make sense to me mostly, but that is all that I can remember of these WILDs.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this is a separate dream or part of the next dream, and so I will type it separately.

This dream took place during the night, the end of the dream involved me sitting on a bus talking with my brother GC and our dad, and the bus was possibly slightly raised from the ground and it was connected to our house oddly.

It seemed to be a place that we could relax and see the outside and even walk through to get outside, it possibly also served as a bridge that possible connected to another building, and so maybe we could use it to reach the other building without going outside but I can not remember.

As we were talking we got interrupted by a knock from the outside of the bus from the left side, we looked outside the windows into the darkness outside, and we saw my possibly now homeless male cousin DE standing outside the bus wearing a knit hat and a T-shirt and sweat pants looking mentally unstable.

We had not seen him in over a week after he left during one of his very mentally unstable episodes that got so bad that police were called multiple times on him by different people in the city and he got kicked out of the place where he was living and he even got into it with my family even though we were the only people left trying to help him after he pushed everyone else away, and now he was back suddenly late at night after being gone for over a week.

This annoyed us and we did not want to see him or let him in after all that has happened over the years and recently but our dad opened the door to the bus and let him in to our annoyance and surprise, DE did not say anything, and he walked into our house walking in different rooms talking to himself and arguing with I assume the hallucinations that he sees and hears.

Me and my brother GC were annoyed and wanted him gone, how would we sleep with DE inside the house still very unstable, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the evening and / or night across one or more days, the end of the dream involved me meeting a fictional princess in the British Royal Family and maybe another princess who both had light-color skin.

They were possibly the granddaughters of the queen (I am not sure if this was the real queen or a fictional one because I never got to see her in the dream), but I am not sure.

We talked et cetera and one of the princesses dared and convinced and wanted me to sneak around rarely used and possibly secret parts of a royal palace (mansion) that they lived at and that the queen sometimes stayed at, I did not think that this was a good idea, but eventually I did it after she told me that there would not be much security there because the queen was not there right now.

She told me where to go to avoid the security patrols, and then I sneaked into the royal palace and I walked around rarely used and secret areas.

This was actually fun and interesting, I went through attics and maybe basements and various floors, and this place reminded me of places that are sometimes in my dreams where fictional versions of my grandparents house and / or other buildings have rarely used and secret areas that seem somewhat comfortable to me like visiting areas where old memories are stored or something.

Surprisingly no security seemed to be patrolling these areas, I am not sure how many times I sneaked into the royal palace during the dream, but only I did so each time that the princess asked / dared / wanted me to.

I think that I only did this during the evening or night each time, the princess who I talked to the most seemed to enjoy this, and we seemed to be forming a relationship of some kind.

At some point during an evening or night an old male butler / bodyguard from the royal palace who was or looked like Michael Caine approached me outside (not at the royal palace), he said that they (the security) knew about me sneaking into the royal palace (maybe hidden cameras), and he said that he wanted me to stop doing that and that I was not allowed to visit the royal palace anymore but I can not remember if this was coming from just the security or if the queen had also given the order.

I explained that the princess had told and wanted me to, but that was not good enough and it was only enough to stop me from being arrested now but they would probably arrest me if I returned to the royal palace.

Later in the dream I told the princess about this and she was angry about it, and we tried to figure out what to do about it.

If the queen gave the order then there was nothing that she could do almost, and so she tossed around different ideas like adopting me and / or marrying me so that I would be part of the royal family and would be able to access the royal palace.

If the queen did not approve of us getting married she could kick the princess out of the family and refuse to recognize me as a member of the royal family, and so everything was dependent on what the queen would decide.

The princess would have to decide if she was willing to risk getting kicked out of the royal family, she seemed stubborn and ready to do that, but I tried to calm her down and get her to not risk that.

But I woke up as we talked about this.

The end,

-John Jr


Melfina In A Video Game World? | Our Neighbor Mr. RD Acting Unstable

Source: Wikipedia

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is one dream or several dreams, and so I will type it as one dream with three parts.

Part 1

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day and my brother CC was visiting so I assume that he was on vacation from the military, and I think that we both went to exercise somewhere and then we drove to McDonald’s in the city of D.

I remember my brother CC looking at his reflection on the window of McDonald’s as we got out of the automobile, and I asked him if he has gotten more muscular or less since basic training.

I can not remember his response or my response, other than asking him about his workout routine, and talking about mine and some other things but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

This part of the dream took place in my parent’s kitchen and the animated characters Rebecca Rossellini and her male butler from the anime television show Lupin The Third Part IV (which I watched last night or this morning) were cooking, they were probably animated, but the rest of the dream was not animated.

Rebecca saw some sweet potatoes and maybe something else that brought back memories of her dead former boyfriend and some other memories, she became a bit emotional, and she asked her butler to make something special from the time period of those memories and she probably talked about some of the memories.

She possibly sent him and / or someone else to go pick up some supplies, but I can not remember; and so maybe the next part involves that, but I am not sure.

Part 3

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it was still daytime, a man with light-color skin was sent to buy something for someone at an auction, but I can not remember exactly what he was supposed to buy other than it involving maybe a video game (that was possibly also a dream world, but I am not can not remember) and somewhere inside the video game world and / or dream world was the animated character Melfina from the anime television show Outlaw Star (which I watched this morning) and they wanted to buy whatever it was so that they could pull Melfina from the video game world and / or dream world into their world.

The man went to the auction but he lost because someone had more money than he could bid because the person who gave him the money did not expect anyone to bid more than that amount, and later in the dream he was watching the news on a television when he learned that the buyer was forced to return whatever it was from the auction after something that I can not remember went wrong so the man left immediately to go bid on whatever it was again but somehow I ended up riding with him in his truck I think.

We return to the auction and the man wins the auction this time, but I can not remember if we took the object with us or not.

I just remember us driving back to the person who gave him the money and the man was telling me about their plans et cetera, and he seemed to really care for Melfina.

I can not remember if we pulled Melfina from the video game world and / or dream world or not as we drove, but I do remember visualizing it / daydreaming it as the man talked about it.

At some point we were driving through a neighborhood with trees on both sides of the street with a forest on the left side, and we drove through an opening in the trees in front of the forest where there was a trail that went up a hill and this was a shortcut I assume.

I remember seeing what looked like the head of a man with light-color skin with orange / brown hair and facial hair with maybe a bandana who looked like a thin biker from the countryside on in a dip in the trail, but I assumed and hoped that it was just a fake head because it seemed to be in too good of a condition to be a real human head.

I mentioned it to the man but he was in a rush to return so we did not stop, there was a bit more to this dream, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house when I heard the dogs barking outside, and so I looked out of the living room window to see a medium-to-large yellow / white dog in our yard near our dogs so I walked outside.

I heard our neighbor Mr. RD yelling to the dog from across the street, the dog was a female, but I can not remember her name.

I picked up the dog and I walked it over to our neighbor Mr. RD who was standing in the street, the dog went back in his yard, and I briefly said a few things to Mr. RD before he started to walk away.

I turned to walk back in the yard but Mr. RD suddenly said: “Did you see that?”.

I turned to see him pointing to the ground outside of our yard, there was a shadow effect from maybe clouds blocking the sun or something, and so I could not see in that area too well but I assumed that maybe he saw a snake or something because he looked afraid.

I told him that I did not see anything and I asked him what he saw, he was acting afraid and strange like he was becoming mentally unstable and / or was having some kind of reaction from medicine or the lack of medicine or some kind of medical situation, and then he asked me: “Do you see him!?” while pointing and looking afraid and unstable.

I looked again but I did not see anything or anyone standing or on the ground, the shadow effect was moving a bit like the clouds were moving in the sky so there were dark spots and light spots that moved, which was a bit annoying because I could not see on the ground that well.

I told our neighbor Mr. RD that I did not see anything, he seemed even more unstable and a bit physically unstable, and so I helped walk him home wondering what was wrong with him to have him acting strange like this and possibly hallucinating.

He probably closed his gate so that his fictional dog (he has a smaller dog in real life) would not get out again, and then I walked him inside his house asking a few questions and giving him some advice hoping to maybe figure out what was going on so that he could help himself and / or that I could help him and / or I could decide if I should get him some medical help.

I remember him ranting a bit and sounding unstable, I got him to calm down and maybe go eat something and drink some water and take his medicine if he had any and then take a nap, and I waited for a moment to make sure that he was okay enough to do those things.

I can not remember if I was still there or if I was leaving when I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Waiting For The Police To Arrive At A Hotel-Like Building

I somewhat remember part of a detailed but I do not remember many of the small details, and the dream took place probably during the night at a somewhat fancy multi-story fictional hotel-like building.

There were a lot of people partying/having fun in several lobby-like areas, most of them seemed like college students, and there was a nice stairway and balcony / walkway / hall-like areas connected to the stairway on each floor that allowed you to see below into the main lobby.


3 Memorable Dream Characters (Antagonists) That I Want A Rematch Against

The Super Fast Sword Fighting Clown

This first dream antagonist was the best sword fighter I ever had in a dream, and maybe the fastest fighter ever in a dream too.

In the dream I was at a Ryan’s Buffet Restaurant with my family, and two of my brothers and I had to use the bathroom.

We went to the bathroom and I opened the door, and saw about four police officers getting killed by a clown with sharp teeth with blood all over his mouth.

I told my brothers to run & I told them tell everyone else to leave the building, and I would fight the clown long enough for everyone to escape.

The clown was biting, scratching, and hitting the police officers.

They were getting beat so bad that they could not even shoot their guns and the clown was smiling, eating some of the police officers, and he was drinking some of their blood.

I closed the door and I hoped that the officers would win, I was outside the door at this point, and I could not see what was happening.

I heard some gunshots from inside the bathroom, and I started to try to give myself courage, for if I had to fight.

I started to get serious and I felt like I would not survive the fight, and some how I had a katana at this point.

When I stopped hearing noises I went into the bathroom and all the police officers were dead, and the clown was eating and/or drinking the blood of one of the officers.

The clown saw me and he stood up smiling with blood on his teeth, he saw that I had a katana, and he started to laugh.

Then he pulled out a katana, and I think that he said that it will be fun killing you.

Then he ran at me super fast, so fast that I could only see a shadow-trail/blur of him. (He was moving so fast that you saw part of him standing while he was really somewhere else, and so he was so fast that my brain could not process his image/movements fast enough)

I started to block his attacks barely, the clown seemed surprised and he was excited that I survived his first few attacks, and he said that he had not fought anyone that had survived his attacks for that long for a long time; and that he was really going to have fun killing me.

The clown started laughing and moving around fast, but I kept blocking his attacks.

It was like the fight in the movie Blade when Blade was fighting Deacon Frost at the end, and sparks were flying off of my sword every time he attacked.

I knew that I could not survive longer, he was too fast and I could not even attack, and all I was doing was blocking & trying to dodge his attacks.

I started to feel like giving up, but I knew that I needed to waste enough time so that everyone else could escape.

So I started trying to give myself courage again, I reminded myself that this was my last fight, and that I wanted to die giving 100% of my full potential/power in this fight.

I then felt powered up like a hero fighting his last fight in a movie, and I started to attack the clown.

The clown was surprised, and we both started to block, attack, and dodge.

The clown was on the defensive now and he seemed to enjoy the fact that I was fighting better, and the clown even congratulated me for fighting so well.

But at this point I became tired, I knew that I had wasted enough time and that the clown was not tired at all, and so I knew that I was about to be killed by the clown soon.

So as the clown was moving in to finish me off/kill me, I woke myself up from the dream.

After waking up I went back to sleep, and I had a dream that a young woman from Japan (Japanese) was going to teach me how to sword fight better.

The young woman found me at Walmart, and she told me that she would come to my parent’s house to train me.

We went to my parent’s house, and we started to train in the yard.

She had a butler holding a pillow with a lot of rapier / fencing swords (foils) on it.

She had a katana and Japanese samurai styled clothing.

The butler gave me one of the fencing swords, and it was super thin and it felt weak.

The young woman said that she was going to test my current sword fighting level/skill, and so we started to fight.

My sword was so weak that it broke after blocking a few attacks, and so I got another sword from the butler.

Each sword kept breaking until there were none left.

I asked her that next time could she please give me better swords, and I asked her why did she not give me a katana.

She did not answer my questions, and I woke up.

The Yellowish Circle Shaped Being (Entity)

My next dream took place at my parent’s house on a sunny day, that seemed like a Saturday.

I was in the house, and suddenly members of my mom’s side of the family kept coming inside our house.

I thought it was a family reunion or something, but I heard one of my aunt’s saying that some strange yellowish colored thing had brought them to our house.

I went outside and everything seemed normal except some yellowish being (entity) that had a circular shaped body and a circular shaped head, arms, no legs, no eyes, no nose, no mouth, and it had yellowish hair that was styled like Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, it flew over our yard and it dropped off two of my cousins in the yard & it flew off.

I tried to run out of the yard so that I could follow the thing, but there was a force field preventing us from leaving the yard.

We went inside my parent’s house, and everyone was talking about what had happened to them.

It seemed that this entity was collecting everyone on my mom’s side of the family, and it was bringing them to our house.

For some reason it was trapping us in our yard, and no one knew why or what it wanted.

A few of my cousins (ME, DW, EE, ME, MG) and I went to the kitchen to think up a plan to attack the entity the next time it came to our yard.

We decided to take some alcohol, put it in some bottles, put a rag in it, light it, and throw it at the thing to burn it. (Basically a Molotov cocktail)

As we were making them, we heard people going outside, and so we went to the back door of our house to see what was going on.

The yellowish entity was floating outside near the back door, and members of our family were asking it what it wanted and why did it bring them here.

It just stood there and it said nothing, so my cousins ran to the kitchen to get the cocktails, and attack the thing.

All of them ran outside but each time one of them threw a cocktail at it, it just raised its hand and it would shoot the cocktail back at them, and then it would send them flying backward through the air knocking them unconscious.

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a Molotov cocktail, and I ran outside to throw one at it while it was not paying attention.

But it raised its hand and the Molotov cocktail flew at me, but I dodged it, and then I ran to attack the entity but it sent me flying unconscious across the yard.

I then woke up in the dream on the ground in my yard, and my cousins were on the ground just waking up too.

I saw my dad raking the leaves, and then my cousins and I started to try to make a new plan to attack the thing with for the next time that it came again.

Then I woke up.

The Grim Reaper

My last dream was short, and I had this dream right before waking up one day, a few years ago.

I was at a dance, it seemed almost like a senior high school dance, and I was dancing with some unknown young woman.

We were having a good time and we were talking about something as we danced, but suddenly a portal opened up behind the young woman in the air.

Something that looked like the Grim Reaper pointed toward me from the portal, and it started to drain my life / life force / energy / whatever away.

I could not move and I felt like all my energy was being taken/drained, and that I was going to die.

I tried to fight it but it was too strong and right when I was about to give up and die, I woke up or I woke myself up from the dream.

I hope in the future that I will one day get a rematch against each of these dream antagonists, especially the clown.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂