An Accident | A Conflict At A Cabin

Dream 1

In this dream I was in college, there was an accident, and later they found some of the injured & some of the dead people; but some people from the accident were still missing, and so no one knew if the missing people were dead or not.

Amarna Miller and a man with her were among the missing people from the accident.


Feral (2018)

What is it?

The 2017 or 2018 horror movie Feral.


The Legend Of The Running And Hiding Man

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept on my old mattress last night because I am letting some of my brothers test the new mattress, and so I tossed and turned in bed a lot last night trying to reduce the pain.

This led to me not voice recording my dreams and forgetting most of my dreams, but I do barely remember part of one or two dreams that I will type as one dream because I am not sure if it is one or two dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, maybe my mom and some of my family was with me at first but I am not sure, and I remember a large area with a large building or several buildings with a large parking lot near fields and maybe a forest.

This area seemed like a combination of different places and activities like a military base combined with several other things and maybe a fair was taking place but I can not remember, but I do remember seeing a lot of soldiers and maybe police patrolling.

I can not remember most of the dream so it does not make much sense but at some point something happened that I can not remember, I ended up separated and alone, and I started running and hiding to avoid being seen as I sneaked around for some unknown reason.

I am not sure if the security was after me at first or not but I remember trying to avoid them, I sneaked around ground levels and upper levels inside and outside, and eventually I escaped into the forest as the security was possibly looking for me.

I am not sure if this is the same dream or not, but I remember some people talking about a legend of a man who was on the run and hiding and who escaped into the forest many years ago.

People claimed that even after all of these years that he was still in the forest running and hiding, there were alleged sightings or alleged evidence of his existence, and people were not sure if he was a ghost or still alive.

Many people had their own hypotheses about this legend and their own stories, and they would tell it to people like a scary story to scare kids and people from some parts of the forest.

I am not sure if this legend was inspired by me or someone else, I remember a man who was visiting this area being told about this legend by the locals, and he went into the forest to investigate an old wooden cabin hoping to find evidence that would prove whether the legend was true or not.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream, there was more that happened before and after this, but that is all that I can remember now after tossing and turning a lot during the night.

The end,

-John Jr


Avoiding A Confrontation With My Uncle CE And My Aunt DE And My Aunt ME | An Assassin Trying To Find A Duffel Bag?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up suddenly from a dream during the night hot and sweating in my underwear and pajama pants, I got out of bed to discover that someone had turned on the heater even though it was not hot and this made the house hot, and so I forgot most of my dreams and my sleep was disturbed and I had to briefly turn on the air conditioner to cool down the bedroom enough to go back to sleep.

Amazingly I barely remember part of the end of one dream that I had before waking up, and part of the end of another dream that I had later.

Dream 1

The end of the first dream took place during maybe a gray day at my grandfather’s house and maybe some of my family and I were there and some of our family members from my mom’s side of the family were there like my uncle CE, my aunt DE, my aunt ME, et cetera; and something happened where maybe my uncle CE asked me a confrontational question and/or something like that, and I tried to stay calm and relax and answer the question/deal with the situation in a peaceful/diplomatic way.

My aunt DE and my aunt ME joined my uncle CE as they confronted me about something, I managed to keep the situation calm and I answered their questions and directed the conversation in a way that avoided verbal conflict, and then the conversation became normal/peaceful again; but I can remember what they had confronted me about, and I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

The end of the second/last dream seemed to take place in maybe another country known for wilderness activities at a wooden reddish colored multi-story cabin / motel / apartment-like building near a wilderness that had connected balconies/porches/walkways for each room, and there were various people/tourists hanging out/relaxing outside the building.

I was not in the dream but I remember seeing inside one of the rooms of the building and there was a man with whitish colored skin with short hair carrying a large duffel bag with a strap on his back with another duffel bag on the floor against the wall or door that had most of his luggage in it, and he looked afraid / paranoid like someone was after him; and he kept looking outside the window like he expected someone to come kill him.

I remember him talking out-loud to himself and/or talking to someone on a mobile phone and/or thinking to himself about the situation, the duffel bag on his back contained something very important that he was trying to protect and get to someone else, but one or more assassins/whoever were after the duffel bag and they were killing anyone in their way of getting the duffel bag; and so his life was in danger and the duffel bag was in danger.

He kept the duffel bag with him and most of his luggage packed in his other duffel bag so that he could make a quick escape if necessary, as he was looking out of the window he noticed a suspicious looking man who seemed to be an assassin/whoever who was looking for the duffel bag/him, and so he came up with a plan to escape to the balcony/porch/walkway outside of his door once the assassin entered the building to search his room.

The man started his plan by maybe leaving some items in his room to slow the assassin down by having him think that the duffel bag was hidden in the room, and this would hopefully give him time to get far enough away to escape; and after doing this the man sneaked to the balcony to escape as the assassin/whoever entered the building, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Three Survival Challenges?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a dream that had at least three parts to it, but I can only remember parts of the dream, so it is not that clear.

Part 1

I think the first part that I remember took place outside in some unknown place near some old ruins that had some water not far from them.

I was with a group of other people and I think we were doing some sort of challenge as part of some new student orientation or something for college.

The ruins had an ancient Roman / ancient Greek style to them and the area was pretty nice for some old ruins and we were split into different sections of the ruins.

We were all placed in a certain part of the ruins based on which country we were citizens of, then we were asked to pick a country, I picked France so I was moved to another section all alone.

There was grass and some other plants in some areas and my area was nice & quiet and closer to the water.

On the ground you could barely see shapes in different colors, which represented countries, and my country France was in blue.

I guess our mission was to try to conquer as many countries as we could or at least defend our country from getting conquered, I am not sure, I just remember the challenge beginning.

It was like the Total War video game series, certain spots on the ground were the game map, and I/we were the leaders making the moves on the board.

We could even enter the game map, like it was a real world, it was interesting.

Since no one was in my area, my plan was to conquer all the countries in my section as quickly as I could and then start preparing to defend or invade some of the other challengers.

I went into the game map and was actually in my country France, but it was a small country and was in an almost Middle Ages (Dark Ages)-like period.

I quickly asked a few of my generals about the country next to us and asked if we could invade them now, they said yes so I told them to start the attack now.

I went back above the game map as the battle started to watch and the other countries army was about the same size, actually I do not think any of the countries near me were actually countries, I think they were just settlements that did not belong to any country.

The battle started and the battle was going pretty evenly, so I looked for an opening on the battlefield and then jumped into the battle to lead my military to a quick victory.

I told the generals about a weak spot I saw and order them to attack there with part of our forces while I attack from the front lines, and so the new attack began.

The other military quickly broke ranks and the front line troops & I forced them to retreat, then I told the generals to finish securing the area and prepare for the next battle, and I went back above the game map.

I wondered if my military was strong enough to conquer our area in time before some of the other challengers came with their militaries, and I worried about a possible battle with the United States (USA).

They had the most challengers and the biggest country that I had seen before the challenge started, and their country was in the area next to my area & I was with their team until they asked if we wanted to pick our own country; before I could scout out the next place to attack, the dream switched to another scene.

Part 2

Now some of the challengers and I were in the field near my parent’s house and our next challenge was to live in this makeshift cabin, and survive or something like that.

I can not remember this part of the dream much at all, I think we all had to work together for food & supplies, but that is all I remember; then the dream switched to another scene.

Part 3

This scene was the worst, me and a few other people appeared to be in a cave out in some snowy & icy area like Antarctica or something.

Our challenge was to survive for a certain amount of time and once again I believe it had something to do with college orientation or getting into college like the other parts of the dream.

I think there was two women, a man, and me at first but one of the women gave up & left.

The weather was terrible it was cold and snowing hard, and we were forced to stay in the cave due to the storm.

I remember going to sleep and waking up with a bad wound on my leg, which caused me to have to walk with a limp, and I had no idea what had happened.

The other guy left shortly after we woke up to go find supplies or something, and so me & one woman were left.

We talked about how we all might not survive and how our situation looked pretty bad, and we had no idea where we were or what had happened to my leg.

We needed food and other supplies, so I started to think about preparing to scout the area outside if the other guy did not return, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂