A Younger Loona Luxx

Lazy Overview:

Last night I remember several parts of my last dream, which I think started in the day at a fictional college dorm that is in my dreams sometimes, and I lived there & I was probably going to college again.

Several parts of this dream are unclear, but I think that I started a conversation with a woman who looked like a slightly younger version of Loona Luxx and her friend (who looked like TC’s wife).


Public Bathrooms

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Lazy Overview:

I have not remember much of my dreams the last few days, but I think several have had school related themes.

Last night I know I had one or more longer dreams that took place in a fictional school / college, one or more of which are somewhat common for some of my dreams.

I remember parts of the dream(s) taking place in classrooms, hallways, lobbies, bathrooms, a few other places, and maybe the cafeteria even; so the dream(s) must have been longer than usual, since I had the time to explore that many places.

I do not think anything unusual happened probably just school stuff, eating, drinking, talking, walking, going to the bathroom, etc.

I went to several bathrooms, several times, and spent a while in some of them; for some reason I sometimes have this reoccurring dream theme which involves me looking for a bathroom to use, but I usually have a hard time finding a bathroom that is not full and/or private.

So I usually either have to keep looking for another bathroom and/or wait for some of the people to leave the bathroom and/or use the bathroom with little or no privacy; I am not sure what those kind of dreams could mean, but I always have them every so often and they are usually in school/college related dreams.

I can not remember the other dreams.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Burn Notice The Reality Show? | Something About Shadows

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Last night I remembered part of two dreams, the second one is mostly forgotten but I will try to write what I do remember after my first dream fragment here.

Dream 1

My first dream fragment started with the main character Michael Westen from the television show Burn Notice being dropped in Russia, I was him for some reason, and this was a new show I think; but it was a reality show that would take place in between each season of Burn Notice.

Basically I/Mr. Westen would be dropped in a different country or place and would have to get to certain points and/or meet certain goals, somewhat like a survival-type reality show.

I/Mr. Westen was wearing jeans, shades, and a blue shirt and I started to walk toward a walkway that was outside; the city was a nice small old style city that looked like France does sometimes in my dreams.

The roads and/or walkways were made of stone and there were only a few people outside and a few automobiles, I walked around with no luggage or anything and pretended to know where I was going, I was trying to pretend to be a local citizen; also I thought that I/Mr. Westen knew the Russian language already so I thought that this would be easy.

As I was walking on the sidewalk I saw a woman talking to a man near a café or something and on the other side of the road in a small parking lot I saw two men glancing at me somewhat suspiciously, I glanced at them and waved trying to blend it, and that seemed to make them stop glancing at me suspiciously.

I decided to walk into this small mall-like building and a woman with blond hair that was dressed very nicely like she was super rich or something, came into the building almost at the same time as I did, she greeted me in Russia but I did not understand her so I pretended to understand and I just repeated what she had said to me; that was my first warning sign that something was wrong, the woman continued walking and I walked behind her in the same direction.

The building was very nice, it was clean and modern with small stores and other places, it was very international with different stores & places from different countries, and I heard some workers speaking English at a small coffee shop or something.

As I walked behind the woman we reached a curve in the building that led past a small pizza place that had seats on both sides of the walking area, and there were people speaking different languages sitting around eating & talking; it seemed to be uglier and less clean than the rest of the places in the building and it seemed to be an American themed pizza place to me but I am not sure.

After we passed this area there was another place with people waiting in line, the woman who I was walking behind kept walking but I decided to stop and wait in the line, one of the workers kept saying English with a slight accent; she was trying to let everyone in line know that she spoke English, if they needed her to translate for them.

I told her “No English, Russian, and smiled letting her know that I did not need her to translate into English for me”, and so I got in line with those that already could speak Russian.

When it was my turn in line there was a worker behind a desk and he asked me a question in Russian but I did not understand one word he said, I was shocked and realized that I/Mr. Westen did not know Russian so this whole mission was about to get hard, so I found a way out of the situation by shaking my head no while smiling and I turned around and walked back in the direction from where I came.

As I was doing this I heard a woman screaming in French from the direction of the little pizza place, I looked over there as I walked in that direction, I think I was going to try to talk to some of the English speakers that the coffee shop to see if they could help me; but at this time the woman screaming had caught my attention.

Almost everyone in the pizza place was standing around watching the woman scream, it was like a fight was about to happen, the woman had a husband and young son with her; she appeared to be arguing with the owner about how her food was terrible and she was not going to pay for it, but he owner said that she had to pay.

I could not understand her since she was speaking French but I guessed what she what was going on, the owner did not seem to understand French and was probably arguing back in Russian, I could not hear because the woman was screaming so loud in French.

The husband and son looked embarrassed so they left to go outside to wait in the automobile for her, and the woman stayed to finish arguing with the owner, what happened next is not completely clear to me; either the woman and the owner started to push each other or the woman started to leave without paying, whatever happened a woman in the crowd of people with blond hair was watching the argument and she looked like she hated the woman who was speaking French.

At some point she pushed or hit the woman speaking French from behind and the woman hit her head on something or the punch knocked her unconscious, and she fell on her face in an uncomfortable position; I ran over to try to help the woman.

Some of the people in the crowd tried to help her but they did not really seem to know what to do, I kept telling them to turn her on her back and for them to keep her neck straight, but I do not think that they understood English; so I had to do it and then I asked a woman in the crowd to put some water on a napkin or something so I could wipe the woman’s face with it.

After using hand signs the woman finally understood what I was trying to say and then she brought me a napkin with water, and after wiping the woman’s face with it she started to wake up; I asked her if she could move her neck and stuff, and she said yes in English with a slight accent, I was surprised that she knew English.

I slowly helped her up and I had to have my arm around her waist to help her walk, I told her that her husband and son had went outside to their automobile, and I offered to walk her there and she accepted my offer.

I continued to help her walk through the building while we talked, I told her that a woman with blond hair had knocked her unconscious, and she told me that the woman was a local citizen that did not like her for some reason; she told me that her husband, son, and her come to Russia to vacation every so often and that some of the local citizens in town had gotten to recognize them over the years.

The woman still somewhat needed my help to walk so I had my hand around her waist to help support her, but I worried that it appeared at though we were married or something, and since her husband had not know what had happened; that he may misinterpret what was going on if he saw me with his wife, so as we reached the outside of the building I let her start walking on her own and I paused wondering if I should let her walk the rest of the way alone.

But I decided to walk all the way there with her to make sure she reached her family safely, but as I was doing this I woke up.

Dream 2

My second dream fragment is so unclear that it is not funny, all I remember is being in the welding shop of LS, and I was talking to a woman my age.

Something had happened that was similar to the body double theme, but I think this dream involved parallel universes or something odd, but I am not sure.

All I know is that at some point the woman showed me another version of herself or something, and I guess she showed me how to do the same thing, and I had over 99 versions of me; which shocked her and appalled her, because she had never seen someone with so many.

I remember her calling them shadows, but I can not remember her explanation of what they were or how to use them, all the important details are lost to me.

I think we may have considered dating or joining together or something, but after she saw that I had so many shadows; she said that we could not and it was because I had so many shadows, which is not normal, and so she left.

I was confused and remember waiting talking to another woman in the building, it seemed that I wanted to learn some basics of welding or something so she told me to go talk with this man who was already welding or something, he told me to put on some safety glasses and a helmet for protection; but the helmet had not padding and then when I looked at the man something was not right about him.

I felt that he was not who he really was supposed to be, maybe he was a shadow or a shapeshifter, I do not know; but I decided to use the excuse of needed to find another helmet as my chance to escape.

I decided to slowly leave the building without him noticing, but I woke up.

It was like the dream with the scary old woman, expect this time I recognized my would be attacker before he could transform into his real self and/or attack me.

I wish I remembered what the shadow things was all about, the closest thing I could think of was that the woman could show how many other versions of her existed in parallel universes and she showed me how to do the same thing; I think she said most people have less than three other versions of themselves or something like that, but when she showed me how to show how many I had, there were over 99.

I think I remember seeing 99 versions of myself appear in the room when she showed me, and only one version of her self appeared when she showed me how many she had, or something crazy like that.

I wish I could remember what exactly this was all about but I think it was somewhat complex.

Dream 3

Also last night I had a dream that took place in what appeared to be a modern looking college cafeteria and I was there, listening to some other people talk as I ate I guess, and a former classmate of mine LM was talking with a former or current college coach and owner of the cafeteria.

LM worked with a group of kids that were implied to have had mental and/or physical disabilities,  and she wanted to start them a sports team for fun, but they needed a sponsor and a coach; so she asked the coach or former coach and owner of the cafeteria to sponsor the team and volunteer to coach them.

The coach  seemed to try to politely refuse the offer at first, but actually ended up agreeing after some extra encouragement from LM, he agreed to coach them once a week and sponsor the team by paying for all of their equipment.

He also told LM that he was thinking about buying or starting another business.

Something else happened in the dream involving me picking up a classical guitar, and maybe I tried to play it, but I can not remember.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


My Former Classmate CW | Something Is Going On

Source: Wikimedia Commons

My Former Classmate CW

I had this dream about two nights ago, and I only remember a few parts of it.

All I remember is a cafeteria-like place, and I remember something about tennis before and/or after this took place.

I remember seeing a former female classmate of mine who I used to like back in high school named CW, and I think we both paused and then we both said hello to each other.

My former classmate CW looked better than ever, and I seemed confident & pretty relaxed; but she was cautious like she was waiting for me to start the conversation, so that she could decide what she should say next.

I remember thinking about one or two other women during our conversation, and I think we may have even talked about the other woman or women; I remember blond hair, so one of the women must have had blond hair.

Maybe the woman with the blond hair was a tennis player that I met earlier in the dream, and the other woman I am not sure about or even if there was another woman.

I think we talked a bit about the past, and we may have talked about various what-if situations.

I think we may have both thought to ourselves about the possibility of trying to get to know each other better, but I think I wanted to keep everything in the past; but I thought it would be nice, but I was worried about the chance of being rejected again.

That must have been when the other woman or women came up, as they or she were probably on my mind from earlier in the dream, and I thought that leaving CW in the past was better & less risky; but it would have been nice, but if she did not like me more than a friend back then, why would she now?

I can not remember much else except maybe a few interesting feelings.

It was a surprise to see her and it was odd, but it felt good to see her again and to talk with her; to possibly close and/or re-open the past for good/once and for all.

She seemed more stable and balanced, and there was something else about her that I can not quite explain.

I wish I could remember more, especially who the other woman or women were, and was the blond-haired woman RB or someone else that was related to tennis?

Was Pauline Croze the other women or MW or some unknown woman from earlier in the dream?

That is all I remember of that dream.

Something Is Going On

This dream was odd and took place last night, and I think I was riding in a car with some people.

They were driving behind the B family to a Mormon church I believe, which I did not want to go to, but I was not driving.

We followed them to the church parking lot, but I think the church was not open yet and no one else was there yet.

Next I remember walking up the road, I forgot to mention that the church was in a fictional part of town by the Eastside Dairy Queen (DQ) in the city of D.

On the road as I walked, I noticed fire in the water drains on the side of the road, and the others saw it too; and so we started to run up the road, fearing a gas explosion.

The road was the street that leads to the D High School, and other people were running too.

It seemed that a gas leak or something was happening under the neighborhood, and it was going to explode at any moment.

We ran to the field by the high school hoping to get to a safer place, we stopped to think up a plan, and I think the firefighters were on their way.

Next I remember driving from Fort P, and a car in front of me got pulled over by the police.

As I was about to pass them, the police officer told me to stop too, and it seemed that he was checking for drunk drivers.

The car behind me tried to pass also, but the police officer stopped them too, and another officer came to block off the road with his car.

Then me and the other drivers got out of our automobiles to see what was going on, and then I noticed more police officers coming and some military police were coming as well.

I walked up the road to a building, and I saw FBI & other law enforcement officers from different branches coming together near this building to talk about something.

A man who looked like a tougher, younger, and bigger version of Chuck Norris walked by me and stood next to a wall.

He had a cowboy hat that was lowered so that you could not see his eyes, and he walked like he was powerful or something.

I felt that he was powerful, but nothing like that dream I had as a kid with the Christian Devil or whatever he was in it, no dream character yet has felt as powerful as who ever that man was in that dream; that was scary.

Anyway, some woman in a suit was talking to two sheriffs about something, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Making A Difference

Last night I had a dream that was one dream, but it switched to a different theme and with different characters during the dream.

It started with me and all the people I graduated from high school with, and we were in a room and it appeared to be our last celebration before we graduation or something.

Everyone was having fun and I did not see any teachers around, and we were sitting at tables talking mostly.

There was probably music, food, drinks, and maybe a few other things.

People who normally would not talk to each other, were actually talking to each other, and everyone seemed to be getting along very well.

I remember seeing BR, JP, MW, and many other people I graduated with.

I talked to a few people, but I can not remember what we talked about exactly.

Next I remember going to my house but on the way I saw my uncle WC, he told me about a good place to go fishing, and he invited my dad & I on a fishing trip.

So I think my dad, JP (A school friend I graduated with in high school & who was in the beginning of the dream), my uncle WC, and I went fishing the next day.

This part of the dream is unclear, but I remember riding around in a boat maybe in a swampy marsh-like lake with alligators & some snakes.

JP was trying to catch some alligators by the tail with some metal device, but their tails were too slippery.

We got close to some small land spots and some abandoned shacks, and so I decided to climb on one of the shacks for some reason.

Also, I took an ice chest/cooler that my uncle WC gave us up there with me on top of the shack.

I saw two snakes somewhere, but they did not attack me.

Suddenly some police officers or something came on a boat and they asked to check the cooler my uncle WC gave me, and there was a lot of beer in there.

I told them that I did not know that beer was in there, but they arrested me and JP for having beer anyway.

They took us to jail and we walked into the jail cafeteria to eat, and we were pretty uncomfortable and a bit nervous.

I think us and the other prisoners wore gray jumpsuits with white undershirts, and the cafeteria was big.

Before we could even finish eating, there were at least three separate fights in that short amount of time.

One man got beat pretty badly, and it took a long time before the guards came in to stop it.

JP looked very scared and I tried to act normal, but I was worried too.

JP wanted to get away from the violence so he went to our jail cell, which had at least 4 people per jail cell, but I kept eating my food.

After finishing my food I went to our jail cell and I saw two people run out of the jail cell, and then JP walked out with a black eye and he looked like he had been attacked/beaten up.

He was checking his pockets, and he said that the two men had attacked him and they took his wallet.

At this point I felt even more worried and I was in a defensive mode, and so I told JP and two other people in our jail cell that we had to work together to stop some of the violence.

I left to go see where the guards were, and on my way there I saw my friend SS and his brother MS.

I was shocked to see them and they were shocked to see me, and they asked me what I was doing in jail; so I told them what had happened.

They said that they were here to visit someone who was in jail, and I told them about all the fights I had seen already.

I told them that I hoped to be out of jail soon, and then they said good-bye.

Then somehow I either became a different person or the dream started to follow another character in the dream.

The new dream character was big, somewhat fat, tough-looking, and he was a prisoner with a bald head and he wore a blue bandana.

He was in the cafeteria eating and he was talking about how he was tired of being in jail, and he was tired of all the violence & other negative things that were happening in the jail.

A fight started somewhere in the cafeteria, and so he stood up&  ran over there and he stopped the fight.

He then gave a speech to everyone in the cafeteria where he talked about how they all were there to pay for their crimes but instead of doing all the violence & negative things, that they should start doing positive things to improve themselves, the jail, and their community once they are released from jail.

About ten prisoners decided to join him to start making a positive change, and so they slowly started to get more and more people to help stop the violence and to help start a positive change in the jail.

One day the police offered the thirty positive prisoners a chance to leave jail if they join the military for a short amount of time.

So they went to the military but the dream quickly jumped through that by only showing two parts; one part had the new main dream character leading and encouraging the other former prisoners through the military basic training.

The second part had him leading them through a combat mission or something.

After their short military service they were free to go back home, and so the main dream character returned to see his wife and kid or kids.

When he got home there were gangsters, illegal drug dealers, and other negative types outside his apartment and around his neighborhood.

He greeted his wife and kid or kids, and then he went straight to challenge the gangsters and other negative types in his neighborhood.

He walked up to them & he asked them who was in charge and he started to tell them that he wanted them to stop the cycle of violence and negative things, and that he wanted them to start a positive change in the community.

They seem to be shocked by his courage and they did not challenge him, and so they started to work together to improve the neighborhood.

They ended their gang, they stopped selling illegal drugs, they started to clean up the neighborhood, and they started to spend positive time with each other & their families.

The new main dream character was the leader of it all and everything went well, but one day he felt the need to go back to the jail to make more improvements there.

So he committed a simple crime so that he could go back to jail, once in jail he saw that the actor Sean Penn was in there for a simple crime too, and so he decided to either switch bodies with him or he somehow took control of Mr. Penn’s body or something; so that he could get more prisoners to make a positive change, by using Sean Penn’s fame.

After the new main dream character took control of Sean Penn’s body or he became him/possessed him, he went to stop a fight but the attacker attacked him too, and so the new main dream character (now in Sean Penn’s body) purposely killed the attacker hoping that he would get a life sentence in jail so that he could spend most of his life helping to make a positive change in the jail system and community.

His plan seemed to have worked, he got a longer jail sentence and he got hundreds maybe even thousands of prisoners to start making a positive change in the jail and once they got out of jail.

But since the new main dream character (now in Sean Penn’s body) had killed the attacker in self-defense and that he was making so many positive changes in the jail, the police decided to let him go back home.

The new main dream character then switched bodies back or uncontrolled/un-possessed Sean Penn, and he went back home.

His neighborhood still looked good, but he wanted to make sure that things were the same or better, and so he started to check his apartment building.

His apartment building was strange, it had about seven floors & each floor had only a small bed room sized apartment with stairs, and so it looked tall & skinny/thin.

Outside of the apartment there was a man with a blue bandana standing around, the new main character asked him what he was doing, and he said that he was doing his neighborhood watch duty & he welcomed the new main dream character back to the neighborhood now that he was out of jail again.

The new main character then went to each room on each floor of the apartment to check for any illegal activities, but everything looked good.

He also seemed to be looking for his wife and kid or kids, and he seemed to be in a slight panic/rush.

Once he got to the last apartment room on the seventh floor, he opened the door, and his wife was waiting for him like she already knew he was coming.

She smiled, gave him a hug & kiss, and she said that the kid or kids were at school.

She told him that she knew that he was trying to help the community and that she was not mad at him for going back to jail on purpose, and that she & his kid or kids had happily waited for him to return.

The new main dream character then apologized for leaving them like that and he said that he hoped and wanted to make a positive difference in the community, so that one day his kid or kids and everyone else could enjoy a better World, and they could continue to make a positive difference in the World as well.

He said that he felt the need to make a difference by action, and he tried to help where he could by starting with himself and moving to help the closet person(s) or thing(s) or place(s).

Basically starting from the ground up as they say, in hopes that the positive cycle would continue, and more and more people would work together to get things done.

He seemed happy, and I felt that he would probably join with his family & community to start helping and leading others to make positive changes in this World again.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂