T-Nonc: The Cajun Environmentalist

What is it?

The 1995 children’s book T-Nonc: The Cajun Environmentalist that was written by Elvis J. Cavalier and illustrated by John Robert Cornes.

What is it about?

This how this book is described on the back cover of this book:

T-Nonc is a special kind of Cajun.

He is an environmentalist, in touch with his wetlands home and the animals who live there.

Readers of this gentle book learn of the impact humans have on swamp life and gain an appreciation of the role T-Nonc plays in protecting the environment.

The book features fine pen & ink illustrations by Thibodaux nature artist John Robert Cornes.


Playing Tennis Against Some Troublemakers

I had some more dreams last night that I remembered part of, but I forgot them after I went back to sleep without voice recording them so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I remember being in a parking lot of a park-like area that also had tennis courts.


Talking Babies And Anne Hathaway At The WWE

*I am trying to start recording whether or not I am wearing a Orgone Pendant when I have each dream, to see if it seems to effect/affect my dreams/how long my dreams are/how detailed my dreams are/how much I remember of my dreams/et cetera or not; (No OP = No Orgone Pendant), this is just a little semi-experiment that I should have started months ago. 😉 *

I remember part of one long changing dream fragment that covered various places, people, situations, and there were time changes that happened without me knowing; and so putting this dream together is a bit harder than normal and I forgot many of the fine details, there were many, it was like several dreams combined into one.

Since this dream had so many parts I can not remember where it actually began but the first thing that I can remember at this time is being in a room at a building that was probably like a small lobby/living room near the windowless stairway area, and I think that my former male classmate DH was there & some of his and/or my family members were coming to visit at the building; almost like a mini-family reunion or a holiday gathering or something.

The room had whitish/grayish colored carpet I think with a TV & a couch or two, I talked with DH & a few of his family members and/or my family members, and at some point I was in the room alone until one of DH’s cousins and/or one of my former classmates walked into the room; I do not remember her name but she had medium-dark brownish colored skin with somewhat curly medium-long black colored hair.

We talked for a while and at some point news came that one of DH’s family members or someone just had a baby at the hospital, and so several people left to visit the woman who had a baby; and time in the dream changed to where the woman and her babies, she had twins, left the hospital & they came to the building & to the room where I was.

I greeted the woman and the babies, who seemed to be developing faster than normal babies, and I remember helping the woman care for the babies; holding them, feeding them, playing with them, et cetera.

The babies started being able to walk a bit and talk a bit eventually, which surprised me, and one of the babies said something in clear English but I forgot what the baby said exactly, it was something like: “No, I want that.” or something like that. 😀

I was surprised that the babies were using short sentences before most babies could even say one word and they could walk months/a year & a few months before my brothers or I could walk when we were babies.

At some point I left the room to a catwalk outside that was like the catwalk at the C Elementary School, and there were people outside; actually there was a part where I met Anne Hathaway who was taking a break from normal acting & she was working with the WWE as a general manager, but I am not sure when this happened in the dream or how.

I met Mrs. Hathaway in person and I saw her on TV in the dream, it seemed that she took the WWE job as a way to: build a new fan base, learn a new entertainment style, become better at making fighting scenes, to become tougher/stronger, to improve her comedy skills, to take a break from normal acting, and to add more variety to her résumé.

I saw clips of Mrs. Hathaway on TV at the WWE setting up matches, arguing with people, wresting, interfering with matches, and various other normal WWE drama/comedy/entertainment/action things; and she seemed to enjoy it and she was doing a good job. 😀

I can not remember what all happened when we met in person, I want to say that there some wrestlers with her, and that we had a wrestling match; but I am not sure.

I just remember being in the catwalk area outside of the room and I walked down the catwalk to where I saw people, and I started talking to various people who were former teachers, former classmates, parents of former classmates, and other people.

At some point a woman with whitish colored skin & blondish/brownish colored hair asked me if I knew her daughter SF, I recognized the name as probably one of my former classmates & I was even able to describe how SF looked, and then we talked about SF; and at some point someone started playing Cajun music in Cajun French, and the woman started trying to show me a Cajun French dance, so we started dancing (if you can call it that, since I was barely moving due to not knowing how to dance & not being comfortable dancing in public, but it was a bit fun/funny). 😀

After that I remember going to a stairway area on the left side of the catwalk where I saw the babies & their mom, the babies were now riding little kids toys/bikes & so their fast development was still continuing, and so I stopped to talk/play with the babies & talk with their mom; but then something happened where a WWE-like scene happened where Mrs. Hathaway started attacking me, and so I picked her up in the air but I got distracted by the babies again.

Mrs. Hathaway ran up the stairs and she sent a wrestler to attack me, then after that she came to distract me by arguing with me, and then she sent another distraction; and then she attacked me again, but she ran up the stairs again.

This part was like a goofy WWE scene that was probably being filmed, and I continued to be distracted & then attacked; until I finally focused my attention on defeating Mrs. Hathaway, and so I made her give up & the attack ended. 😀

After that Mrs. Hathaway and I talked again, she said that she was practicing for the show or something like that, and we talked about how did she get involved with the WWE and how she was enjoying the WWE so far; and the babies & their mom probably also joined the conversation.

The babies could hold conversations now, which I thought was amazing, and I wondered how were these babies developing so fast; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂