Louisiana’s Shot At A Million Campaign Starts Today

Take Your Shot At A Million Launch Video

Louisiana’s Shot At A Million campaign started today (June 21, 2021), here is a link about it from the Louisiana Governor’s office & a link to the website & a link to a video about it:



An Angry Man With Superpowers | A Joe Biden Campaign Question

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved a political election, and the end of this dream involved a fictional man with light-color skin who I possibly knew who had superpowers.

He got angry for some reason and he started attacking people at a building, and so I tried to stop him; and we ended up fighting.

The Greatland Seed&Spark Campaign

Source: Seed&Spark

The other day I was contacted by Igor Darbo who informed me about a movie in post-production called Greatland that was directed by Dana Ziyasheva, and its Seed&Spark campaign; and I was asked if I would like to write about this upcoming movie, and my answer was yes.

What is it?

The upcoming movie Greatland.

What is it about?

Here are some descriptions of this movie by Seed&Spark:

“Trapped in a world of perpetual fun and inter-species love ruled by a universal Mother, a teenage boy crosses the forbidden frontier to save his childhood sweetheart and find out where he really came from, as an absurd election leads to chaos and violence.

A teenage love story in a dystopian future.”

Inclusion Statement

“The writer-director is a bold young Asian woman from Kazakhstan.

Greatland cast and crew boasts artists and technicians from more than 10 different countries, 55% of women including a lead actress and 3 heads of department as well as a prominently featured LGBTQ+ community.”

Final Thoughts

After seeing the teaser trailer it reminded me of a combination of a Vimeo Staff Pick short film, a more advertiser friendly Brandon Rogers video, maybe the animated television show Adventure Time, and the movie Idiocracy.

Based on the teaser trailer this movie looks like it has potential to be a unique, creative, strange, colorful, and somewhat surreal movie; I am curious to see the end result when this movie is released, and I am especially curious to see how the universal mother concept is handled because that is one idea that I have thought about if I were to make my own movie or short film one day.

Igor Darbo is listed as the producer for this movie, I would like to thank him for contacting me, I have never been contacted about something like this before so it was quite a surprise and honor.

They are trying to raise $20,ooo for the post-production for this movie through the Seed&Spark campaign, I hope that they will reach that goal (as of today there are 16 days left for the campaign), and so check out that website and consider donating if you think that it is worth funding a creative project like this.

The end,

-John Jr