A Woman Tries To Use Telepathy

Once again I did not get enough sleep last night but I got more sleep than the previous night, and once again I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream and I set a stronger intention than last time thanks to Lost Truth¬†once again reminding me to set my intention to lucid dream. I... Continue Reading →


Dashie’s (Charlie Guzman’s) Mom Dies?

*This was just a dream and I have no idea why I even dreamed of something like this, and I hope that this dream does not offend anyone.* I had problems sleeping last night and I was/am still sore from heavy weight lifting injures from Thursday (hurt/sniff/sore neck on the right side, hurt/sore left elbow,... Continue Reading →

Playing Practical Jokes On / At A College Building

I forgot all of my dreams last night except for part of one dream that I can barely remember, the dream took place over the period of several days/weeks/months with jumps in time, and it took place in a fictional LC-like city at a fictional M-like college that I was attending along with some of... Continue Reading →

5-18-2013 | Dream Fragment | A Spartacus: War Of The Damned Inspired Dream

I remember part of a dream from last night that was pretty long and it had several parts, but I forgot a lot of the dream; but I know that it was inspired by the Starz TV show Spartacus: War Of The Damned, the episodes where Spartacus and his people plan to take over a... Continue Reading →

4-24-2013 | Dream Fragments | AH Gets Seriously Injured In A Parking Lot At A College

I barely remember part of three dreams, all of which involved college, and maybe all three dreams recycled the same dream world with only a few minor changes. The first dream involved me returning to college unprepared (probably a community and/or technical college), and so I started having some of the same problems that caused... Continue Reading →

2-24-2013 | Dream Fragment | Going Outside And Around A College Campus With A Race Against My Former Classmate K(C)W At The End

I remember part of one dream from last night, that had at least four parts, each taking place during a nice day; and I remember driving around a fictional neighborhood that was familiar near a fictional college campus that was a combination of S College & M College & a fictional college that is sometimes... Continue Reading →

October 3, 2012 | Dream Journal | Boardwalk City

My dream recall has surprised me again, I had several dreams and I was awakened by people being annoying as usual while still remembering that I had some dreams but I did not really think about the dreams & I somewhat set my mind to try to remember the dreams for later without really thinking... Continue Reading →

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