Family And Friends Day / Homecoming At A College

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I did not voice record my dreams that I had until the end when I barely remembered part of my last dream.

The end of this dream involved a family and friends day / homecoming at a college it seemed, like one that I went to over the weekend, and I was there among other people including many college students.

I possibly had my test glasses (eyeglasses) frame for the Zenni Optical Black Square Glasses #2019321 so that I could test them out in public, but the lenses have no prescription on the test frames so I am not sure if I could see clearly or not in the dream (unless I had ordered them with prescription lenses in the dream).

Source: Zenni Optical

There were some college students there who were dating and were having relationship problems, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Seeing Several Former Classmates At A College

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I did not record most of the dreams that I had so now I only barely remember part of the very end of my last dream.

I was in maybe a fictional version of the city of LC, I guess I had traveled there earlier in the dream, and there is a possibility that my dad or both of my parents may have been in an earlier part of the dream.

I was probably staying at a hotel or motel or something, but I can not remember if I had my automobile or not or why I was in the city.

I just remember leaving the hotel or motel late in the afternoon or early evening to walk to get something to eat and to go to some stores et cetera, and more.

I remember that something was on my mind that I was thinking about as I walked along sidewalks of a neighborhood that passed by a college campus that I had once attended but never finished, but I can not remember what was bothering me and what was on my mind.

I could see some restaurants and stores in the distance ahead of me like maybe Wendy’s et cetera, but I decided to first walk through the college campus for old times sake (which I probably had planned on doing last).

On my way toward the closest college building I saw some college students walking out of it, and one of them was my former male classmate AC and we both recognized each other and greeted each other and said a few words quickly as we continued walking our separate ways.

I then saw my former male classmate AM and we recognized and greeted each other, but we stopped to shake hands using several different handshakes and even a fist bump as we briefly talked before going our separate ways.

I then saw my former male classmate TT and maybe one classmate before him, and we both recognized each other and we stopped to greet each other and talk briefly.

TT asked me if I remembered who he was, he did not realize that I had said his name already when I greeted him, and then I told him that he was TT and he had already called me John so he remembered my name too.

I told him that I was surprised to see him and the others back-to-back like this, somehow several of my former classmates happened to be among the students leaving the building, and I had not seen TT since the day we graduated from high school years ago.

I told him that I had attended this college from 2003 – 2006 but that I had to drop out because I ran out of money after leaving my job and because of anxiety and depression et cetera.

TT told me that he had attended this college from 2003 – 2006 as well but left, and had recently returned to the college to finish so he only had about a year left until he would graduate.

I congratulated him and encouraged him to not make the same mistake as me, and I wished him well before saying goodbye.

I thought that it was interesting and odd that so many of my former classmates happened to be walking out at the same time, I was surprised by how well I handled meeting them for the first time in years and how we all recognized each other so quickly, I hoped that TT would finish college, and I possibly was going to consider returning to finish college one day too.

I thought about these things and other things as I experienced a positive happiness boost after meeting my former classmates, and I wanted to tour the college again even more now for old times sake.

But I got awakened by an alarm.

The end,

-John Jr


My Former Classmate AJ Looking For Her Missing Older Sister

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Unfortunately I forgot most of my dreams and most of this dream expect for barely part of it.

The dream took place in and around a fictional version of MS University during the day, and for some unknown reason I went to and through and around MS University several times during the dream even though I was no longer a student there.

Several times during the dream I saw my former female classmate AJ walking around MS University as well, I possibly talked to her and maybe she explained that she was looking for her older sister who went missing at this college years ago, and so she comes to this college every year on the anniversary of her older sister’s disappearance to look for her and trying to find out what happened to her.

At some point in the dream I was inside a building at MS University.

It was at least 1 1/2 stories and I was on the upper floor on my way to an escalator or some stairs trying to reach the first floor I think, but there was a female security guard with medium-color skin wearing a security uniform who was controlling who could enter that area so she stopped me.

I told her that I used to be a student here and I asked her if I could show her my old student ID to prove this, I never did finish college but she seemed to assume that I was one of the alumni, and so she said that I could use my old student ID as proof so I took it out of my pocket and I showed it to her.

I then told her what year I started college and what year I left, I did not explain that I had dropped out and I let her assume that I had graduated, and then I started talking about various memories and things from that time to prove that I was a former student and this worked.

The security guard then treated me like one of the alumni and like someone who knew some important people at the college, and she let me pass but as I was walking down my former classmate AJ tried to pass and the security guard stopped her.

My former classmate AJ explained that she was trying to find her older sister who went missing years ago at this college, but the security guard would not let her pass because she was not a student.

My former classmate AJ started to beg and to try to force her way through as she got very emotional, and so I calmed her down and I tried to convince the security guard to let her through.

I once again used some talking skills and I used the security guard’s assumptions to either get her to accept a compromise where she would let my former classmate AJ pass through with a visitors pass as a visitor I was bringing on campus and I had to make sure that she followed the rules et cetera during her visit or she said that she would do that if I got one of the higher level employees to accept it first.

Either way I woke up right after either walking down with my former classmate AJ or after walking to talk to a high level employee.

The end,

-John Jr



A Woman Tries To Use Telepathy

File:Telepathy Faenza.svg
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Once again I did not get enough sleep last night but I got more sleep than the previous night, and once again I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream and I set a stronger intention than last time thanks to Lost Truth once again reminding me to set my intention to lucid dream.

I was trying to get more sleep last night so each time that I woke up remembering a dream I would go back to sleep without voice recording it, and so now I barely remember part of my last dream which was probably partly inspired by a Netflix television show that I am watching called Stranger Things and there is a character in that show named Eleven (El) who has powers who probably inspired the last part of the dream.

While I was at work today I remember a few more vague details of this dream, this dream possibly took place during the morning and afternoon and evening and maybe night, but I can not remember.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place in a fictional city and a fictional college was a major part of the dream, and I remember traveling around parts of the city and maybe outside the city (roads in the countryside maybe) and parts of the college campus (maybe on foot, maybe on bicycle, and maybe by automobile but I can not remember).

Maybe I was a student at the college and maybe I went to some classes and maybe I did some other things at the college but I can not remember, but I do think that I probably met some students at the college.

I think that this dream was pretty long so that and the fact that I kept waking up and going back to sleep without voice recording my dreams is probably why I can not remember more of the details of this dream.

The city and college is this dream was probably like a city and college that I have dreamed of before in the past, but I can not remember.

At the very end of the dream I think that a woman with light-color skin was the main character, I was probably not in the dream now, but I can not remember if I was the woman or not.

I think that the woman was in a building or house with some men, it seemed that she had some authority over the men (maybe she was their boss or something, but I am not sure), and I remember the woman talking with them and maybe giving them some orders or something like that.

The men then went to another part of the building or house, and then the woman decided to try to communicate with them using telepathy to telepathically communicate with them and give them orders (commands).

I remember the woman trying to use telepathy, but I can not remember if she was successfully because I woke up as she was talking with them in person to see if it had worked.

The end,

-John Jr


Getting Ambushed And Holding Hands With A Stunt Double / Actress

File:Via Catalana Barcelona Plaça Catalunya 37.jpg
Català: Muriel Casals i Eliseu Climent. La Via Catalana a Barcelona. Plaça Catalunya.
Date 	11 September 2013, 17:19:17
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Author 	Judesba
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I did not get enough sleep last night because I went to bed too late but I did sleep well and I probably slept pretty deeply, but I had to get out of bed quickly to get ready for work, so I did not have time to organize my memories of my dreams so now I barely remember part of maybe one dream from last night.

Several parts of this dream or these dream took place at probably the same fictional college campus on the outskirts of the campus where there was a parking lot by a field with some buildings, and each part of the dream or each dream took place starting from the day until the evening or night.