Skeletons + John McCain + Snakes = ?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The other night I remember what I think was one dream, and I think that one dream had 3 parts that did not really go together.

The first part I can barely remember, all I can remember is that I was in some dark cave-like room fighting a lot of skeletons.

The skeletons were easy to beat, I would hit them once and they would crumble into dust, but there were more that kept coming.

I was getting tired of beating the skeletons so I went into another room, this room was pretty dark and in the room was a Skeleton God, at least that is what I called it in the dream.

It was tall and I was a bit afraid to fight it since I was already tired of fighting, so I somehow switched to the second part of the dream.

The second part was about a conversation between James Earl Jones and John McCain.

I was not there but I could see things like a camera person in a movie or something.

Mr. Jones was talking to Mr. McCain about ways that they could get more funding for McCain’s presidential campaign, since Barack Obama had way more funding for his campaign.

Mr. McCain did not seem worried and was telling Mr. Jones to relax, and that things were going well.

Next Mr. Jones started talking about the need for more security for Mr. McCain and his family.

As they were talking about that, I could see another scene like in a movie.

In this scene Mrs. McCain was driving a truck to the McCain ranch, and there was an old truck with a few men in it that were following her from a distance.

I was able to see inside the truck, and the men were talking about something, I think they were trying to see if Mr. McCain was in the truck.

They seem to have tried to stalk Mr. McCain and hoped to get close to him when his security was not around.

I can not remember what the men looked like exactly, but I think they looked like your stereotypical hillbilly type with a shotgun in the truck, I remember thinking that they looked liked people who you would expect to be trying to attack Mr. Obama not Mr. McCain.

The men stopped their truck as Mrs. McCain got close to the ranch, the ranch was on a hill and there was a gate & a fence, but you could not see anything past that.

The hill was too high so you could not see what was up there, you could not even see the house or the land.

I did not see any security guards by the gate or with Mrs. McCain, which I thought was odd.

The men in the truck must have realized that Mr. McCain was not in the truck and they seemed to be afraid to try to go through the gate because there would probably be security guards up there.

The scene switched back to Mr. Jones and Mr. McCain, Mr. Jones was begging Mr. McCain to improve his security but Mr. McCain seemed to think things were okay and told Mr. Jones to relax.

Mr. McCain said that he believe that his security was good, and that he was not in danger but said he would talk with his security guards about it, then it switched to the last part of the dream.

In this part I was in dream again and I was riding in the back seat of my former uncle-in-law’s truck, and my two youngest brothers were there too.

My former uncle was driving, it seemed like we were on a road that was a fictional version of the road leading to the Boise Cascade plant and there was a bridge like the one in LC by the big beach.

The road is somewhat a familiar road in some of my dreams, so I did not even come close to realizing that I was dreaming this whole dream, maybe one day I will finally have a lucid dream.

Anyway, my brothers were being a bit annoying, so my former uncle would tell them to be quiet.

It seemed to be afternoon outside the window and the weather looked normal.

After driving for a while we stopped on the side of the road at what appeared to be an old tennis court.

It was pretty dark outside, and we walked toward the old tennis court but it was hard to see the ground.

The court seemed to be very dry and the court was like broken up dirt, so there was no way anyone was going to be playing tennis on it.

My former uncle seemed to be somewhat disappointed, like we drove all this way to come play tennis or something.

Then we started to walk back to the truck, but I noticed something moving on the ground by our feet.

It looked like a snake but it was hard to see in the dark, when I got closer to it I realized that it was a snake.

The snake was moving away from us like it was trying to go somewhere else.

I then saw another snake that was smaller and it did not seem poisonous, so I told my uncle to look before he walks because there were snakes on the ground.

I then saw a bigger snake, but none of the snakes really seemed to be worried about hurting us or anything, in my dreams snakes do not seem to try attack me they usually are just on the ground in the way and I have to walk around them or I will see some snakes swimming in water sometimes.

In my dreams with snakes I usually see more and more snakes as I am trying to walk around them without stepping on any of them.

Anyway, the last snake I saw looked poisonous so I made sure to keep a distance from it, then as we were almost to the truck I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr