Being Told Military Stories

This dream involved someone telling me a story about back when they were in the military, they were once put in charge of a night shift possibly temporarily, and this person found out that their fellow soldiers were doing some kind of illegal activities.

They were in a warehouse / cargo-like area, this person’s fellow soldiers had possibly used them by having them briefly put in charge because they felt that they could get away with what they were doing if that person was in charge, and they were possibly stealing and selling cargo / shipments / equipment / et cetera and they were maybe involved with illegal drugs and who knows what else.


Convention Dreams Again

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

In this dream I got a book at a convention at a convention center, and later in the dream I went back for a book signing.

Dream 2

In this dream there was a convention in the city of D, maybe near or at The BP Library, and after leaving the convention I helped a truck driver driving cargo from the library from outside the vehicle as I sit or stand from the outside of the cargo truck as it is driving.

Later in the dream I returned to the library, and me and my dad helped with driving cargo.

Then I leave with High Vis Harry to the convention, I see some coworkers along the way, and we stop at High Vis Harry’s motel or inn room that is along the right side of highway past the B Grocery store so he can get something.

Dream 3

In this dream there was a convention in city of D, and I was staying at an inn on the same street as the place where High Vis Harry stayed during the previous dream except it was further along the highway.

In the dream I met some people I know at and on the way to the convention center for the convention, and later in the dream I returned to the inn with someone who was at the convention too and maybe this person is my roommate.

I adjust my luggage, and I will return to convention the next day.

The end,

-John Jr


Helicopters / Aircraft Moving Strange Cargo?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream, and what I do remember is unclear.

I remember being outside in my parent’s yard during the day on the side of the yard that the dogs are on.

I remember seeing something strange in the sky, I can not remember the details, but it possibly involved the military / government / UFOs (unidentified flying objects) / unknown strange technology and cargo / contractors et cetera.

I know that some aircraft were flying in the sky and some of them (probably helicopters possibly being flown by private contractors) were carrying strange cargo (possible strange technology, possibly alien and / or human made, and who knows what else; whatever it was it was strange and probably advanced), and the helicopters were flying over the neighborhood as I watched whatever strange things that I saw that I can not remember.

The helicopters were flying low and recklessly, I could see several probably private contractors who were men with light-color skin with beards flying the helicopters, and maybe they had military escorts but I can not remember.

They flew in the direction of The BP Memorial Hospital, somehow I could see in that area from a distance, and the area was slightly fictional with some old historical towers (at least two) near where the hospital should be.

One of the helicopters flew so low and recklessly that part of its hanging cargo hit the top of one of the old historical towers which broke it, and part of it collapsed and hit the second tower which broke it too and caused it to also collapse; and the pilots did not seem to care.

I then walked closer to the house to tell my mom and my brother GC, they happened to walk outside, and I started telling them what I saw and I remember us looking at the sky.

My brother CC showed up and he looked and spoke like he was younger again, maybe a teenager, but somehow he was still in the military even though he seemed younger again.

My brother CC assumed that what we were seeing possibly involved UFOs and aliens and the government and military et cetera, and he started telling us about an alleged former male older military intelligence soldier with light-color skin with white / gray hair who investigated things like this and who was involved in the conspiracy theory scene.

My brother CC seemed very interested in this alleged former military intelligence soldier and his research and conspiracy theories, and he started telling us about him and his research and his conspiracy theories and my brother CC also seemed more religious so he was also mentioning Christianity and how that played into all of this.

My brother CC was really into this stuff and it reminded me of back when he was younger and when he got into the television show The X-Files, but in this dream he seemed pretty obsessed and like he was believing almost everything that this alleged former military intelligence soldier said.

My brother CC told us that this man used to try to find any interesting documents involving UFOs and aliens et cetera back when he was allegedly in military intelligence, allegedly he found things that made him a true believer in this stuff, and he has dedicated his life into researching this stuff since then even after leaving the military.

It was strange seeing my brother CC like this but I was curious but skeptical about what he was telling me, and I was definitely skeptical about this alleged former military intelligence officer.

But I woke up as we walked and talked toward the house.

The end,

-John Jr