Forgotten Dreams: Thinking About A Job Interview?

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I did not get much sleep last night because something that I ate last night probably made me sick and it gave me diarrhea and I was nervous about a job interview that I was to have this morning (as usual I did not get the job) and several other things in my life had a negative effect/affect on me and I woke up without voice recording my dreams and I accidentally went back to sleep and my alarm clock scared me awake after accidentally going back to sleep causing me to forget most of my dreams, and so I can barely remember a few possible dream fragments from last night.

Dream Fragment 1

I think that one dream fragment took place during the day near the G House and my dad and I were outside where the garden used to be, maybe we were trying to do something to improve the G House but I am not sure, and that is all that I can remember of this dream fragment.


Being In A Fictional New Season Of The Walking Dead?

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Once again I really do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will give a super lazy overview of my last dream from last night that seemed to involved me being in a fictional new season of the television show The Walking Dead, but my memory of the dream is unclear.

Either several new characters and I joined the main cast/group and we got separated at some point or several new characters and I were in our own group and maybe we came across the main cast/group, either way, we ended up coming across the main cast/group at some point; and I know that we met Carol Peletier, and maybe Carl Grimes.

At some point Carol was in our new group, maybe we got split from the main group, and I remember Carol being a mother-like figure to our group who was kind and she helped teach/train/mentor/et cetera us; and things were going well for our group until we got attacked and taken over by a very small group of people with somewhat futuristic weapons/armor and an armored vehicle with a machine gun or laser/energy gun lead by what seemed to be a real life version of an older version of Cyrus Temple (he wore thick futuristic armor like in the video game) from the video game Saints Row: The Third.

At some point in the dream we were taken to a tall building to a futuristic garage-like building made of heavy metal that looked like it could be moved around to change the layout and/or to open or close it to the outside, a meeting between various groups of survivors was going to take place inside the tall multi-story building near the garage-like building, and the Cyrus Temple-like man and his group wanted to be there for some reason(s).

Mr. Temple did not trust the other survivor groups and he expected that we would be attacked so he had us stay in the garage-like building near the armored vehicle in case we needed to escape if attacked during the night, I am not sure why he attacked our group and took over it, but I do know that Carol and some of our group escaped during the attack; but the others and I were taken prisoner.

As it was getting dark Mr. Temple and his small group were attacked like he expected but the people attacking them attacked quietly by surprise blocking them from using their armored vehicle and so their group lost the battle, and the rest of my group and I escaped; and later in the dream it was clear that I was just an actor on a fictional new season of The Walking Dead because I remember driving during the day to a fictional city to meet with the cast/crew to film a special episode.

The special episode was going to take place in an auditorium on the upper floor of a building and hundreds of fans of The Walking Dead television show were going to be there in the auditorium as unpaid extras pretending to be survivors attending a meeting and the rest of the cast and I would join the meeting, and the entire episode was going to be unscripted/improvised.

I remember parking in a small parking lot near a multi-story brick building in the downtown area of a fictional city, I could see many automobiles parked in larger parking lots across the street so most of the fans were there already, and some of the cast were already there because their automobiles were in the small parking lot where I parked; but not all the cast was there yet.

Carol and a few other cast members drove up and we greeted each other and we walked into the building to join everyone else to meet the fans and get ready to start filming the special episode, in the one-story auditorium that was on an upper floor were hundreds of fans of all ages (but many of them were probably 40 years and older), and there seemed to be no security; and so anyone could walk in and join the special episode, which I thought was not a good idea, but I thought that this was a unique/creative/interesting idea for an episode but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Elementary Inspired Dream | Adventuring With Some Classmates | A Dream Within A Dream Of Reuniting With Some Classmates

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Dream 1

I remember part of three dreams from last night but I am not sure which of the first two dream fragments took place first, so I will start with the dream inspired by the TV show Elementary which I watched an episode of last night for the first time, and it took place during the day I think in a fictional city or a fictional version of a city in L.

I was with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson from the TV show Elementary, I remember riding around with them in their automobile & I remember us buying things at various places and doing other things that I can not remember, and I remember that I had to buy almost everything for myself and some things for them; and I remember that they only bought me one thing the entire trip, and I felt that they should buy me more stuff since I had bought stuff for them but I can not remember the details related to this.

At some point we stopped at a grocery store and went inside to shop, and Mr. Holmes saw some wine on sale for $3 a bottle or two bottles for $3; and so he bought two bottles, and we went back to the automobile but Mr. Holmes wanted to buy some more wine.

They asked me to go buy at least six more bottles of wine and so I went inside to get the wine, while getting the wine my dad walked over toward the wine too, and it seemed that he had talked with Mr. Holmes & Mrs. Watson outside and that they probably asked him to get the wine if he did not see me getting it; but my dad saw me getting the wine and so he stopped, we briefly spoke, and then I walked toward the front with the wine & oddly I had a small pile of clothing that I was carrying magically that I had somehow brought into the store without noticing at first it seemed.

I put the clothes on the counter telling the male worker at the cash register that the clothes were mine and that I brought them from outside, and I asked him to scan them to prove that they did not belong to the store; and so he did, and it was clear that the clothes were mine & did not belong to the store.

He started ringing up/scanning the wine and I realized that Mr. Sherlock & Mrs. Watson did not give me money for the wine that they wanted, and so I was going to have to use my money again to buy something for them; which annoyed me a bit, and I was going to ask them to pay me back once I got back to the automobile but I woke up.

Dream 2

I almost remember nothing of the next dream which involved me and some classmates (fictional and/or real former classmates) going on an adventure or something; and I remember us working together as I team but that is all that I can remember except that one of the classmates was a woman who looked a bit like a younger version of Carol Peletier from the TV show The Walking Dead but with longer hair, and I guess I went to sleep in the dream at some point.

Dream 3

I woke up in the dream thinking that I was awake but I was really in another dream, so I was now in a dream within a dream I guess, I remembered dreaming of adventuring/working together with some classmates; and I felt/remembered that we were supposed to meet in a park, but this new dream or dream within a dream took place years later & so we were older now.

It was a nice day and I went to a park that looked like a fictional version of W Park, I went to a fictional bridge where we were supposed to meet, and there I came across my former classmate AM & another man who looked like a former soccer/football teammate of mine; they were walking by, and they looked older but also a bit younger at the same time which was odd.

I barely recognized AM since he had a receding hairline and he looked different & maybe shorter, he wore a black sports coat/jacket with a white v-neck t-shirt with dark pants, and I greeted him/them; but AM seemed to be trying to keep walking, but I got him to briefly stop to talk.

I told him how we both got/look older now and I joked that I got even uglier, I mentioned a few other things like that I remembered having a dream last night with some classmates (I did not realize that I was still dreaming and maybe AM was in that dream but I am not sure) & I gave him a short overview of the dream, but AM started trying to walk off again; and then the man walking with him told me that he knew me and he asked me if I recognized him, and I told him that he looked like one of my former soccer/football teammates (who was deaf).

The classmate from the other dream who looked a bit like Carol from The Walking Dead was also older & looked older but a bit young at the same time, she had her hair cut short now & looked even more like Carol, and she greeted me as I was saying goodbye to AM & the other man.

She remembered the meeting location as well and we talked about the dream from earlier and the other classmates from that dream, and we talked about how we were older now; and we both seemed to get along very well.

I think that we saw some of the other classmates starting to arrive at the park to meet us on the bridge, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr