Rushing / Hurrying / Running / Racing

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The main background theme of this dream seemed to be hurrying/rushing/running/racing/et cetera and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being inside a fictional building that had a buffet, a school or college, and maybe one or more other parts/areas to the building; and I was with most of my family and family members from my mom’s side of the family, and we seemed to be having a family gathering at the buffet.

My brothers KD and TD were young again and I remember wanting to eat some carrot cake, everyone was having a good time, and I remember walking around the buffet getting food on my plate; and then I tried to find a place to sit with my family, I think that the seating was around/near/part of the buffet bar/area oddly, and I remember finding a seat but I do not think that I got to start eating or I only got to start eating briefly.

My brother TD went to the bathroom but did not return so I went to look for him, I can not remember if I ever found him or not, either way somehow I missed being able to finish my food and I did not get any carrot cake because my family was leaving like the buffet was over or like they were in a rush; and I remember wanting to finish my food and get some carrot cake, and I think that an unknown man with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair stopped to greet me because he recognized me as a former schoolmate of his and maybe he said that he was in the Quiz Bowl Club back in high school when I was in it.

He knew/remembered our former male classmate AK, I remember us briefly/quickly talking about him and old memories from high school, but I still did not remember his name even though I recognized him; and at some point we said goodbye, and I remember walking in the hall of the school or college part of the building where there were students walking through the hall like everyone was leaving.

Some of my former classmates were in the crowd of students like my former male classmate TC and a former male schoolmate of mine named BR, I think that my former schoolmate BR or someone else was talking about a woman who he said was crazy and a murderer, and then for some unknown reason(s) everyone started running wildly like they were racing to get somewhere first like it was a competition so I started running too.

I jog about five days a week so I ran at a steady pace looking around as the others struggled as hard as they could while I was not even trying hard, somehow the hall ended up being/going outside into the street my parent’s live on, and the finish line seemed to be my parent’s yard maybe; and I reached my parent’s yard first, and my former classmate TC reached it second even though he was taunting me as we ran.

I/We walked further into the yard on the side of the house near the picnic table, my mom and some of my family were inside the house and I saw and heard them from the window talking about a kitten or small pet was missing, and stuck in a hole in the ground next to the house was the kitten or small pet; and so I helped the kitten/pet out of the hole, and then I probably told my mom about it.

The next thing that I remember is maybe driving my automobile around a slightly fictional version of the city of D downtown as everyone was in a rush and there were long lines at various places like the bank/et cetera, I think that I saw the music artist Jack White near the bank where there was a long line of automobiles, and at some point I possibly walked around some of the businesses downtown to avoid the traffic.

People were walking around quickly in a rush and maybe I stopped inside a fictional business that had an arcade, maybe some people were playing an arcade racing game, and maybe I joined them and/or we were really racing; either way I remember racing from downtown up the street past/passed the theater in maybe a motorcycle against the other people, and I remember a male police officer with whitish colored skin wearing sunglasses chasing some of the others as we raced.

The finish line was inside a store past one of the aisles of shelves, possibly part of the building from earlier in the dream, and I was the first person to reach the finish line again and a thin woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with shiny long blackish colored hair was the second person to reach the finish line; and she was a bit disappointed in losing, I waited for a few others to arrive, and then I left and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Childhood’s End Inspired Dream | Wanting Carrot Cake From Golden Corral

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I almost did not type my dreams today because of the constant distractions/annoyances which will probably return again soon, so I will try to type my dreams now out of order and randomly as I remember parts of my dreams to save time, before I get too annoyed/distracted again to type; and so expect errors and missing details, and I am not sure if the second dream is one or two dreams, so I will assume that it is one dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it was inspired by the audiobook for the book Childhood’s End that I started listening to on YouTube because my local library does not have the book or the audiobook, I stopped at chapter 3 before going to sleep, and my dream was about the parts that I listened to where maybe aliens arrived to Earth in spaceships, but they would never show themselves; and there was a human male main character and people wanted to know what the aliens looked like, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.


My Former Classmate JC Takes Hostages | Wanting To Go To Golden Corral

Dream 1

I forgot most of my first dream because when I woke up to try to voice record my dream I did not feel like getting out of bed because I was so comfortable and so I accidentally went back to sleep several times, I had one or more false awakening dreams where I thought that I voice recorded my dream while laying in bed, but those were just false awakening dreams; and so that caused me to forget most of this dream, and I had another dream when I went back to sleep the last time so that also caused me to forget even more of this dream unfortunately.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day at a fictional place that had a college, store, and airport with the college and store being connected but the airport was separated by a tall metal fence with barbed wire (the circular kind) at the top of it for security reasons; and earlier in the dream during a forgotten part of the dream I remember talking with my former male classmate JC who was at the college/store as well.

At the end of the dream I was inside the college/store with other people (students, workers, et cetera) when my former classmate JC entered the building with a gun probably, maybe he shot/killed some people but I can not remember, and he took us all hostage; and he was looking/acting strange, numb/mostly emotionless/like someone with nothing left to live for except murdering some other people before dying, and he did not really talk much.

I remember some of us trying to talk to him and talk him out of it (I was confused because earlier he seemed/acted normal enough, and so I assumed that he was just hiding whatever it was that was tormenting/bothering him earlier) but it was not working, I can not remember what happened mostly during this part of the dream, but at some point my former classmate JC somehow got distracted maybe (maybe he was killing some people or ranting or something like that); and some of us sneaked away, and we ran for our lives into the store area until we reached the back of the store in the warehouse-like area where customers are not supposed to go.

We ran outside through the exit door in the area at the back of the store where customers are not supposed to go and the tall metal fence with barbed wire at the top that protected the airport was there, and so we started climbing the fence to reach the airport to continue running for our lives and call for help; and oddly we saw no security guards even though there was a tower-like building by the fence, and I guess they did not see us yet either.

I wanted to cautiously/slowly bend the barbed wire down safely so that we could climb over it but the others were so afraid and panicking so much that a woman with whitish colored skin with yellowish colored hair who was climbing the fence on my right side started pulling the barbed wire down wildly, and some of it hit me as I tried to tell her to do it slowly/cautiously to avoid injuring someone; and fortunately I did not get injured by it surprisingly.

The woman did not listen to me and she told me that all she cared about was surviving so we all wildly climbed over the bent barbed wire to the other side of the fence, and we continued running for our lives toward the main airport building to call for help; but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that it took place in a fictional city where most of my family and I were vacationing but I can only remember part of the end of the dream, after a day of vacationing we returned to our hotel during the night, and I remember going to be bathroom.

I wanted to go to Golden Corral before we leave the city but we were probably going to leave in the morning without making any stops, so going now was probably my best option, but I was taking a bath or shower and I was still not hungry from eating earlier in the dream; and I was not sure if Golden Corral was still open or not.

I remember asking my mom if Golden Corral was even open still, it was about 10:00 PM in the dream, and my mom was not sure so I was going to call them; but I stopped to think about this because I was still not hungry after eating earlier, but I really wanted to some of their desserts (like their carrot cake, which they did not have the last time that I went in real life, they were supposed to make some carrot cake but they never did before I left even after I waited).

As I was thinking about this I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Spending A Long Time At A Buffet Restaurant

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for part of my last dream, and all that I can remember of my last dream is being in the parking lot of the shopping center in the city of D near where Subway should be during either the day or evening or night.

Before this point in the dream I possibly was in another city during the night or evening or day with some people I knew and maybe we had plans to go eat some food somewhere in the city of D once we returned but I am not sure, and there was a fictional buffet restaurant near where Subway should be.

I possibly went inside the buffet to ask about the prices, to glance at what kind of food they had, to ask them questions, and maybe I even was waiting on one or more people I knew to show up but I am not sure; all that I can remember is my former male classmate JC showing up at some point in an old single cab blueish and whitish colored truck I think.

I remember us talking and sitting down at a table in the buffet not far from the entrance/exit trying to decide if we should eat there or not, the manager/maybe owner of the buffet was a woman with dark brownish or blackish colored skin with blackish colored hair who wore glasses, and all the workers were women; and besides being a buffet it was also one or more other businesses as well like maybe an electronics store that did repairs.

My former classmate JC acted like he was still dealing with the death of his mother and so he was not acting like his normal self, he seemed to be in the grieving phase where you get angry/annoyed easily, and he wanted to have something fixed that used to belong to his dad who died back when we were in college.

He asked the workers how much it would cost for them to repair it and so they asked the manager/owner, she said an amount that was over $200, and my former classmate JC angrily said that was too much money and he walked out of the building in anger/annoyance.

I apologized to the workers and the manager/owner, I possibly went outside and did not see my former classmate JC and maybe I waited in his truck for him to return but he possibly still did not show up, and so maybe I went back inside the buffet to look for him but could not find him; and maybe I went outside but his truck was gone, and I did not know how to contact him or he did not answer his mobile phone.

I went back inside the buffet alone to wait a bit longer for him, he never returned so I decided to start getting some food, and there were some good items at the buffet like some good thick rectangular refreshing cheesecake and some carrot cake; but they did not have much left, I asked one of the workers if they would bring out more and she said yes, and so I waited as I slowly wasted time eating only a bit of food so that I would not get full yet.

The restaurant had a variety of people there and it looked nice but there were various health code violations and problems that I noticed like: food that was too cold, food that was too hot, food that was not prepared safely, some food (maybe jello/gelatin or a fruit salad) that possibly had a maggot in it, they were not replacing food fast enough, the waitresses were not checking on tables/customers really, and overall it seemed that the manager/owner was trying to be cheap/lazy and so everything was not managed properly which was unfortunate because this place had potential.

A man with whitish colored skin with short yellowish/orangish colored hair sat at my table and I greeted him, I told him about the buffet giving him some recommendations of what to eat and what to avoid, and I remember helping other people at the buffet as well as they entered the building or had questions because the workers/waitresses were not checking on us.

The most of the customers thanked me and were happy but some of the workers seemed angry at me for some unknown reason, one of them was a woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair who was very mean to me and the manager/owner was a bit mean as well but she was a bit mean to almost everyone, and for some unknown reason(s) a group of young women who were customers treated me poorly as well treating me like a creep for some unknown reason(s).

A young man with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair who I recognized from when he was an actor as a kid (but I do not remember his name or what movies/television shows that I saw him on/in) sat at our table like he knew the man who was sitting at my table, and I remember us all talking a bit as they seemed to be waiting for someone before eating.

I kept stalling trying to waste time waiting for more cheesecake and carrot cake to be brought out, a fire started in the building, and it slowly spread and firefighters started trying to put it out; and oddly the manager/owner did not evacuate the building, and so most people continued eating even as parts of the building were falling/burning.

Eventually the fire got so bad that I had to tell some of the workers and people to start evacuating, the manger/owner refused to reduce the price event though we were not able to finish eating and even though some of us were still waiting on food to be brought out, and she would not give us a free meal or discount for the next time we came.

I still had a small part of cheesecake and carrot cake left on my plate but we were forced to evacuate, the firefighters put out the fire eventually but a lot of the building was messed up, and I went back inside to eat the bit of carrot cake and cheesecake that was left on my plate; and workers and the manager/owner were still inside, and so I tried to sneak to my plate.

Only two tiny parts of my desserts were left and so I ate them, I closed a small fence behind me that was there to help them know when people were entering/exiting the buffet area (someone had left it open, and so I was going to close it like it was supposed to be), and I was about to close the door when I saw the manager/owner but she did not see me; and I told her that I had returned to finish the last part of my food and that I closed the gate and that I was going to close the door because they were open, and I told her that the desserts were good.

The manager/owner and the female worker who hated me angrily started talking to me threatening to call the police on me and threatening me about/with something else to my surprise, I tried to calmly talk to them but it was not working, and so I told them okay and I left feeling negative and a bit like a creep even though I did not really do anything wrong; and I kept thinking about the mean/negative reactions that I got from some of the workers/the manager/the group of young women, this was really bothering me and I did not understand why they treated me like that when I was only being nice and helping, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Choosing A College Student Council President And Carrot Cake

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I only voice recorded one of my dreams during the night, and so I forgot the other dreams that I had earlier during the night.

I barely remember part of the end of one dream where I remember being inside a Walmart-like store, and I was back in college again.

One or more classmates of mine told me that I was possibly chosen to be the new college student council president, which/who was being chosen by a small group of students, and this surprised me.

At some point I went to the bakery section to buy a rectangular sheet cake sized carrot cake, and one or more of my former female classmates like PF worked in the bakery.

I told them that one or more of our classmates told me that I was possibly chosen as the new college student president or that I was at least one of the people considered for that position, and I asked them if they knew anything about that.

One of them either knew someone who was in the small group of people choosing the new college student president or they were on the group or they were around the group as they were choosing the new college student president, and they told me what they knew.

They told me that I was one of the people considered for the position and that I was possibly chosen at first, but one or more people in the group removed my name from consideration for some unknown reasons that we assumed involved me not meeting certain unknown qualifications/qualities/et cetera that they were looking for in the new college student president.

I thanked them for telling me this and I felt a bit relieved at the news but at the same time I felt a bit disappointed, and they handed me my carrot cake; and I said goodbye, and I went to the cash register to pay for my carrot cake.

While I was in line I talked to another former female classmate of mine, but I woke up as we talked.

The end,

-John Jr