Impostor Anissa Kate(s)?

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream, but I only barely remember part of the confusing end to this dream.

I think that the end of the dream took place during the day and I seemed to be inside a grocery store-like place on my way to the cash registers which had conveyor belt counters / whatever.

9-5-2014 | Dream Fragment | Editing Tags + A Cat + Computer Games + A Walmart-Like Store = ?

English: A picture of the inside of a remodele...
English: A picture of the inside of a remodeled Walmart in Miami, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went to bed late last night/this morning after spending time doing malware scans and editing tags and I woke up late this morning, during the night I woke up to use the bathroom a few times, and I forgot all of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place inside a Walmart-like store near the cash registers and there were several people around this area who I talked to (one or more of them were thin stereotypical nerdy looking and sounding men with whitish colored skin with thick blackish colored plastic frame glasses wearing whitish colored long sleeve button shirts with chest pockets tucked into dark-colored dress pants with dark-colored dress shoes) and there also was a cat with me who followed me around and who I talked to, the cat could not talk but it seemed to be able to listen somewhat, and the cat was maybe a whitish/orangish/blackish/Calico colored short-haired cat.

Near several of the cash register lines were some desktop computers that had computer games, I sat down at one of the computers so that the cat could watch some of these computer games because I knew that the cat liked to look at things, and I remember editing tags on the computers.

I think that I edited tags for each video game that described the video games, there was also something about images of various celebrities that I can not remember and maybe I editing tags for those images as well, and maybe I also editing tags for my blog.

Choosing A College Student Council President And Carrot Cake

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only voice recorded one of my dreams during the night, and so I forgot the other dreams that I had earlier during the night.

I barely remember part of the end of one dream where I remember being inside a Walmart-like store, and I was back in college again.

One or more classmates of mine told me that I was possibly chosen to be the new college student council president, which/who was being chosen by a small group of students, and this surprised me.

At some point I went to the bakery section to buy a rectangular sheet cake sized carrot cake, and one or more of my former female classmates like PF worked in the bakery.

I told them that one or more of our classmates told me that I was possibly chosen as the new college student president or that I was at least one of the people considered for that position, and I asked them if they knew anything about that.

One of them either knew someone who was in the small group of people choosing the new college student president or they were on the group or they were around the group as they were choosing the new college student president, and they told me what they knew.

They told me that I was one of the people considered for the position and that I was possibly chosen at first, but one or more people in the group removed my name from consideration for some unknown reasons that we assumed involved me not meeting certain unknown qualifications/qualities/et cetera that they were looking for in the new college student president.

I thanked them for telling me this and I felt a bit relieved at the news but at the same time I felt a bit disappointed, and they handed me my carrot cake; and I said goodbye, and I went to the cash register to pay for my carrot cake.

While I was in line I talked to another former female classmate of mine, but I woke up as we talked.

The end,

-John Jr

11-20-2013 | Dream Journal | A Pauline Croze Website | Teacher’s Pet | Traveling Through The Forest/Woods

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had to take some pain medicine to be able to go to sleep because of tooth pain and I went to sleep and was sleeping well but at some point I got awakened at 3:Something AM by a TV that someone left on and heat and having to use the bathroom and the TV had caused me to not be able to sleep properly and I could not remember any of my dreams, I had a hard time trying to go back to sleep because of how the TV had interrupted/distracted my brain/mind and so it took me a while to go back to sleep and I wondered if I would even be able to remember any dreams later, but I went back to sleep eventually and I had several dreams that I remember part of; but my memory of my dreams got messed up badly again when someone decided to open the bedroom door and they turned the heater on causing the heat to disturb my sleep/dreams/memory, and now I do not have much time to type my dreams because I have to leave soon.

Dream 1

In the first dream I was in a corner area or in a small area near a cafeteria-like sitting/eating room, maybe the room was not cafeteria-like at first, and I was listening to music and/or watching music videos on a computer or some kind of electronic device maybe; and at some point I probably was listening to/watching some Pauline Croze songs/videos in French, and then I remember looking at a fictional Pauline Croze website that seemed to be her new official website.

The website was very basic at first like it was still being worked on/under construction, but then the website started to slowly change in front of me like someone was updating the website in real-time with new features/menus/pages/songs/videos/text/et cetera; but I looked away from the screen because some people started to line-up to the left of me like we were in a cafeteria line, and we were in a cafeteria line now and I was at the front of the line.

I turned back to look at the screen but now I only had a cafeteria tray with food on a metal rack that you slide/hold your tray on, magically the screen/computer was gone which made no sense to me but I did not realize that I was dreaming and I assumed that I had only been daydreaming, and I slid my tray down the rack toward the cash register where a slightly obese female cafeteria worker with maybe dark brownish colored skin wearing a whitish colored cafeteria worker uniform with a clear plastic hair cap was standing.

An Expensive Buffet In The City Of D

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of one dream from last night that took place in a slightly fictional version of D during the day, and I remember riding a bicycle on Eastside at first I think.

I remember riding the bicycle near C Elementary School at some point, I stopped at one or more places, and I talked with several people; but I can not remember the details of this part of the dream, and I left on the bicycle at some point.

I ended up riding across town to the shopping center near W Park, I came across a few other people like my former classmate AM, and I talked with him/them; and I went to one or more places.

At some point I rode my bicycle to a fictional restaurant near where the abandoned Dairy Queen is, one of the people earlier in the dream told me about it probably, and I went inside of the restaurant.

It was dimly lit, it had step-like seating that started high and went lower the closer you got to the cash register & buffet area, the buffet area & bottom floor were sunken a bit I think, there were a few people eating/drinking at tables, and I went to the cash register to ask the female worker about the buffet.

The female worker told me that the buffet was over $12 and that was not for everything on the buffet, she started explaining the pricing to me, and the real cost would be maybe $15-to-$20; and so that was too much money for me, and to my surprise my mom entered the restaurant.

I explained the cost to her and I was going to leave but my mom asked the female employee some more questions, and she learned of a sale on one or two items on the buffet that only cost under $2.00; and so my mom bought that, and the female worker prepared my mom’s plate as we waited but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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