Cash & An Apartment

This dream took place inside an apartment building, a woman with light-color skin asked me to do something that I can not remember, and she gave me a roll / stack of cash as payment I guess; and she walked away.

Some kids were watching this, they followed me, and I told them that the woman gave me too much money so I was going to give some or all of it back to her.


Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight)

Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight)

What Is It?

The YouTube video Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight) by the YouTube channel The Film Theorists:

Film Theory: Joker Is A Billionaire! (Batman The Dark Knight)

Here is the description for this video:

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Is Kool Aid Man the next Thanos?!

Batman, or rather Bruce Wayne, is the richest man in Gotham.

We all know that.

Well, today, I am here to prove that FACT is a LIE!

Yep, good ole Brucey has been beat by none other than his biggest rival.

Somehow, our favorite ever smiling big bad Joker has come out on top of the money game.


Well, Theorists, to answer that question, we’ll need to revisit one of my favorite Batman movies ever – The Dark Knight!

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