Angry Joe And Jaleel White | Cartoon Dream Death Battles

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, I remember a fictional version of my parents house, and Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) and maybe Other Joe (Joe Lopez) were possibly there or somewhere else on one or more computers trying to do something that involved one or more video games.

The next thing that I remember is my mom and someone else mentioning that they just saw Jaleel White, they called him the actor that played Steve Urkel, leaving the house of our neighbor Mr. RD after having a meeting/reunion there with his former cast members of the TV show Family Matters for the first time in years to make amends.

The Defenders Voice Acting?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I did not voice record them and I went back to sleep, and so now I barely remember part of one or two dreams but I am not sure if I was in this dream or these dreams or not but I do know that I was in one or more forgotten dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream or these dreams is that maybe one part involved some sisters, maybe there was some kind of relationship issues between the two sisters, and there was maybe something involving some girls who were either their daughters or them when they were younger; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or this dream.

The next part of the dream or the next dream involved what seemed to be the cast members of The Defenders miniseries voice acting as their characters from that miniseries, and so they were in a studio reading their scripts (lines) into a microphone as a male director with light-color skin directed them.

I remember seeing and hearing the actress Krysten Ritter reading her lines as her character Jessica Jones, and when she reached a certain line she almost vomited.

The director stopped the scene and told her that the writer who wrote the script(s), who was a woman with light-color skin, vomited or almost vomited at that exact line when she was writing and / or reading it which he thought was a strange coincidence.

They started talking about this and how strange that was, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Living In A House With Some Of The Cast Members Of Full House

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a one-story building that was a school and I remember living inside a house that was inside a classroom that was inside the school (so it was like three layers or a building within a building within a building); and I lived there with some of the male cast members of the television show Full House, my uncle IC, maybe a few other people, maybe my dad, and maybe my brother GC.

The teacher of the classroom that our house was inside of was Grace Randolph from YouTube and the other people I lived with were in her class as well, we would walk out of our house straight into her classroom, and if you leave her classroom you would be inside the school which had many rooms; and I remember going to Grace’s classroom a few times during the dream.

During one part of the dream I was inside our house as the others were relaxing, my uncle IC was sitting on a coach leaning back smoking a cigarette and he gave me some words of wisdom during our conversation, and I briefly talked with the others; and I remember having two small classical guitars that I showed to the others, and I remember talking about how I still had not learned how to play them yet and about other things that I have not learned or finished or got in my life yet (French, college, a career or job, girlfriend or wife, et cetera).

One of the guitars looked strange and like a gittern or another ancient guitar-like musical instrument, at some point I went to my room and/or to another part of the house alone, and I remember practicing some French during some point in the dream but I can not remember where and if I practiced with anyone or not (maybe I went to a French class inside the school or I practiced with Grace or I practiced alone).

At some point I remember being in the school area with other students like my former male classmate LT, and when leaving one of the classrooms a female classmate who looked like a model and I saw some snakes by the door; and one of the snakes was a large boa constrictor, and the others were small snakes.

I remember someone else and maybe I moving and/or picking up one or more of the snakes and/or walking around them, and I remember strange things happening in the school area most of the time when I would go to the bathroom; and I seemed to be the only person seeing and experiencing these strange things, and I remember something strange happening that involved maybe experimental non-human animals somehow being released or escaping into parts of the building.

I think that some of us tried to find them and contain them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

Being In A Fictional New Season Of The Walking Dead?

Source: Wikipedia

Once again I really do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will give a super lazy overview of my last dream from last night that seemed to involved me being in a fictional new season of the television show The Walking Dead, but my memory of the dream is unclear.

Either several new characters and I joined the main cast/group and we got separated at some point or several new characters and I were in our own group and maybe we came across the main cast/group, either way, we ended up coming across the main cast/group at some point; and I know that we met Carol Peletier, and maybe Carl Grimes.

At some point Carol was in our new group, maybe we got split from the main group, and I remember Carol being a mother-like figure to our group who was kind and she helped teach/train/mentor/et cetera us; and things were going well for our group until we got attacked and taken over by a very small group of people with somewhat futuristic weapons/armor and an armored vehicle with a machine gun or laser/energy gun lead by what seemed to be a real life version of an older version of Cyrus Temple (he wore thick futuristic armor like in the video game) from the video game Saints Row: The Third.

At some point in the dream we were taken to a tall building to a futuristic garage-like building made of heavy metal that looked like it could be moved around to change the layout and/or to open or close it to the outside, a meeting between various groups of survivors was going to take place inside the tall multi-story building near the garage-like building, and the Cyrus Temple-like man and his group wanted to be there for some reason(s).

Mr. Temple did not trust the other survivor groups and he expected that we would be attacked so he had us stay in the garage-like building near the armored vehicle in case we needed to escape if attacked during the night, I am not sure why he attacked our group and took over it, but I do know that Carol and some of our group escaped during the attack; but the others and I were taken prisoner.

As it was getting dark Mr. Temple and his small group were attacked like he expected but the people attacking them attacked quietly by surprise blocking them from using their armored vehicle and so their group lost the battle, and the rest of my group and I escaped; and later in the dream it was clear that I was just an actor on a fictional new season of The Walking Dead because I remember driving during the day to a fictional city to meet with the cast/crew to film a special episode.

The special episode was going to take place in an auditorium on the upper floor of a building and hundreds of fans of The Walking Dead television show were going to be there in the auditorium as unpaid extras pretending to be survivors attending a meeting and the rest of the cast and I would join the meeting, and the entire episode was going to be unscripted/improvised.

I remember parking in a small parking lot near a multi-story brick building in the downtown area of a fictional city, I could see many automobiles parked in larger parking lots across the street so most of the fans were there already, and some of the cast were already there because their automobiles were in the small parking lot where I parked; but not all the cast was there yet.

Carol and a few other cast members drove up and we greeted each other and we walked into the building to join everyone else to meet the fans and get ready to start filming the special episode, in the one-story auditorium that was on an upper floor were hundreds of fans of all ages (but many of them were probably 40 years and older), and there seemed to be no security; and so anyone could walk in and join the special episode, which I thought was not a good idea, but I thought that this was a unique/creative/interesting idea for an episode but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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