French Cavalry Routing British Cavalry

Dream 1

This dream took place outside during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, there were a small group of old style British soldiers wearing fancy red and black and white military uniforms with old style rifles and swords riding on horses, and I was in the area that they were passing through.

The British soldiers got confronted by some old style French soldiers who were wearing fancy old style French military uniforms with old style rifles and swords who were also riding horses, I guess the British soldiers were survivors of a previous battle that the French had won, and a very brief battle began between both groups.

They were near a field that had some rich French citizens wearing old style fancy clothing, the British soldiers were outnumbered and quickly retreated / got routed, but the French soldiers chased them as the French citizens cheered and taunted the British soldiers.

The British soldiers rode over a hill where more French cavalry was, even more than the previous group, and the French cavalry started to surround them.

I can not remember if there was a brief battle or not, I just know that the French soldiers let the British soldiers escape to my surprise and confusion as they and the French citizens taunted and cheered, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream seemed to take place at a summer camp, I was possibly younger (maybe high school age or college age), and most of the people there were younger than me other than the teachers / whoever and maybe one young woman or woman with light-color skin who seemed to almost be my age.

I remember us being in a physical education-like class or something being taught by a manly patriotic possibly Christian mustached hairy man with light-color, during the class the oldest young woman or woman there kept glancing at me like she was interested in me, and she talked to me several times like she wanted to have sex with me or something.

After class she talked to me and she asked me to come sleep in her bed with her as we were eating food that included cheap not so good donuts from maybe Walmart that had white glaze on them, I was cautious but she managed to convince me, but I told her to keep it PG – PG-13.

Afterward we went to her room, I am not sure what happened there other than me once again reminding her to try to keep it PG – PG-13, and then there was a time jump.

This time jump was possibly just me daydreaming of possible outcomes if we did have sex, in one outcome the woman showed up again in the future pregnant, and in another the woman showed up in the future telling me that she had lied about her age to me back in the past and that she had even showed me a fake ID back then and she apologized.

But I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream took place at The BP Library, and I was there working and it seemed that I had just started my work day.

I was doing a patrol checking the computers et cetera in the main areas, and then I was going to check on my coworker Mrs. SS to see if she needed help setting up her kid’s program for the day.

In the kid’s section was a small table with at least three computers and at the computers were my female coworkers JB and MA and possibly a new fictional coworker who was a young woman with light-color skin, and I stopped to talk to them but they were busy talking so I stood there for a moment waiting to say something to JB.

They did not seem to notice me really, I did not want to wait too long because I needed to finish my patrol and then check on Mrs. SS, and I remember feeling a bit hurt and /or rejected and / or sad and / or disappointed that I would have to walk away and hope to talk to them later because I did want to tell JB something or talk to her.

I started to walk away but I noticed some lights flickering and going out, and that it looked darker.

My female coworker DC was at the front desk and she noticed this too, and we both said something about this.

I wondered if the electricity was going out or something, and so I was going to check but then I heard a female voice yell: “John!” and it almost sounded like MA, and this scared me because it was sudden and it almost sounded like someone was in serious need of help but then not really at the end and it seemed that they were just trying to get my attention.

I turned around to walk back to see if it was MA, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Barely Winning A Total War-Like Battle | A Vampire (Vampirism) Virus Pandemic?

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a building in a somewhat narrow area with some shelves, some small old-style (swords, spears, shields, cavalry, et cetera) military-like force being led by a man were trying to escape, and some people were watching as I used a larger old-style military force of cavalry and spearmen (maybe with spears and shields, and maybe they were more hoplite-like but I can not remember) to stop the small military force from escaping.

This was like a battle from a Total War video game except it was taking place in the dream world and I was part of it so it seemed real but still felt somewhat video game-like because some people were watching me, but I was mostly just in command instead of fighting but I was on the battlefield with my soldiers.

I expected this to be a very short fight so I did not think that it was worth me fighting unless things went wrong, I got overconfident because I had a larger force, and it just appeared to be an easy quick win.

I was thrown into this situation suddenly without time to plan really, I wanted to split my soldiers into balanced groups but I did not feel that I had time, and before I could do anything the other army and their leader started to move quickly forcing me to act.

I did something that even I knew was risky but I was overconfident, which is not like me, and I sent all of my spearmen to attack the other army head on.

The leader of the other army was smart, he acted before I could, and he used the narrow space and the shelves to his advantage; and he had several different types of units instead of just spearmen like I sent at his army.

I made a stupid move that cost the lives of most of my spearmen by sending them all in like that, and then I ordered my spearmen to surround the other army but by then their numbers had dropped so I stretched them too thin.

They were having some success but my first command had ruined things, being stretched this thin allowed the leader and his army to eventually push through in some areas, and I made another stupid move by sending all of my cavalry to rush them except for one group that I left behind with me.

My cavalry were too close to get a good charge, the environment still favored the other army, and what was left of my own spearmen probably got in their way and my cavalry force probably was damaged by my own spearmen by accident.

It was some of the worst military blunders that I have ever made because I was making quick overconfident risky decisions, my larger force was now losing and was almost wiped out, but the other army was almost wiped out too.

The leader of the other army was still alive and him and the last of his army were finishing off or had finished off the rest of my army except for me and the cavalry group that I left behind, and the leader and his few soldiers were about to charge to escape through the opening to the hallway that me and the last of my cavalry were guarding.

I felt so stupid, I had failed my soldiers and most of them had died because of me, and so I ordered the last of my cavalry to charge and finish off the leader and his soldiers and I joined them.

They literally ran down the leader with their horses sending him flying, he probably died, and most of his soldiers were dead as I arrived after the first charge.

My soldiers were finishing off the last few survivors as we started checking the battlefield (which was just a room with shelves, they had entered from the other side, and we were guarding the other side which had a hallway with a path to the left and one to the right) for survivors and as I tried to locate the leaders body.

We won the battle but at a huge unnecessary cost, it was embarrassing, I should have listened to my instincts and my usual common sense and cautiousness.

I thought of how this battle could have gone much better with minimum losses, but I woke up.

Dream 2

Some of this dream is confusing because it seemed that it started at a hotel or apartment-like building that I was moving into, I was to get some roommates and / or suitemates, and so I was waiting on them to arrive.

We did not know how many or who would arrive, at least one showed up, and some kind of vampire (vampirism)-like virus was spreading around the world it seemed like some kind of pandemic; and so we were trying to survive.

I think that people were nicknaming the virus or whatever it was that because of some of the symptoms et cetera.

The news probably recommended staying indoors et cetera, and so that is what we were doing and we had some guns.

At some point in the dream we wanted to go outside because we probably needed to go get supplies et cetera, instead of being in a hotel or apartment we were in a small house in the city of D during the day along the road to The BB Grocery Store on Southside probably before you get to the BP School Board Credit Union Bank, and when we walked outside with our guns a male neighbor with light-color skin and his bodyguard was outside.

We were new to the house and the neighbor did not know us and we did not know him, they went to point guns at us, and so we pointed guns at them and we had a standoff.

We managed to talk the situation down, we found out that we were neighbors and that none of us were infected, and we briefly talked before either me and maybe my roommate left.

We went to The D High School, I remember walking through the building seeing some people who were infected, and some were at various stages of the infection.

At first people would get sick, slowly they would start to look sickly and different, they would start to get more mentally unstable as their bodies would slightly transform to look slightly different and paler and scarier (somewhat vampire like), as it gets worse they would mumble and talk to themselves and act a bit zombie like and not like themselves (almost like they are possessed), and then during the final stage they will go crazy and just attack people probably biting them et cetera like they have rabies / like zombies / like crazed vampires / like wild mentally unstable people.

I saw a female student with dark-color skin, well she was paler in the face now, who was mumbling to herself and walking zombie-like down the hall and she was about to reach the final stage very soon it seemed.

As I got further up the hallway she probably reached the final stage and I heard her going crazy and attacking people, I kept moving as chaos broke out, and maybe another person started going wild.

Eventually I went to another building where maybe I went to work, my supervisor Ms. JM was there and she was still my supervisor, and she let me borrow maybe some nail clippers that I used and then I cleaned and I gave back to her.

I remember talking to JM after thanking her, we probably talked about various things, including the vampire (vampirism)-like virus, and then I continued working or whatever.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Helping A Warlord Win A Battle To Save My Fictional Sister?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had at least three dreams from last night and the first two dreams probably took place in our current time period, one or more of those dreams might have taken place in a dream world from a dream from yesterday or another past dream, but my third dream was so abrupt/sudden & different that it caused me to forget my first two dreams which were pretty clear dreams.

My third dream started like I was literally thrown into the dream like jumping from/through dream levels in the film Inception or something like that, I remember landing/standing up in a field during the day in an old-time period probably before the Roman Empire was around, and I had no idea how I got there or what was going on; and I heard/saw horses/chariots passing by me with dust flying in the air, and the chariot leading them had an old warlord with whitish colored skin with long whitish/grayish colored hair & a long beard of the same color(s) wearing armor with at least two or three female bodyguards with light brownish colored skin wearing somewhat goldish colored armor & helmets that only cover a few parts of their bodies riding the leading chariot (his female bodyguards & female élite soldiers/officers looked very tough/tall/brave & loyal compared to most of his army).

I was very confused and the warlord & his army were on the move to a battle it seemed, but it also seemed that they had just raided a village/kingdom maybe; and that village/kingdom seemed to be the one that I was from, and it seemed that several people from my village/kingdom & I had been taken as slaves/captives/potential new members of the warlords army/kingdom.

The warlord’s army was made up of mostly women from various villages/kingdoms that were raided it seemed because his army was very diverse in appearance(s) (hair color, skin color, eye color, hair types, hair styles, et cetera) & the style(s) of their armor/clothing did not seem like any one culture that I am familiar with (maybe a combination of various cultural styles from that time period) but there were men in his army as well but they probably only made up 30-something% of his army, and as I was trying to make sense of what was going on some female soldiers told me to keep moving like I was a prisoner; and then I met some of the other prisoners/captives/slaves/whoever who were being guarded by mostly female soldiers & a woman among them called me by name, and I think that she was my fictional sister & probably most of the other people with her were other women (maybe a few men) from our village/kingdom/wherever.

It seemed that the warlord had captured my sister (who seemed like a nice/kind beautiful woman) & several other women from our village/kingdom to add to his harem & some of the women & men would probably be used to do other things like cooking/cleaning/soldiering/et cetera; and it seemed that eventually you could earn your place as a member of his army/kingdom once they trusted you enough probably, because it seemed that most of his current soldiers probably used to be slaves/captives/whatever.

I think that my fictional sister & some of the other female prisoners all had whitish colored almost Greek/Roman-like styled dresses/robes/outfits/togas/whatever, and I think that my sister had whitish colored skin with long shiny somewhat curly brownish colored hair; and I walked/ran with my sister & the other prisoners/captives/slaves talking with them & listening to them about what was going on, as we quickly followed the warlord & his army to a battle (maybe his army was being chased by another army, probably from a kingdom that he recently raided, maybe even the kingdom/wherever that we were from but I do not think that they were from where we were from).

The warlord’s army seemed to be mostly inexperienced when it came to traditional warfare like most of them did not use(d) to be soldiers but the warlord seemed like an old warrior/soldier who still liked to fight on the battlefield, and his army seemed to probably only raid villages/kingdoms/whatever & run (hit & run tactics/raiding tactics); and so his army was built for speed & raiding, but not for fighting longer/traditional battles or large armies.

The warlord had recently paid some soldiers to help train his army a bit so that they could better handle raids with a bit of traditional warfare tactics, but the army chasing him now was larger/better armored/better equipped/better trained/had better leadership & they were used to fighting traditional battles; and so the warlord was moving his army/captives to a hill with a long narrow rectangular shaped modern one-story building that blocked the only path on the hill, and so this building was like a wall/gate/rest-stop for armies/travelers (it was from our current time period oddly even though this time period was from probably over one or two thousand years ago).

The warlord knew that his army could not win in a direct battle with the other army, so he was going to set up several ambushes on the other army on the hill by using bushes/trees as cover, and then he/his army would use some new stealth & ranged unit tactics that were/was taught to him/his army by the soldiers who he paid to help train his army recently.

The warlord sent us captives/slaves/prisoners/whatever into the modern building with soldiers guarding us to stop us from escaping, and him & the rest of his army got into ambush positions as we watched the battle from the modern building.

The warlord was going to lead the first ambushes from the front-lines with his chariot & cavalry units, while the leader of the other army was more cautious & smart by staying in the middle of his army directing/commanding the battle, and the other leader sent his front-line infantry units up the hill; and then the warlord & his chariot/cavalry units ambushed them as they were trying to get up the hill forcing the other leader to lead a charge with his cavalry, and then the warlord & his front-lines retreated into the bushes/trees & so their first attack was a success but it was not enough to stop the other army.

The other leader cautiously moved his front-line infantry through the bushes/trees, and they got ambushed again; but they were well armored/had shields & were well-trained, and so they managed to survive the ambush but the warlord was still winning the battle at this point but only for a short time because it was obvious that his army could not fight directly with the other army for long.

The other leader eventually started pushing the warlord’s army back to the modern building forcing the warlord in a terrible position, the warlord knew that if his army got trapped on the hill that they would lose, and so he did the last tactic that he had left/knew; and he started using some of the new stealth/ranged attack tactics taught to him & his army by the soldiers that he paid to help train them earlier.

His army covered parts of themselves/horses/chariots with leaves/bushes to camouflage themselves & they got their ranged weapons (bows, throwing spears, rocks, et cetera) ready, and once the other army crossed the last of the bushes/trees the warlord’s army attacked them with range weapons; and this was working very well at first, but the other leader was smart & he kept his cavalry back & he moved his infantry back & he moved his ranged units forward to attack the warlord’s army.

The warlord’s plan was no longer working and it seemed that soon the battle would be lost, and so I decided to tell one of the female soldiers guarding us that I had an idea/plan that would probably help the warlord win the battle; and I told my sister & the other women/men/captives to wait for me in the safe zone behind the modern building with the warlord’s army soon because I had a plan for us to escape and/or survive, and the soldier took me to the warlord as the other army was approaching to finish/defeat the warlord & his army who were in front of the modern building.

I told the warlord to have most of his army retreat behind the modern building in a covered retreat with some soldiers guarding the rest of the army as it retreated, and I told him to leave a few soldiers and/or captives with me in the modern building; and that we would figure out a way to create an opening/way for him & his army to hopefully win the battle, and that I would send them a signal/messenger when the time came but I am not sure if I asked for my/our freedom if my plan worked or not.

The warlord had no other options and so he agreed to my plan, he did a covered retreat with most of his army, and he left a few captives and/or soldiers with me in the modern building; and things went as I expected, I expected the leader of the other army to cautiously avoid chasing the warlord & his army as they retreated (he was cautious like me), and I was correct.

I also expected that the leader of the other army would cautiously wait and slowly send some soldiers inside the modern building, and so this gave the few soldiers/captives (I think that most or all of them were captives like me from my village/kingdom, so I trusted them) & I time to come up with a plan as we waited in the modern building; and my plan was to get as many soldiers from the other army that we could in one place so that we could burn them with fire/use explosive materials on them/use traps on them to kill as many of them as we could, and so my plan was to get them close to or in the modern building to do this.

Unfortunately we did not have time to figure out how to do this or what to use to do this or to set this plan up because the leader of the other army started cautiously/slowly sending soldiers to the modern building, I had to make a rushed/panicked decision, and I told the others that we would pretend to be in the building to entertain/feed/congratulate/et cetera the other army & their leader on/for their victory; and so some of the others decided to pretend to be dancers/bartenders/musicians/waiters/cooks/et cetera.

A few of the soldiers from the other army entered the building as I started cooking food (this modern building had a modern kitchen with stainless steel stoves/ovens/refrigerators/counters/et cetera), and I welcomed them; but they were suspicious & they asked me what I was doing, and I told them that I was cooking food for the celebration for/of their victory & I told them to grab some beer/alcoholic drinks from the refrigerator & to relax.

They were cautious at first but then they started to relax, and they sent a message to their fellow soldiers & leader that the building was clear & that a celebration/party was taking place; and slowly they came into the building for the party/celebration, but their leader & the rest of their army that could not fit in the building set up tents on the hill to sleep in & to celebrate at (so about 30% – 45% of their army was in the modern building partying).

The leader of the other army finally let his guard down in over-confidence but he was still cautious enough not to party in the modern building (he stayed in the camp on the hill), which was part of my plan (except for the leader staying at the camp), and he expected to relax for the night; and to defeat or chase the warlord & his army (who were camped out on the other side of the modern building) the next day.

We threw/held a great celebration party for the other army, they had a great time and most of them got very drunk & lost consciousness/went to sleep (all of them were men, unlike the warlord’s army), and during this time the others & I slowly padded/blocked off windows/doors; and we slowly set flammable/explosive materials (alcoholic drinks/et cetera) around the inside & outside of the building.

At some point during the night when most of the other army was sleep/unconscious, I sent a messenger to the warlord & his army to get into attack positions on my signal, and that once they saw my signal I wanted them to move into attack positions on the sides of the modern building (a safe distance from the fire) in the shadows on the slopes of the hill; and then I would send another message to them for the attack plans.

After sending the messenger the others & I left to the outside of the modern building after staring fires in the inside now that it was full of as many soldiers from the other army that would fit & they were all sleep/unconscious, we sealed it good so that they could not escape & hopefully no one would hear them scream, and then we started the fires on the outside of the building; and we waited to make sure that none of them could escape & to make sure that none of the other soldiers from their camp noticed, and surprisingly none of the other soldiers at the camp noticed because they were drunk/sleep/unconscious/et cetera & so we signaled for the warlord & his army to move into attack positions & they did.

I walked to the warlord & his female bodyguards on his chariot to tell them my attack plans, they were to move along the slopes of the hill with some of their army to surround the camp from the shadows, and wait for my signal to attack/kill the leader of the other army first because their leader was a good general & it would hurt his armies morale; and then he could focus his attacks on the rest of his army, and my signal was going to be fires in their camp being set by some of the others who I sent into their camp to spread flammable materials on their tents/weapons/armor/ammunition/supplies/et cetera & I also sent a woman to find the tent of the leader of the other army.

We waited for the messenger who(m) I sent to the camp to return, she returned letting us know which tent the leader of the other army was in & that the others were ready to start the fires, and so I sent her back to tell the others to light the fires; and then I wanted them to run to the safe zone behind the modern building to meet me there.

I told the warlord that he could kill the leader of the other army first right before the fires were started, and so he left with his bodyguards & his élite units to kill the leader of the other army (he looked excited about the chance to face the leader of the other army directly in combat, even though the leader of the other army was younger & stronger looking than him & a better general than him); and I waited not far from the burning modern building, soon fires in the camp started, and the full attack began as I waited for the others to return.

The others returned and then we ran to the back of the burning modern building to get my sister & the others to probably escape while both armies were distracted fighting each other & because the darkness & smoke would help cover our escape, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr