Primal Season 1 (Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal Season 1)

What is it?

The 2019 American animated TV show Primal Season 1 (Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal Season 1).



The Nuclear Fallout?

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I remembered part of my last dream, which is unclear in some parts, especially the beginning; I only remember being outside a fictional version of my old high school.

I am not sure what was going on but I do remember something about two women my age that had a relationship, and they had an argument; one of them picked me up in her car and drove me somewhere.

The only thing that I remember next is being outside in a city near a highway in an open concrete area and with me was some robot-looking man (android) with a gun, and I also had a gun.

We were both fighting against some bigger robot-looking thing, we were running around shooting at it and it was shooting at us, and it was like a boss fight in a video game or something.

We defeated the big robot-thing but it started to self-destruct so we ran next to the highway to escape the blast, the robot-looking man with me could run very fast so I held on to him since I was too slow, and the big robot-looking thing started to explode; first a strange light stretched out like showing how far and wide the blast would be, and then the explosion happened.

It was like a small nuclear-like explosion, fortunately the robot-looking man and I had gotten far enough away, and had escaped up the highway; we saw fallout in the sky and it was blowing in the wind.

We decided to take cover at some small building out in the woods off of the highway, for some strange reason the robot-looking man now looked & acted like a caveman or something.

We walked into the small building and there was a small hallway with several doors that led to small dorm-like rooms, the place was old and quiet, and several rooms had open doors; the caveman started to look around some of the empty rooms and started to take stuff, I told him that the stuff that he was taking probably belonged to someone, but he did not listen to me so I took some of the stuff from him to put it back.

I started to look around to see if anyone was in the building and to return some of the stuff that was stolen, but one of the doors opened and a man my age saw me with some of the stolen stuff and told me that the stuff was his; he was angry and another door opened with another man my age in a room, and he had been on his computer.

I told the man who I was returning his stuff to his room because the caveman with me had stolen it, not knowing it was for anyone, and I apologized; he calmed down and took his stuff to his room, and in his room was a TV and game console.

I told the two men that we had escaped a somewhat large explosion and had come into the building to escape the fallout, but the two me did not know what I was talking about; they said they had not watched the news or been outside yet.

I started to hear a woman’s voice and some kids voices coming from down the hallway I quietly went up the hallway to see who it was, I think it was the owners of the building, connected to the hallway I saw a living room that led to other parts of a house; I went to the entrance of the building to tell the caveman to put the stuff back that he stole before the owners saw him.

The dream then jumped to another scene without me in it, there were two women a bit younger than me running into a cave-like area, it seemed that they were running from something; one of the women saw a small beaver-like animal or something, and stopped to pet it.

The other woman wanted to keep running, the woman who was petting the beaver-like animal seemed to have a lot of empathy and something was odd about her; I felt that she had been an experiment but she escaped with the help of a friend, and they were being chased by people who were trying to return her to a lab or something.

At some point the two women had to hide under some water because someone was coming, unfortunately the beaver was left, a man wearing military / SWAT-like armor with a tanish colored uniform came into the cave with an assault rifle; he shot the beaver, one of the women wanted to jump from under the water but her friend held her under.

The man with the gun reached under the water and grabbed the arm of one of the women, but the woman kept her arm stiff, so the man thought it was just a piece of wood or something so he walked off.

The two women came from under the water and ran out the other end of the cave and the man heard them, and called for backup; outside of the cave were large rocks and some trees leading to the highway, but the area was below the highway somewhat so the women had to climb a tree to climb up to the highway; a group of men with guns came out of the cave too and they wanted to shoot at the two women, but the trees & rocks were in the way.

The men appeared to be calling someone, probably to get a vehicle to pick them up so they can chase the women on the highway.

The two women looked around trying to find someone who could drive them away from the area, they noticed a man walking, it was Anthony DiNozzo from NCIS; he was trying to act cool and they asked him for a ride, he told them okay, and said that he would be right back.

He walked across the street, still acting cool, toward a small outdoor café with several automobiles parked near it; one of them was a nice red convertible sports car.

He sat down at a table, still acting cool, and started to pretend to be picking his teeth; he was actually bending a piece of metal into a lock pick so he could steal the red sports car.

He looked around as he was making the lock pick, still acting cool & he smiled at the two women (who were wondering what was taking so long, since they were trying to leave before the men with guns came), and then he walked to the red sports car and picked the lock.

He got inside the car and drove to the two women, still acting cool, and they got in & they drove off; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂