A Robert Downey Jr. Movie | Lucid Dreaming & Flying | A Police Raid & CCleaner?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D.

I was leaving my parent’s house when I noticed military vehicles driving up quickly outside the boat gate of The E House and in Mrs. R’s yard next to The E House.

Inside the house, my mom’s side of the family seemed to be having a family reunion.

I was on my way to the family reunion as well, so I stopped to watch from a distance to see what was going on.

It looked like the military was doing a military training exercise, and it seemed that they planned on using The E House as a temporary headquarters.


John Jr Goes To Germany To Visit NF

File:Lörrach - Wohnblock Wintersbruckstraße.jpg
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of one dream from last night, I can not remember the beginning of the dream, I just remember making a last-minute decision to drive to Germany to visit my female online contact NF.

I remember driving on a long straight road that probably went between mountains at some point, and once I was near Germany I decided to call NF; because she had no idea that I was coming to Germany, I had no idea if she was even home, and I was not sure which apartment room she was in but I somehow had an idea of where her apartment building was.

In the dream it seemed that I had been to Germany before and so I had an idea of how to get to NF’s apartment building, and I had a few memories of Germany; I have had a few dreams in the past which took place in Germany.

The road that entered Germany was on a steep hill and once I drove over it the road & the land was sunken/down lower than the hill, so I had to drive down off the steep hill/road into Germany where NF lived; and this led to the village where NF lived.

I called NF with my mobile phone as I was entering her village, it had been a long time since I had communicated with her, which was part of the reason that I decided to go visit her; and to my surprise she answered her phone.

NF was so surprised to hear from me that she started speaking in German at first, I had no idea what she was saying, so I had to wait until she switched to English before I could talk/understand her. 😀

I told NF that I was just entering her village in Germany and that I wanted to know if it was okay if I came to visit her, and she said that it was okay.

I told her the location where I remembered her apartment building being and I asked her if that was the correct location, and she said that it was the correct location; and I asked her if she would wait outside so that I could see her to make sure that I was at the correct apartment building, and so that she could led me to her apartment room since I did not remember which room was hers.

She said that she would wait outside for me and show me where her apartment room was, and so I drove to the parking lot of her apartment building.

To the left of her apartment building were two or three businesses that have been in several of my past dreams, and so this area was somewhat familiar to me; and one of the businesses was a restaurant & is usually always a restaurant in my dreams that it is in.

NF’s apartment building was one of the first places that you see when entering her village so it was easy to find, and NF was waiting outside for me.

I greeted NF and we walked into her apartment building, and she started to give me a tour of it.

The apartment building was like a hotel/apartment with several floors and rooms on each hallway, and at some point the owner/manager greeted us; the owner/manager was a tall woman with whitish colored skin who was taller than NF & I, and she could speak English.

The owner/manager gave me/us a tour of the hotel part of the building which was probably in the basement or lower area of the building, and it was for tourists & for extended stay.

It was in the lower part of the building since that area was quieter and for several other reasons probably, and the rooms were smaller than the apartment rooms; and one of the rooms was under repair or remodeling.

The owner/manager showed me/us a public computer area with about three or four computers, there was probably a public computer area on each floor, and she show me/us a computer problem that she was having.

She had three images on her desktop and every time that she clicked on them, the images would not open, and I instantly realized what the problem was when I saw her showing me/us the problem.

I saw that the icons for all three images had the icon for CCleaner, which is not an image viewer program, somehow those three images were set to open with CCleaner; but CCleaner can not open images.

So I told her that the images would need to be set to open with/by an image viewer program such as: Windows built-in image viewer/Windows/Microsoft Paint/IrfanView/XnView/et cetera.

Since Windows has its own built-in image viewer, I showed her how to set the three image files to be opened with/by the Windows image viewer, and it worked; and then I told her that I like IrfanView & XnView better, but she could use any image viewer that she wanted to.

I told her that if she had any other computer problems/questions or if she ever needed help with computer stuff, to let me know, because I would try to help; and I told her that I had some basic computer knowledge in various areas.

She thanked me and she might have said that if I ever thought about staying in Germany, that she would let me stay at her apartment/hotel building at a discounted price and/or free if I handled/maintained the computers in her building or something like that.

That gave me something to think about and NF & I said goodbye to the owner/manager, and NF started to led me to where her apartment room was.

We talked as we walked and I was a bit hungry probably, and so I asked NF if she wanted to go eat after she showed me her apartment room; and I also wondered if her boyfriend would have a problem with us going to eat and/or with me visiting NF, and I wondered if she still even had a boyfriend.

I went to ask NF about this, to make sure that I would not cause any problems by visiting her, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂