An Only Lovers Left Alive Inspired Dream With Sherlock Holmes

This morning I was awakened by someone at a critical time during my last dream which caused me to forget all of my other dreams and most of my last dream, which is very annoying because I did and I would have remembered some of them if it were not for the interruption which included an unnecessary phone call, the person who woke me up meant well but they caused me to forget things that I wanted to remember and waking me up turned out to be completely unnecessary causing me to lose two hours of sleep which I will not get back now and to lose most of my dreams that I wanted to remember (I did take this time to finish a job application, and so I will probably get a job interview in a week or two because everyone automatically gets a job interview for this job; which I do not like because I do not like job interviews or job applications, but this is positive news while also being neutral and negative news and it is for a job that I substituted for in my last job so my chances are better than usual); but even after all that amazingly I barely remember part of the end of my last dream which seemed to be inspired by the film Only Lovers Left Alive, which I watched before going to sleep, and maybe one of my other dreams was inspired by this film as well.

I can not remember exactly how this dream was inspired by that film but I do know that the dream had a slower paced feel/atmosphere/mood/et cetera with a focus on things that are not normally focused on in dreams (small details and topics in life that often get over-looked in dreams) and there was some good and personal and unique dialogue with the other dream characters, there was also a focus on music and musical formats/media (CDs, et cetera) and on personal/mundane/philosophical/et cetera topics and on people in history, and more things that I can not remember.

At the end of the dream I think that it was night and Sherlock Holmes played by the actor Benedict Cumberbatch from the BBC television show Sherlock, a woman with whitish colored skin with maybe yellowish colored hair, a boy who was possibly the woman’s son or young brother, my mom, maybe my brother GC, and I were out in the countryside of the city of D down a country road outside of a house; and it seemed to be an emergency situation, and Sherlock drove us there in his car.

It seemed that we were picking up the woman and the boy who were in a panic like they/we were in danger or something and we needed to get them away and leave quickly, earlier in the dream Sherlock and some of the others and I possibly went to this location earlier in the dream to maybe drop them off and some other things happened in the dream that I can not remember, and as we were preparing to leave I remember adjusting some objects in Sherlock’s car including some music CDs.

As we were leaving I remember talking about music and picking a music CD to listen to, we talked about history and people in history, we talked about the emergency situation, and we talked about various interesting things in life; and at some point I remember us driving to a store and maybe it was day now but I can not remember, and we went inside the store  and near the cash registers there was a man who somewhat reminded me of the actor Roger R. Cross giving a demonstration for a job training program involving bonding / gluing things like jewelry and bonding/gluing things on automobiles et cetera.

I remember talking to Sherlock about very personal things including jobs and my problems/struggles with social/generalized anxiety disorder and depression, Sherlock had not know about this, and we talked about a grid that he once wrote on piece paper for me after he had glanced at a book on mental health; and this grid was used to help people with their mental health issues by them putting certain information on the grid each day, and he explained the grid to me.

I told him that I remembered the grid that he had written on a piece of paper for me, not knowing that I had mental health problems at that time, and I told him that I never did use it; and then I mentioned an idea where maybe he could help me by reading some books/et cetera and try to help me overcome those mental health problems, since he is so smart and quick to learn things, but we got interrupted by my mom.

My mom wanted me to go look at the job training demonstration and decide if I should sign up for one of the classes, you probably had to pay and you would take a class and probably get certified and then you would probably work for the company handling the job training, and so I stopped to watch the demonstration; and the man who somewhat reminded me of Mr. Cross lined up several small clear plastic pieces of tubing in a V-shape with little cut pieces of plastic tubing at the top to connect each end, you had to line the up a certain way it seemed, and then he started gluing them.

I asked him some questions as he was doing this, I also looked at his signs/papers/pamphlets reading about the different classes/jobs trying to decide if I wanted to try any of them, but I got awakened in the real world by someone who handed me a telephone because I had a phone call.

The end,

-John Jr


Spring Fever? | My Former Classmate AK And Surviving A Wind Storm Or Tornado

Dream 1

I was supposed to voice record my dreams but I accidentally went back to sleep, and so I can not remember most of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of two dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream I was inside a large strange classroom with a very tall ceiling that was possibly underground, I was in a class with other students, and I think that our teacher possibly somewhat reminded me of Grace Randolph from YouTube but thinner with maybe slightly orangish-yellowish colored hair and she had a different voice/she spoke differently and she looked different and she possibly wore glasses but I can not remember so I could be wrong about that.

I think that this dream had what Flynn called Spring Fever, where various dream characters were acting like they had it, and I remember that I was the teacher’s favorite student; and I remember our teacher staring/gushing at me and making a comment out-loud to some female students about wanting/hoping that I would do something (manual labor like moving heavy objects et cetera) with my shirt off so that she could watch and I remember her talking about how good/fit/buff/toned my body looked/et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that at the end of the dream I was at a fictional version of my parent’s house I think and I remember my former male classmate AK coming over, and it was the first time that I have seen or heard from him since he moved away when I/we was/were still in high school; and I remember us talking/hanging out, and he talked to me about his music and music CD (compact disc) collection.

He liked collecting music CDs and music stored on other forms of material/media/ways/et cetera, I only have a few music CDs and most of my music is digital computer files, but I was going to let him see and listen to some of my music CDs and some of the music on my computer; but first we went outside, and I remember other people going outside as well (for some reason there were various unknown people there).

It was a nice day outside until a sudden wind storm or tornado or something came, it happened so quickly that I only had enough time to grab the wooden light pole in the yard, and I told the others to grab on to me and each other; and so we did this as the wind blew hard/violently lifting us off the ground in the air, but we held on tightly.

I did not have the light pole gripped good enough and so I struggled hard to hold on as my hands were slipping because the wind was so strong but fortunately I held on long enough until the wind calmed down enough that we fell back to the ground, and then we ran inside the house to take cover; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr