A Shack-Like Building / Bedroom In The Field By The HD Head Start School And The C Elementary School

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I had several dreams last night, several of them were probably connected, but I woke up several times during the night and I did not voice record my dreams so I forgot most of them except for barely part of my last dream.

My last dream took place during the day, possibly on several different days, in the city of D; and it involved me walking to and/or from and/or by the C Elementary School, the HD Head Start School, and the field that is by both of them.

In the middle of the field was a fictional shack-like building that was just one small bedroom when you went inside of it and the bedroom had a twin size(d) bed, a small television, a small bookshelf, a small chest-of-drawers, maybe a ceiling fan and lights, a storage chest, and several other things; and it was in pretty good condition.

Each day I would walk through this area either from and/or to and/or by both of the schools that I mentioned earlier but I can not remember if I ever went to any of the schools or not or if I was a student or worker or not, and I came across a few people during the dream during my walks; and I talked with them but I can not remember who they were or what we talked about, but I think that one of them was a male former schoolmate or classmate of mine and/or someone who(m) I met at the church near CS Bank many years ago who was somewhat tall with whitish colored skin and short medium-colored hair and/or it was my former male classmate SB.

Each day I would briefly stop in the field to go inside the shack-like building/bedroom, I probably would store some things in there and look at some of the things that I had stored there, and it was like a place I would go to maybe relax/explore/be alone/think of old memories/et cetera almost like it represented a storage place of old memories/objects and/or something like that maybe (like in the movie Inception where the character Mal Cobb hid something/a truth inside an old house inside a vault that was hidden inside a dollhouse).

One day I found something new inside the shack-like building/bedroom that I did not put there and my dad entered the room/building telling me that it was him who put it there for me, he got it from one of the schools where he was working without permission, and so I told him that he should probably take it back or at least ask if he could have it; but he did not think that was necessary, but I insisted.

My dad left at some point and maybe someone else came to the shack-like building/bedroom and maybe I talked with them, I was surprised because almost no one but me ever seemed to explore the shack-like building/bedroom even though it was always unlocked in a field near two schools, and no one had even stolen/stole anything that I would store in there; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

A Special Family Religion And Imogen Heap’s House?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I only remember part of my last dream, which was an interesting dream, but I forgot most of it when I woke up from the dream accidentally talking out-loud and/or snoring; and so the dream is lacking some context, and many important parts of the dream are missing.

I could be wrong but I think that all the dream took place inside a fictional building/house that I think was one-story tall even though it had a roof that was at least two-stories tall, I can only remember part of the end of the dream, and I remember being in the second part or the middle part of the building/house in a large maybe light grayish colored room that had many twin sized beds.

Before this part of the dream I think that I talked with my former male classmate DH, my former male classmate BH who acted more mischievous like he used to act when we were both in elementary school, and my former male classmate JC who I remember talking to about his dad who died years ago when we were in college and I remember telling him that I was sorry about his dad dying.

The large open room of twin sized beds also had an eating/drinking area on the right side of the room against the wall, it seemed like this part of the building/house was a shelter and there were a variety of people there like maybe a small storm was taking place and/or they just needed somewhere to live, and there were probably other basic areas that I did not see like bathrooms/laundry room/et cetera.

I wish that I could remember more of this dream because I know that a lot more things happened in this dream and I talked to various people and I did various things, and at some point I remember seeing a thin young woman who somewhat reminded me of Zoe Benson from the TV show American Horror Story: Coven on one of the beds who I think had recently broken up with her boyfriend and/or who had recently been abused in one or more ways; and I remember over-hearing conversations between some of her family members and her I think, and at some point I walked over to her to encourage her because she was probably sad.

My words of encouragement seemed to help her and she started smiling but then she started to approach me seductively like she was trying to seduce me, in my opinion she seemed to be trying to get me to have sex with her to help her forget/ignore her pain/bad experiences/et cetera, and I remember slowly backing away as she approached me because it just did not feel/seem right to me.

I could not tell how old she was and so I was not sure if she was even an adult yet and to me she was a young woman who was vulnerable and hurt and who needed help and encouragement, and I only wanted to help her; and so I had no interest in a romantic relationship with her and I politely told her this, but she kept approaching me talking seductively and touching me as I continued to back away resisting her.

Eventually I accidentally fell on a bed and she jumped into my lap trying to have sex with me as I continued to verbally and physically resist her but she would not stop, and so I managed to escape her; and I ran to a room on the left side of the building/house, and this room had the entrance/exit door of the building/house.

This room looked like a larger version of my grandfather’s living room and on the right side of the room was stadium style seating that went up to the tall ceiling, and there were people there about to start a religious-like service for a special religion/whatever that was made by a certain family who seemed to all be sisters who had light-to-medium brownish colored skin and who were slightly over-fat/obese; and the head sister was going to lead the service/whatever.

A man with whitish colored skin wearing a suit and two women with whitish colored skin wearing dress clothing entered the room through the entrance/exit door and I could see that it was night outside and that maybe a storm was happening outside or it was just windy maybe, and all three of them looked/dressed like they were from maybe the 1920s; and one of the women either spoke no English or she could barely speak English because she was from another country and she was pregnant, and she had short blackish colored hair with a 1920s-style hat with part of her hair and/or her hat curled over/near both of her ears.

The other women spoke English normally and she looked angry and she was complaining to the man because she had found out that he had an affair with the woman from another country and he got her pregnant, the man told her that he liked both of them and he wanted to have a relationship with both of them, and he had brought them to the religious/whatever service together hoping that they could help them with this situation and/or another situation.

The three of them were welcomed by the head sister leading the religious service/whatever and they sat down in the stadium style seating with the rest of the crowd and I sat in middle row at the top, and the actress Charlize Theron was sitting in the row in front of me and she had short hair; and then the head sister started the religious service/whatever, and she told the crowd that she sensed conflict/tension/et cetera in the crowd that would interfere with the ritual/service/whatever that they were about to perform for the man and the two women.

The head sister looked at one of her sisters’ in the crowd who looked a bit like her and she told her sister that she was sensing the conflict/tension/et cetera from her, she told her that she needs to deal with it before they start the ritual/service/whatever, and the sister admitted that the head sister was correct; and she told her that she wanted to admit something that was bothering her, and she told the head sister that she was no longer going to support the special religion/whatever of their family because she recently converted back to another religion (probably Christianity) to worship a deity (probably the Christian god).

The head sister and her started arguing about the situation and eventually the sister rebuked the head sister and the special religion/whatever of their family saying negative things about it, and she started saying a prayer (probably a Christian prayer) in another language (probably Latin); and the head sister started to smile and laugh at her sister, and the head sister decided to prove that the special religion/whatever of their family was stronger than her sister’s new religion (probably Christianity).

The head sister told her sister that she was about to show her a sample of the power of the special religion/whatever of their family, and sister said a few words in an unknown language that caused everyone in the room to get temporarily paralyzed causing her sister to instantly stop her prayer; and it hit us almost like a dragon shout from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim where you could somewhat see and sense it coming at us, and I remember being paralyzed with my hands stretched out in front of me and my feet hanging as I sat in my seat.

My hands and my feet were shaking as my muscles slowly became un-paralyzed and I was one of the last people to become fully un-paraylzed, and people started laughing at me because of how my feet and hands were shaking; and I started laughing as well, it was a strange/interesting feeling getting temporarily paralyzed like that, but I handled it pretty well without much fear or any fear.

The head sister proved that the special religion/whatever of their family was real and stronger but I am not sure what her sister’s response was, maybe they continued arguing but I can not remember, I just remember Charlize Theron turning around looking/smiling/laughing at me about how my hands/feet were still shaking a bit; and Mrs. Theron showed me something she learned from attending services/whatever of the special family religion/whatever, and she started blowing cold and strong air at me from her mouth almost like something Superman would do.

I was amazed/surprised and I tried to do it but I could not, Mrs. Theron smiled/laughed at me and she did it again so that I could see it done again, and then I tried again but I failed again; and so I decided to see if I could stop her from doing it instead, but I could not stop her from doing it and it was too powerful.

I gave up and I started to ask Mrs. Theron how to do that but then everyone got quiet as the music artist Imogen Heap walked into the room from the second/middle room from earlier in the dream wearing pajamas like she had been awakened by the noise that we were making, and it seemed that maybe she owned/lived in this building/house.

She walked into the room talking out-loud to herself and/or us and she heard someone knocking on the entrance/exit door, and so she opened the door to let someone inside and then she closed the door; but then she heard another noise and she was going to open the door, but I told her that I would open it.

I opened the door to look out of the screen door but I saw no one and it was still night outside and maybe there was a storm outside, and so I closed the door; and Imogen Heap turned on a TV that was on the left side of the door, exactly where my grandfather’s TV is in his living room (because this room did look like a larger version of my grandfather’s living room with fictional stadium seating), and on the TV was a BBC-like documentary-like TV program showing a woman in maybe the 1940s who could have been the Queen Of England and/or someone like that.

Imogen Heap walked over in front of where the closed off fireplace is next to a ceiling fan that was on the floor oddly and she turned it on, but the blades stopped spinning like they got stuck on something; and so I started to see if I could fix it, I saw that the ceiling fan was cracked so part of it was stopping the blades from spinning, and so I adjusted this so that the blades could spin and I moved the ceiling fan so that the brick part of the fireplace would hold it in place but the ceiling fan broke apart with the blades still spinning.

Oddly there were napkins over the motor so I could not see it and the blades were still spinning, and I struggled to find the off switch on the motor so that I could turn it off but the ceiling fan broke apart completely and it stopped working; and so I started trying to put it back together and I apologized to Imogen Heap, even though it was not my fault really because it was already cracked and ready to fall apart, and I started explaining what had happened to Imogen Heap but I accidentally woke up in the real world talking out-loud and/or snoring.

The end,

-John Jr

A Street Fighting Tournament With Various Athletes And A Serious Beating

File:The Dream Match.jpg
Source: Wikipedia

I got awakened by a fire alarm, which scared me straight out of a dream and I jumped out of bed to make sure there was not a fire, and I somehow managed to remember part of a dream fragment or two as I ran to check for a fire.

I did not think about the dream fragments since checking for a fire was more important, there was no fire fortunately (someone had lit some heaters for some stupid reason(s)), but after that scare all that I could remember of that dream fragment or dream fragments was seeing a woman & maybe a boy; and so I got back in bed trying to remember the dream, and surprisingly I was able to remember part of the dream when I turned down the ceiling fan a bit.

The dream took place during the day outside in a fictional area near a small building, some athletes from various sports were lined up on a concrete/pavement area near this building (this area what mostly concrete/pavement like a parking lot), and they each were going to face another athlete in a match of some kind; and some observers & regular people who were to be referees were there.

Each athlete had opponents picked and the match order was set, we waited for the first match to begin, it was between a male tennis player and a very tall & strong-looking male swimmer I think; and the swimmer was expected to win easily, so I am guessing that some of the observers probably were betting money on fights but I could be wrong.

There were female athletes there too, maybe even some younger athletes as well, and I think that I thought that the matches would involve them each having to compete in a certain sport depending on the athletes; and I went inside the building for some reason, the first match started without me outside so I missed it, and I went outside to see a terrible scene.

The tennis player was badly beaten and a lot of blood was on the ground, I saw no referees or help, and so I yelled for people to call an ambulance; and I started trying to find out what happened & where were the referees & the help, and so while some people were helping the tennis player I went inside the building to look at security camera footage of what had happened.

The match was a fight to my surprise, a street fight without gloves & no referees were there oddly, and the tennis player over-powered the tall & strong swimmer to my surprise; and he was winning the fight, but another man hit the tennis player in the head with a weapon from behind & the swimmer & the man beat the tennis player badly & maybe even raped him.

I heard the swimmer make some negative statements during the beating, like maybe the tennis player & him used to date or something, so this beating/attack was related to that; and I was shocked/angered by what I saw & heard, and I thought it was such a cowardly attack & I was angry that the referees were not there or doing anything or any of the observers.

I remember hoping/wondering if the tennis player was alive and/or if he would survive, and I remember yelling & questioning the referees & observers about how something like this happened; and about how unprofessional they were, but I got awakened by the fire alarm in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

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