A High School Event | Helping Mr. B

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during a very gray day, maybe morning, and I had arrived by automobile to the main student parking lot of The D High School to attend what seemed to be a high school event that was taking place outside in the main teacher’s parking lot.

There were many chairs that the high school students were sitting in and I joined them, even though I knew that I looked older than everyone, somehow I thought that I was a high school student and that these were my classmates and schoolmates.

A Fast & Furious Heist

This dream was probably inspired by me watching this teaser trailer yesterday for the upcoming movie Fast & Furious 9 (F9: The Fast Saga):

My Tongue Gets Bit Off | At The Library During The Purge | A Toddler And A Flood

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This was a dream that I remembered but then forgot, but I barely remembered part of it right before typing this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I was staying at maybe a two-story house with some of my family in a quiet neighborhood that was possibly near the outskirts of town.

There was a street in front of our house, a field behind the back yard with a forest behind that, a river and / or body of water / ditch system went through part of the neighborhood, and we possibly had one neighbor on the right and one of the left but there was a good amount of space between us.

This house was larger and better than our real house, we finally were not surrounded by houses, the neighborhood was better and quieter too, we had more access to nature, et cetera.

I can not remember what happened in the dream other than something involving a balcony and / or patio and / or porch that went along a good portion of the house, something involving the body of water and some of my family members and maybe some kids in the neighborhood, something possibly involving insects (maybe mosquitoes) and / or some kind of other animal(s), and maybe me walking inside and outside like we had only recently moved into this house.

But that is all that I can remember now that this remembered dream got forgotten, and then remembered later in the day.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, I am not sure what or how or when this happened in the dream, but I possibly somehow bit off more than half my tongue or something strange like that.

I put the separated part of my tongue back in my mouth somehow and eventually it seemed that I forgot about it or something, and at some point during the dream I went to a multi-story hospital to maybe visit a family member and / or coworker or someone.

While walking through the hospital lost I stopped at a large desk to ask a nurse for help, I had to wait in line, and while I waited I noticed two young men (one with light-color skin and one with dark-color skin) who were celebrities (actors in this case) who were talking.

Then a man with light-color skin walked by and signaled to me and said for me to follow him and that he would show me the way, and so I followed him and the two celebrities followed as well.

I am not sure where the man went but the two celebrities and I ended up walking and talking together through the hospital, we possibly briefly stopped by the hospital room to visit whoever I went to visit, and then the two celebrities invited me to their house so we left.

I remember us going to a neighborhood that was not that far away, they possibly lived in a multi-story house in a nice neighborhood with their parents, and we hung out and they rode bicycles and goofed around.

At some point a man in a truck stopped his automobile in the street and just stared at them goofing around like he was wondering what in the world were they doing, and the man was Mel Gibson who had come to visit them.

Mel Gibson was one of their celebrity friends, they greeted each other and I greeted Mr. Gibson, and we started talking.

After this I realized that my tongue was bit off so I took out the bit off part, it felt and looked real except it was larger and the bottom probably looked more similar to the top than it should, and it was starting to look slightly discolored in some areas like the tissue was dying and / or starting to rot so I felt that I needed to get to the hospital to see if there still enough time to save my tongue by reattaching it or something.

I wondered how could I have forgotten about my bitten off tongue, how was I able to talk, how long has it been like this, can it be saved, et cetera.

But I woke up.

Dream 3

This dream was inspired by the television show The Purge that I watched an episode of before going to sleep.

This dream took place during the evening and / or night, I seemed to be in a larger more modern fictional version of the city of D, and I was inside a fictional larger nicer more modern BP Library where I work that possibly was connected to a multi-purpose building with various businesses.

I was inside the library with my coworkers, and The Purge was taking place now and we were possibly working and / or hoping that the library would be a safe zone but we had no weapons or armor or security (I do not remember our security guard / coworker Mr. CF even being there) but the doors were possibly locked.

At some point some people ran to the library wanting help so we let them in, I kept the main automatic glass doors unlocked hoping to save more people, and I wondered if it was safe enough to keep them unlocked.

I looked around into the darkness cautiously looking for threats and wondering what to do if threats did show up, I was worried, and we were not prepared and I wondered why were we even here during The Purge and why we were not prepared.

As more people were running for the library I wondered if any threats would be hiding among them so I looked around for threats among them as they ran inside, and while doing this I noticed a man in a black ski mask running toward me threateningly and before he reached me he said something that I could not understand while pulling out a revolver so I attacked him before he could point the revolver at me.

I disarmed him and I took him down to the ground and I beat him with the handle of the revolver until he was unconscious and / or stopped resisting, and not long after when he woke up or started talking the man took off his ski mask and was angry about me attacking him.

I looked inside his revolver, it looked strange and at first I thought that it might be pellet gun, but then after asking him and looking at the rounds I saw that it was a poorly taken care of revolver with .22 short rounds with discolored rounds so the ammunition was old and poorly stored as well.

I told him that I thought that he was about the kill me, he claimed to have told me that he was not a threat during the part where I could not understand what he had said, but I did not believe him so we argued.

A fictional female coworker of mine walked over, the man knew her, and he complained to her about me attacking him and I tried to explain the situation and we argued until we went our separate ways but I possibly kept the revolver so that I could use it against any other threats.

I possibly woke up and went back to sleep somewhat continuing part of this dream, but most of it had changed.

Dream 4

My fictional female coworker and the ski mask man from the previous dream were possibly at the beginning of this dream, the man was still angry with me, and I still did not believe him and so there was still negativity between us but The Purge was not going on and it was day now.

My fictional coworker had a toddler who was a boy who looked a lot like my nephew CC but with shorter hair, I somehow got to hold the toddler, and I walked around with him.

I am not sure if the library was even in this dream, I just remember a large multi-purpose building with various businesses and other things like a casino, and at some point I could not find my coworker so that I could give her toddler back.

I remember going outside and then riding a motorcycle up the street while still holding the toddler, it had rained and I realized that some areas were flooded, and I passed a school and several other places but I had to turn around when I could no longer see the street because of the water.

I tried to get back safely, I stopped at the school to ask some students something about the weather and / or if they had seen my coworker, and then I continued on to the building trying to get back before my coworker got angry and worried.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

Temporarily Becoming A Stand User

Source: IMDb

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

That was inspired by me watching an episode of the anime television show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable.

The end of this dream took place inside a building, actually several connected buildings and buildings that were close, and I was there with some of my family and there were other people there.

At some point there was a threat, probably several threats, and the threats were probably natural and paranormal and / or supernatural so we were going to need help before facing it / them.

My dad used his mobile phone to call an old women with light-color skin with gray / white hair who was a friend / former coworker of his, and this old woman was a stand user with her own stand.

The woman’s stand could attach to someone else and she could control the stand and / or the person it was connected to remotely without having to be there physically, and so she could share her stand with other people.

Her stand could partly fuse with you in a way where you are both connected and could work together or you could let her stand partly take over or completely take over your body / et cetera, and so the plan was to have the woman send her stand to connect to me and me and / or the stand would fight the threat(s).

The woman’s stand was sent to us and it attached to me, I could slightly feel that it was connected to me from maybe the back of my should or upper back like a cable or cord was connected, and I felt a bit different.

I started being able to see the stand and communicate with it, and so we took a moment to wait for us to adjust to be connected and practice before our fight.

I wondered if the stand and / or the woman could access my memories, and if they were doing this during the adjustment process.

At some point we walked into a room as we continued the adjustment process and the process of coming up with a fight plan, and in this room there was a television playing a television commercial with two main celebrities with light-color skin.

One of the celebrities was a famous musician who used to be known for drugs and partying et cetera, and he looked and seemed like or was Leif Garrett and / or George Michael (maybe one was Leif and the other was George) except now he was older and thinner.

The two celebrities joked around and so this commercial was comedic, and a song by the musician was being played in the background.

But I woke up because I needed to use the bathroom.

The end,

-John Jr

Getting Shot By Viola Davis With A BB Gun

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a large hotel and a convention was going on, and there were celebrities there.

At some point I got very comfortable around some of the celebrities, and I started doing something that is not like me and I started to goof / joke around with some of them.

I remember picking up a small foam American football, and throwing it weakly at Viola Davis as a joke and it hit her in the back.

Ms. Davis did not like this at all and did not take the joke well, and so she threw it back at me angrily and I let it hit me.

This was not enough revenge for her so she did something else to me, that was not enough for her, and so she grabbed a bb gun rifle and she shot me in the hand with it and finally that was enough revenge for her.

The bb gun shot to the hand hurt more than I had expected and at least two of my fingers started to swell immediately, and Ms. Davis walked off angrily.

As I walked off I saw some female celebrities playing American football (Ms. Davis had possibly been playing with them until my interruption) and oddly they had their hair and makeup and clothing looking like some characters from the movie A Wrinkle In Time (which I have never seen).

One of the women among them was actually in that movie, and this woman was Oprah Winfrey who was playing football with the other female celebrities.

I then started to walk away to find my hotel room and to deal with my swelling hand, and I tried to reach the 3rd or 4th floor.

Along the way there was a woman (maybe a female celebrity) walking ahead of me trying to reach an upper floor as well, we reach the 2nd floor, and as she headed to the elevator or down a hallway I decided to stop for a moment so that she did not think that I was following her or anything.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day at a multi-story hotel and my parents were possibly there too.

At some point in the dream I got lost in the hotel, which happened recently in real life at the hotel we were staying at during our work trip, and I remember taking the elevator to different floors trying to find our hotel room.

The elevator was glass and when you got inside it moved along the outside of the building oddly, and so you could see things outside which was pretty amazing.

The elevator moved very fast and I got motion-sickness when I started looking around and noticing how fast it moved, I could see the nearby hotels, and I even saw some of their names which were well-known nicer hotels like maybe Hilton and several others.

At some point I found the correct floor and the hotel room, I needed to urinate, and so I walked inside and maybe I saw my parents and maybe a few others inside the very large hotel room suite.

I walked past several rooms until I reached the bathroom but I possibly did not urinate because something possibly distracted me or got in my way, but I can not remember.

The dream became movie-like and a movie was taking place, and in this movie (which was possibly taking place in the dream world itself) Jeff Goldblum was playing the owner of this hotel and he acted like a more grounded but still weird version of his character The Grandmaster from the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

At some point we went outside and Mr. Goldblum started talking to people from the top of a wall, and a little girl with light-color skin with long yellow hair started asking him questions.

At some point Mr. Goldblum turned into a werewolf or something, and I remember stopping and saying how this movie was really getting even more over-the-top / ridiculous.

But I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr

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