Bastille Day (The Take)

Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2016 action film Bastille Day that was renamed to The Take in North America and was directed by James Watkins and stars Idris Elba and Kelly Reilly and Richard Madden.

What is it about?

This is how the Rotten Tomatoes describes this film:

Michael Mason is an American pickpocket living in Paris who finds himself hunted by the CIA when he steals a bag that contains more than just a wallet.

Sean Briar, the field agent on the case, soon realizes that Michael is just a pawn in a much bigger game and is also his best asset to uncover a large-scale conspiracy.

Going against commands, Briar recruits Michael to use his expert pickpocketing skills to help quickly track down the source of the corruption.

As a 24-hour thrill ride ensues, the unlikely duo discover they are both targets and must rely upon each other in order to take down a common enemy.

What do I like about it?

Last year my brother GC and I watched this film on a rainy day one day after work, and we had fun watching it and we had some laughs.

This film is a fun little action film, it is not the greatest movie or anything, but we enjoyed watching it more than we had expected.

This film made us laugh at times while still having some action, and it was good to see a film that takes place in France again.

What would someone else like about it?

I think that this is a simple fun and sometimes funny action movie that people can watch together at least once on a rainy day or something.

Final Thoughts

This film was probably not known or seen by many people because of several factors such as the 2016 Nice Attack, which caused this film to be delayed in some places and not shown in other places and advertising for this film was removed in some (many) places, and so this film suffered greatly from that terrorist attack unfortunately.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brother GC In The Air National Guard + Richard Gere Quits The CIA + Jennifer Lawrence In A Field = ?

I had a somewhat long dream that took place in at least five parts, it took place during a nice day, and I think that my brother GC was in the Air National Guard; and he was to try flying a plane for the first time after finishing his training that led to this point, so now it was time for real flight training and my former co-worker at the SB Mr. CG was his trainer/teacher for this part of the training.

Mr. CG was very laid back and seemed very unprofessional, the hanger was like an automotive shop with a small old & slow military airplane as the practice airplane, and only the two of them & I were there; and it did not feel military-like to me, it just seemed like an easy-money job, getting paid to not do much at all.

My brother GC was in the airplane, which had the wings folded up & they could be folded normally once it was time to fly the plane, practicing with the controls & his training et cetera while Mr. CG lazily stood around doing much of nothing; and I remember thinking that I need to get a job too and so I talked to Mr. GC about the topic of jobs, and he recommended talking with a well-connected business man who he knew.

At some point GC was ready to start flying but one of the wings would not fold down, so Mr. CG tried to figure out what was wrong but he did not seem to really know what he was doing (I did not really trust his abilities & I was a bit worried about GC’s safety), the practice flight was cancelled for the day; and so I drove to meet with the well-connected business man who(m) Mr. CG knew.

The second part of the dream involved me driving to a field on the side of the road that was like some of the areas on the side of the LC highway where a school is located, the business man had a building there that he was in, and I saw a man with dark brownish colored skin driving a tractor near the entrance; and so I stopped to ask him where the business man was, he told me, and then we talked a bit before I went inside the building to talk with the business man.

The business man briefly met with me, he did not really seem interested in helping me but since someone he knew sent me, he felt obligated to at least do something at least once to help me; and so he told me that he would call me if someone who(m) he knew had some work to be done, and I thanked him & I left and/or talked with the man working outside & then left.

The third part of the dream did not have me in the dream and the actor Richard Gere was the main character, and he had just quit the CIA or an intelligence agency like that without warning or telling anyone except for his wife; and they had packed up their stuff, bought a house, and had just arrived outside of that house to unpack.

Mr. Gere was still a bit frustrated/stressed and was complaining/talking out-loud about his quitting the CIA as he walked around the neighborhood near his new home, as this was happening the dream jumped to a different area where his CIA boss(es) were worried that something was wrong since they had not heard from him, and so they sent another CIA agent after him to see what was going on after they located Mr. Gere with a spy satellite and/or various other technologies.

The other CIA agent approached Mr. Gere’s new house but I can not remember if he talked with him or not, probably, and then he contacted the headquarters about the situation; since Mr. Gere seemed to be a veteran respected CIA agent, they decided to let him retire without bothering him about how he quit unofficially, and they decided not to bother him anymore & the agent left.

Mr. Gere thought that the CIA would be watching him and would maybe even protect him or something, so to test this prediction he pulled out his pistol and started shooting a tree in his yard loudly to see if any CIA agents would come to stop him and/or to see if the CIA agents would tell any police officers who respond to the shooting to let it go or not, but to his surprise no one came or responded; not even the police, and so this seemed to bother him a bit like he had been abandoned but it also probably gave him a sense of peace since he knew that he was not being watched/bothered.

The fourth part of the dream involved one of Mr. Gere’s ex-CIA bosses calling the business man from earlier and he asked him to send someone to help Mr. Gere and his wife unpack their stuff into their new home, and so the business man called me to do it; and I agreed, and I drove to Mr. Gere’s house.

Oddly things/the dream world had changed and Mr. Gere & his wife were replaced with two new younger dream characters and the husband was not a former CIA agent, I told them that I was sent to help them, and I got started helping them; and at some point they needed help installing some electronic-related stuff & so I called my cousin ME who I somehow knew lived not far away since he had experience with what they needed help with.

My cousin ME arrived ready to get the job done & was a bit cold as expected, I tried talking with him as he worked, but he did not talk very much as expected but we did talk a bit; and he finished at some point, and he was ready to be paid so that he could leave.

The wife had blond colored hair with whitish colored skin & seemed high maintenance, her husband mentioned that she had several dogs earlier, anyway the wife asked us to move a fish tank in the house for her; ME did not want to help but I convinced him to since the fish tank was pretty heavy for one person since it had water & fish in it probably, and the wife led us to where she wanted it.

Unfortunately she led us to the very top floor and I remember wondering where her dogs were, we reached the top floor and maybe behind some glass but I was not sure I saw her so-called dogs, and they were scary & looked like Death Hounds/Werewolves/Lions/Dogs; there was a male dog sleeping, the female dog was sleeping while several semi-sleeping puppies were drinking milk from their mom.

I remember being afraid and we quietly moved the fish tank to a bedroom and we went downstairs without waking the so-called dogs, fortunately, and the husband paid us what he had in his pockets $25 each or so; and they walked off to continue unpacking & call friends/family to come party/celebrate.

ME started complaining to me that we were not paid enough, I felt that the husband would pay us more later once he found the rest of his cash (he was wealthy from what I heard as we talked while unpacking), and we hung out on part of the first floor that was like a club with nice windows to the outside; and many people (friends, family, celebrities, rich people, et cetera) were coming to celebrate/eat/drink , and ME & I sat near a window at a table drinking & eating while ME complained about the money the entire time.

Eventually a man walked up to us with more money from the husband, so now I had about $50 – $70 and ME had $75- $100, and I thanked him; and ME finally stopped complaining, and he left & I left to report that the job was completed to the business man.

The fifth and last part of the dream involved me driving to the field & building where the business man was, I saw lots of people hanging out in the field and I saw the man working outside again from earlier, and I went inside the building & talked to the business man & thanked him; and then I went outside to talk with the man working outside & I helped him a bit as he was loading large rock-like things into or from a truck.

I then went to talk with some of the people hanging out in the field, some of them were former classmates of mine like P & his brother C(K) & there were a few celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence there, and I talked to them & played a bit of soccer or something with them; and I started talking with Ms. Lawrence at some point, she was mostly watching the others play sports but would join in a bit sometimes, but I woke up as we were talking.

The end,

-John Jr


The United States + Russia + Rooney Mara + Batman = ?

I remember part of a dream (but not the beginning) from last night that had several parts that connected & it had one or more parts of the dream that restarted, so my memory of the dream is unclear in some areas.

I remember being with a group of men during the night who were breaking into a house/mansion in the United States (USA) that was like the mansion of the mafia boss from the film Staten Island combined with my grandfather’s house, I might have been an undercover intelligence agent (CIA maybe) there to learn more about this group of men & about who they were working for but I am not sure (I do know that I had no interest in breaking into a house or committing crimes), and no one else seemed to be in the house at the time; but I am not sure why the men were breaking into this house exactly, I just remember us searching the house & at some point we left and/or made a call & left to Russia I think or they left to Russia.

The next part of the dream started with the actress Rooney Mara playing my role I guess or she had been with us earlier or she was replacing me for this mission, undercover intelligence agent (CIA probably), and she was in Russia at an apartment complex-like building to join the meeting between the men who broke into the house earlier & whoever had sent them maybe (or so we hoped); and Mrs. Mara was in a hallway at some point maybe trying to spy on the meeting and/or giving updates to headquarters, but somehow her cover got blown.

The inside & outside of the building were put on alert to catch/stop/kill her, she told headquarters about the situation, and she ran & hid trying to escape outside so that she could escape back to the USA (which was connected to Russia oddly); and she managed to escape from the men inside the building, but outside there were Russian police and/or Russian military soldiers looking for her.

The situation was worse/more serious/more complex than we had expected, we had expected that only a Russian gang/mafia or gangs/mafias were involved but it seemed that some Russian soldiers & police were also involved with what we were investigating/spying on, and so Mrs. Mara was in danger; but fortunately regular people were walking around outside, which allowed her to sneak among them by wearing a hood to cover her head while moving closer to the border fence with the USA.

Outside the building there was a Russian police/military box/small building & a few police/soldiers looking around for her, once past this area there was a field protected by an automated helicopter drone next to a short double-fenced area made from barbed wire that separated the USA & Russia, and at some point some of the police/soldiers saw her (I might have become her at this point or experienced things from her point of view but I am not sure); and she ran toward the field toward the border fence quickly, the automated helicopter drone was programmed to normally only shoot at people who illegally crossed the fence into the field but it could not shoot at the fence or in the fence area, and so she quickly jumped the fence as the helicopter drone shot at her so that the shot hit the field where she last stood.

Once over the first border fence she was in a small wooded area & she crossed it, and she jumped the second border fence into the USA; and so she was now safe from the Russian side, and she crossed a road to a neighborhood with an apartment complex & some houses but a gang war was taking place & she got caught up in it. (I was probably her/myself at this point)

I remember a lot of men wearing certain colors (orange and/or red) with guns shooting at each other, and people like me who happened to be in the area; and the situation was so bad that when I saw that I could not escape, I accidentally caused the dream to repeat to the part of the dream near the helicopter drone, and I remember some people watching from the drone saw me & they gave the drone permission to shoot at me.

I jumped the border fence as it shot at me, but it could not shoot at me in the border fence area & so I was safe, and then I crossed the small wooded area & I jumped the second border fence back to the USA; and then I walked to the right side of the road around the neighborhood to avoid the gang war in case it happened again, but this time this part of the dream went differently.

I saw/heard no gang war in the neighborhood this time, until I was walking under a small bridge/tunnel, and then there was a small gang battle going on between some automobiles carrying cargo of some kind; and I got caught in the middle of it again in the dark tunnel area, but oddly Batman came & brought an end to it mostly and/or caused them to drive away.

I thanked Batman for the help, though I helped too, and we briefly talked; and he was investigating the situation to, which seemed to relate to the situation that I was investigating as well, and so I joined him as he was going undercover to a party where possibly the person behind/running all of this was going to attend.

This person was connected to the men from earlier who broke into the house, the men in Russia who attacked Mrs. Mara, the gang war in the USA where I was attacked & where Batman was attacked/helped, and this party was also going to be a meeting between certain people possibly; and it was a costume party I think, because Batman wore a sheet over himself like a ghost.

We went to the party & got in somehow, a lot of college people were partying & so we sat around for a long time waiting/looking for information, and at some point the people (some gang members/mafia/police/soldiers/et cetera) we were looking for came finally; and their suspected leader was there too.

The leader was possibly a Russian soldier (officer) who was over-confident & reminded me of Mark Antony from the TV series Rome a bit, he got the party to quiet down to make a speech, and at some point Batman interrupted him & took off his sheet; and Batman gave the leader a warning to stop this crimes/attacks & leave back to Russia/wherever, surprisingly the leader did not have his men kill/attack us, he was impressed with Batman’s bravery but laughed at his warning.

Batman saw that it was clear that his warning/offer was declined and so we left, I might have called headquarters later to update them on the situation, and later in the dream I was on a mission targeting/spying on the leader.

He was in what looked like my grandfather’s yard and/or the house/mansion from earlier in the dream, dressed in his military uniform giving some orders to people under him, and I was spying on him and/or there to stop him; and I think Batman arrived or joined me before or after I confronted the leader when he was alone or mostly alone.

He was a bit surprised that we had the courage to face him, I/we offered him a peaceful end to the situation, but he refused again; but I woke up during our stand-off.

The end,

-John Jr


A Russian Spy / Assassin?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams except for part of one, due to being awakened by people being annoying as usual, and I forgot the beginning of the dream.

I just remember being in a fictional mall-like place that has been in one or more of my past dreams, and I was on the upper floor that over looks the first floor of the mall; and in the dream I recognized this place from my past dream(s) and I even walked around comparing my past memories with how it looked now, and it looked about the same but I do not think that I realized that I was dreaming or the dream just did not go lucid for some reason.

I even saw my former classmates CS and his fictional girlfriend who were in the last dream of this place, and I greeted them & I briefly talked with them & then we said goodbye, and then I went down one of the stairways and/or escalator(s) to see the first floor to see if it looked about the same; and it looked how I remembered it.

I then went back to the upper floor area to go to class, I was in college and one or two of my classes were on an area connected to the upper floor, and I remember knowing where to go & having past memories of some of my classes; but I wondered what my schedule was & where it was, and I wondered if the semester was just starting or not, because I felt that I had not been to one or two of my classes in a while & I was worried about failing that class or those classes.

I might have went to one/another class first, but I can not remember, but I do remember going to one or another class somewhat clearly; and this class felt more realistic than classes normally do in my dreams, usually classes in my dreams are very short & not much of the class is shown.

In this dream I got to class and sat down with my fellow classmates and the teacher came in a few seconds after I did and he introduced himself to the class, and I think that he looked like the comedian Steve Harvey (but I could be wrong).

I remember thinking about if I had a class schedule or not somewhere in my book-bag and wondering how did I know which classes to go to and I wondered about the one or two classes that I was afraid of failing since I had no memory of going to them in a while, as I listened to the teacher introduce himself, and then I got my notebook ready to take notes; and I remember the teacher lecturing/teaching as I took notes, and then he would stop sometimes to tell us helpful life advice & he would allow us to ask questions & comment.

I think that I asked a question and/or made a comment, and I joined in the classroom discussion of whatever life topic the teacher was talking about; and I remember enjoying the class, and being impressed by how the teacher combined education/comedy/class discussion/life advice so well.

The class ended at some point and I might have briefly talked with the teacher telling him how I thought that he did a good job, and probably asking him if I was failing his class or not; I think that he said that this was the first day of class and so I was not failing, yet, jokingly.

I then said goodbye to him and I might have started a conversation with a classmate, and the two of us walked & talked all the way outside; and outside we were in a fictional city during the day that has been in a few of my past dreams I think.

We walked & talked between a somewhat wide alleyway with concrete everywhere between buildings that had a canal/sewer drain/water run-off/whatever you call it on the right side, and this area was nice & quiet away from the streets.

In the canal we could see fish that were bigger than normal, in my dreams fish are usually bigger than normal for some reason, and it was nice seeing so many big fish in the canal.

At some point there was a man walking ahead of us as we were about to cross a street to a sidewalk headed toward a park-like area, but then another man came from behind us & he passed us quickly like he was trying to catch up with the man in front of us; and they both disappeared behind a pillar that was blocking our visibility, so that we could not see them, the first man did not even know that anyone was behind him.

Once we got around the pillar we saw the first man on the ground dead, and the second man was trying to walk off like nothing had happened; but I stopped him to ask him what happened, but he pretended to have not seen the dead man or what happened.

I did not trust him and I noticed that he had one hand in his coat/jacket pocket, he was wearing a sport/soccer/rugby-like zip-up jacket with two front pockets, and in the pocket I could see the outline of a pipe/pen-like object that I was guessing was a single shot pen/pipe-like gun that used air/pressure to shoot quietly; basically an assassin weapon, and I felt that this man was probably a Russian spy/assassin for some reason(s).

I asked the man what was in his pocket and he lied & he said that he had nothing in his pocket, and so I took the object out of his pocket; and I was correct about what it was, and so I grabbed him & told the person with me to call the police / campus police.

I held the man and his weapon until the police or campus police arrived, they handcuffed him, and took him to a small storage-like building; and then they went back outside to the crime scene as the ambulance came, and I told them to call the FBI and/or CIA and/or The United States Department Of Defense since I felt that this man was a Russian spy/assassin & so they did I think.

I remember waiting in the storage-like building with the man, because no one was watching him & he kept trying to escape, and I was afraid that he would kill me and/or my family and/or someone else if he escaped; and so I kept stopping him from escaping, and the police or campus police were acting like they did not care/were lazy/were bribed to let him escape/or something.

After waiting & stopping the man from escaping for an hour or more, time jumped so I am not sure how long I waited, an older man arrived who seemed to be a CIA interrogator/torturer; I was afraid that he might torture the man, which is against my beliefs, but he was probably CIA so I was not going to get in his way unless I saw him torturing the man.

I went outside or something, time jumped a bit, and then the CIA interrogator/torturer-looking man came outside; and he told the police/us that he would be back later or something like he had failed to get any information/like he did not care/like he was really a Russian/or whatever country spy as well/or something, and so I went back in the storage-like building to check on the man.

He looked like maybe he had been lightly tortured, nothing too serious, but I was not sure; and he once again tried to escape, so I had to keep stopping him as usual.

I remember feeling that I did not trust the police or campus police or the CIA-like man or the possible Russian spy/assassin, and that it seemed that maybe they all were working together/in on it; and so I wondered if I should leave, and the man would escape since no one was watching him/cared but I still feared for my safety & the safety of my family since I knew what had happened & I feared that they would kill me/us because of that information/knowledge.

I considered making a deal with the man, asking him to agree to not have me or my family or anyone else killed & for him to leave the country & not come back, and I would leave/not stop him from escaping/(maybe not publicly talk about the murder/assassination that he did, but probably not since that is against my beliefs normally).

Before I could finish thinking about my deal idea, I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Brutal Killing | Presidential Assassination Attempts

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I remember some of two dream fragments, with the first one starting at a farm/zoo-like place in the day, and I was with my parent’s.

There were other people there, mostly kids with their parent’s and teachers, like they were on a field trip or something.

To our surprise the place seemed recently abandoned and there was no one taking care of the animals, and the place looked a bit run down.

Most of the kids were playing on playground equipment and my parent’s & I walked around, and to our surprise & disgust, we saw many dead animals; mostly dead cows.

There were some animals still alive as we walked around, but they did not look healthy; my guess was that the owners had gotten arrested for animal cruelty recently, so no one was left to take care of the animals.

We decided to leave but one of the exits to the parking lot was a slide at the playground, and so we were going to slide down it to reach the playground.

A kid in front of me went down the slide and then I did as well, and we reached a dark parking lot; and standing near the end of the slide was a man trying to sell drugs or something to the kid.

Then another man with an afro came walking by and he stopped to tell the other man to leave the kid alone, and then the other man started talking to him; since they knew each other.

The other man asked the man with the afro to join him, but the man with the afro said that he had started to change his life for the better, and that he did not do stuff like that anymore.

The man with the afro appeared to had been or still was a member of some African-American social group, maybe something like The Black Panthers (Black Panther Party) or Nation Of Islam or something, and he told the other man that he should be trying to help the community instead of making it worse.

The other man got angry as the man with the afro started to walk off, so the other man tried to stab him with a pocket knife from behind; but the man with the afro pulled out his pocket knife and blocked the attack to our surprise.

The kid and I were watching this all quietly and we were both shocked, and my parent’s were not in the parking lot yet; so only us two were witnessing this.

The man with the afro told the other man that he did not want to fight, but the other man continued to try to cut him with his pocket knife; but the man with the afro blocked the attacks until he had his knife to the other man’s throat.

The other man was surprised and once again the man with the afro told him that he did not want to fight, and this time the other man said okay; but as the man with the afro was turning to walk off, the other man tried to stab him in the back again.

The man with the afro then blocked the attack and quickly stabbed the other man in the throat/neck about 7 times or so, then he stabbed him in the eye, and he started to cut the other man’s face from his eye to the bottom of his face; it was realistic, nasty, and disturbing.

You could hear the sounds of the ripping and the popping of his eyeball and flesh.

I was so shocked and disturbed, that I accidentally woke myself up from the dream.

Dream 2

My next dream is unclear, but it took place in the bottom floor of a modern building with a lot of glass, and The President Of The United States Elias Martinez from the TV show The Event was there with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Agent or whatever he was.

Some high level person in the government tried to kill the president and I was there, and so the CIA agent and I went to help the president; I guess the secret service agents must have been killed in the attack.

The president was unconscious and we had no one there to help us, so the CIA agent called for backup, as he tried to wake the president up.

Eventually the president woke up as a few new secret service agents came into the building to help walk the president to his limo and I could hear a few police sirens near by, and I think we used a large painting of The Young Shepherdess to shield the president; but I could be wrong.

As we were walking the president and shielding him, I noticed something odd about the secret service agents, and I felt that they were going to try to kill the president; and suddenly one of them pulled out his pistol to shoot the president, but I tackled him before he could shoot.

The CIA agent then shot the other secret service agents, and I managed to take the pistol from the one I tackled and I shot him; the CIA agent, the president, and I were shocked & did not know who to trust then.

The three of us decided to get to the limo as some police officers came to help us, but as they were trying to get the president into the limo, I noticed a suspicious looking police officer on a bicycle in front of the limo; I felt that he had a bomb, so I went to search him.

We started to wrestle and I knocked his helmet and shades off, and he was a man with blond hair and whitish colored skin; he somewhat looked like a character from the film Remember The Titans.

I found a bag on him with the bomb in it and I yelled for the others to get away because there was a bomb, as I tried to throw it, but the police officer grabbed my arm and the bomb fell near us.

I tried to run but the police officer grabbed me and so I did not get very far, so I jumped on the ground to avoid the explosion, in a way that would expose the police officer to most of the blast.

The bomb exploded and sent the police officer and I flying in the air, but most of the shock-wave hit him; it hit him so hard that his legs flew backward so far, that his feet hit the back of his head. 😀

I was not hurt bad and I started to get up, but the police officer got up to my surprise too; and he was smiling and started to attack me, but I was able to out grapple him and I held him down.

The CIA agent and a few other police officers came and arrested him, but he was still smiling and I think he said that it was not over, as he looked at me while the other police officers were walking him to their police car.

The CIA agent said that the president was still alive and that he was on his way to a secure location, but suddenly the police officer that had been arrested, vanished while the other police officers were still holding him; we all were shocked and started to swing around, trying to see if he was invisible now or something, but we could not find him.

He had smiled and looked at me when he vanished, he was handcuffed, and two other police officers were holding both of his arms at the time; so we had no idea what was going on or how he escaped like that.

The CIA agent and I felt that something very crazy was going on and we had no idea who to trust, but I woke before we could talk about the situation.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂