A Class & Olga Kay Is Pregnant?


All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in college again and I was in a college classroom in maybe a math class, our professor or teacher was a woman with light-color skin, and I had not been to this class in at least a month.

The reason that I had not been to this class in so long was that I had planned on dropping it, I had recently changed my mind, and so now I had returned to the class.


A Military Base/Mall?

I remember one or more other dreams and more of this dream but I did not record them, and so now I only barely remember part of my last dream.

At some point in the dream it was day in maybe the city of D, my male cousin DE needed help with something that I can not remember, and I let him drive my automobile and I was in the front passengers seat.


Sarah Paulson’s Modern Castle | Flying Buildings Get Hijacked?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had some interesting dreams but as usual I lost most of them including most of the two dreams that I do barely remember part of.

Dream 1

The end of this dream involved me and one or more people going to visit Sarah Paulson at her new house, the person or persons were friends with Ms. Paulson, and I remember Ms. Paulson greeting us and walking us into the main part of the house.

The main part of the house had a tall ceiling and as Ms. Paulson showed us around I started to notice signs that the house was bigger than I thought, there were hints of other parts of the house and possibly hints of more parts that might be added, and so the house seemed like a mansion at this point with the main part of the house being the area where Ms. Paulson entertains guests and where guests who spend the night will stay.

Ms. Paulson was a very friendly and energized and happy and nice person to be around, and she was excited about her new house that seemed to still be a work in progress and she was telling us all the details about the designs and inspirations and materials et cetera.

After showing us the main part of the house she then revealed that this was actually only a part of the house, she saw the house as a modern castle, and connected to the main part of the house through semi-hidden areas were connections to the other parts of the modern castle and some sections were possibly not built yet.

There were upper and lower connections to maybe different floors, and Ms. Paulson explained how she likes castles and her plans for this modern castle as she walked us outside for a better look of her modern castle from a different angle where you could see that it really did look more like a modern castle from the other side compared to the side where the main part of the house is that looks like a normal house and some parts that look more like a mansion.

Next to her house were two ancient probably abandoned very worn castles, one of them looked like it was made from dirt or some kind of tan material, and they were next to a river that had some strange fish and / or flightless bird-like non-human animals in it that could jump pretty high and sometimes get on land maybe.

Ms. Paulson told us about the two castles and we glanced inside the entrance of them, and the most ancient looking one had some ancient cave painting-like paintings in it.

Parts of the castles were caving in and they were too close to the river, some pieces of the castle probably fell in the water and / or near it, and so we did not go further.

The next thing that I remember is walking away along the river with one or more people looking the strange fish and / or flightless bird-like animals, and along the way we saw and heard some people who were or were like some of the cast of Chrisley Knows Best who were walking the same path as us acting like they were filming their reality television show or something.

We reached what looked like the yard of The E House, one of the fish / bird-like animals probably jumped on land and I picked it up, but I can not remember if I put it back in the water or not.

I just remember maybe the grandmother in the Chrisley Knows Best group talking about a pet animal that she had, she called it one animal but when she pulled it out it was really a different animal, and then it looked like she was going to have it fight another animal near the second storage building.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day on an upper floor of what seemed to be a building, unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream, I just remember a professional wrestling event was taking place at this point.

A tag team wrestling match ended and two male wrestling partners from that match were walking toward backstage, one of them was very short and was dressed more like a sumo wrestler or something, and he was walking slowly and oddly like something was wrong.

He stopped and bent down for a moment so his partner asked him if he was okay, I assumed that he was hurt and / or that something heavy was on his mind, but he said that he was okay so his partner went in a different direction while he went past security to go backstage to the changing room to change clothes and somehow I went the same way and was somehow allowed back stage.

The wrestler reached the changing room and some other short men who looked similar to him, like they were family members, showed up and it seemed that they had something strange / suspicious planned and they changed clothes like they were disguising themselves and they left to past security to go to another part of the building.

I felt that something was not right about that and that they were up to something no good, but I had no solid evidence but I made a mental note of this and would stay alert and alert security if necessary.

The changing room had glass walls / windows along the left side with a beautiful view of outside, there was an outdoor balcony, and I could see that we were very high in the air like we were at the top or almost at the top of a very tall building that looked like it was possibly in an area that looked slightly like where The D Junior High School should be combined with somewhere else.

My coworker Mr. CF walked in the changing room doing a security patrol because like in real life he was a security guard in this dream, and so I greeted him and I told him about the suspicious behavior of the wrestler and the other people who were with him and he said that he would check it out.

As we were talking something happened that I can not remember, maybe some castles that were connected or one castle and the structure(s) that it was on or with started flying in the air or it was already flying and started flying toward us, but I can not remember.

I just know that our building started to shake and rumble and lift from the ground or from the top of the tall building that we were on, and our building started to fly too.

I was shocked and confused and amazed, and maybe I heard some sounds that reminded me of this sound from the movie Inception:

Mr. CF said that our building was not supposed to be taking off, and so we assumed that someone had hijacked our building / aircraft / spaceship and maybe even the other one.

We went to the balcony and it was an amazing sight as we floated in the air and we could see below and see the other building / aircraft / spaceship flying across from us, but we were worried about the other building / aircraft and ours because we had no idea who was flying them (we assumed that the wrestler and the others with him were probably involved) and what they had planned but we assumed that it was not good.

Before both flying buildings / aircraft could crash into each other or whatever, the flying castle or castles one lost control and crashed into the ground, and I could see the castle or castles collapsing.

Our flying building / aircraft started losing control too, but it seemed that ours would land safer than that but I can not remember if we landed or not before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr