Charles Dance Committing Sabotage | A Former Child Actress Goes To Prison

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional location where there was a facility/operation/compound/community/whatever of people living together like they were trying to isolate themselves from the rest of the world like maybe a disaster had happened, and a group of upper class people seemed to be the overseers of this place.

The actor Charles Dance was one of these overseers (possibly the main overseer), the other overseers that I saw were all upper class men with whitish colored skin who were college aged so Mr. Dance was the oldest overseer it seemed, and the overseers had their own building/offices that they used with connected offices.

The compound reminded me of a fenced in/gated D Junior High School with courtyards, catwalks, various buildings, and maybe a large field; and I was in the dream so maybe the compound had some lower class people like myself, and some middle class people as well.

I can not remember what led up to this and what caused the sudden change in him but at some point Mr. Dance started acting strange when he was inside the overseer offices with the other overseers, one of them noticed this, and Mr. Dance left suddenly after saying that he was okay; and so one of the overseers started investigating, and he noticed that Mr. Dance had stolen some objects from the office and there was evidence that he was trying to sabotage the compound and then he saw Mr. Dance outside the window trying to burn down the overseer offices and probably the entire compound.

The overseers called for others to helped them stop Mr. Dance and I was among the people who ran to help, we ran outside and I remember tackling Mr. Dance and helping arrest him, and we stopped him from burning down the compound; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second/last dream was a long and confusing dream but I forgot most of it, some of the dream took place inside a strange dimly lit windowless building that was a brownish color inside with various tall areas that was several floors tall, and there was a woman with orangish-colored hair with whitish colored skin with freckles who was a former fictional child actress who was there with her husband who had whitish-colored skin with dark-colored hair.

At some point in the dream the former child actress’s husband was found dead, he had been murdered, and it was quickly discovered that his wife murdered him and she tried to cover it up and she lied about it; and so she was taken to jail, and eventually sent to prison.

The dream focused on the boring details before the murder, during the murder, and then after the murder; and later in the dream I was in a fictional city during the day with some of my family on vacation it seemed as we walked around a nice downtown-like area with sidewalks and businesses that you could window shop at.

Oddly the prison that the wife was in was in a building along one of the sidewalks, the building could open and close and adjust its shape as the prison guards controlled it, so we got to see the prisoners during the period where the prison opened up so that they could get some fresh air and sunlight, but most of them were still locked in.

An old prisoner who somewhat reminded me of the actor Morgan Freeman had built a device that he wore on his forearm that could somewhat control parts of the building, but he could not use it to escape yet; and so we watched and listened as he opened some of their prison cells so that they could walk around even though they could not escape the building.

We saw the wife/former child actress among them, there were more details to this dream, but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr


Charles Dance In Character As Tywin Lannister & Rose Leslie From Game Of Thrones Sings Part Of Silent Night During An Interview?

I only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place at what seemed to be a fictional version of maybe SB High School that is on side of the highway that leads to the city of LC, and I remember being inside the building in an open almost gym-like room with some other people including my former classmates TW and MJ.

There was talking, maybe we played some sports, et cetera and at some point I noticed a large nasty possible spider bite or wound like a large pus / blood / et cetera filled sink on my left thigh and my former classmate TW noticed it as well.